Top 10 Jazmine Sullivan Songs

Jazmine Sullivan Songs

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Our Top 10 Jazmine Sullivan Songs list takes a look at a popular r&b singer and songwriter. She is known for her bitter anthems. Her hits include “Need U Bad,” “Bust Your Windows,” “Lions, Tigers & Bears,” “In Love With Another Man,” “10 Seconds,” “Forever Don’t Last,” “Holding You Down (Goin’ in Circles),” Let It Burn,” “Pick Up Your Feelings” and “Excuse Me.” She is known for her raspy contralto voice. She has been nominated for several awards. She won two BET Awards, one Billboard Women and Music Award and two Soul Train Music Awards. She took a three-year break from music after she released her second album. She took a break because she was dealing with an abusive relationship. She came back stronger than ever when she released her third album.

Jazmine Sullivan was born Jazmine Marie Sullivan on April 9, 1987. Music was in her blood because her mother was a backup singer. Jazmine Sullivan went to the Philadelphia Performing Arts School for singing. She was signed at Jive Records when she was 15, but she was released from the label. She sang background for Kindred the Family Soul. This is how she met rapper/producer Missy Elliott. Missy Elliott would go on to produce Jazmine Sullivan’s first two albums.

Fearless was released in 2008. It peaked at number one on the r&b charts and number six on Billboard 200. It features the hit singles “Need U Bad,” “Bust Your Windows,” “Lions, Tigers & Bears” and “Dream Big.” The album sold more than 500,000 copies. When this album was released, she was compared to the likes of Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige, Amy Winehouse and Alicia Keys. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill for a new artist.

Jazmine Sullivan had a lot to prove when her next album came out. She had to show that the first album wasn’t a fluke. She released Love Me Back in 2010. It peaked at number five on the r&b charts and number 17 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Holding You Down (Goin’ in Circles)” and “10 Seconds.” This album didn’t do as well as Fearless.

Jazmine Sullivan didn’t think recording music was fun anymore. She promised herself she would stop recording if it weren’t fun anymore. She decided to take a hiatus from music to deal with an abusive relationship. She decided to return to music and released Reality Show in 2015. It peaked at number two on the r&b charts and number 12 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Dumb,” “Forever Don’t Last” and “Let It Burn.”

Heaux Tales was released in 2021. It peaked at number two on the r&b charts and number four on Billboard 200. She mostly recorded this album from home. This is a concept album. It features the singles “Lost One,” “Pick Up Your Feelings” and “Girl Like Me.”

Jazmine Sullivan hasn’t been in the music business for a long time, but she made her mark. She helped give feminists a voice in music. She writes songs that affect your feelings. She has been compared to the likes of Mary J. Blige, Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse and Alicia Keys. This Top 10 Jazmine Sullivan Songs list will feature her best songs.

# 10 – Holding You Down (Goin’ in Circles)

The first song on our Top 10 Jazmine Sullivan Songs list is “Holding You Down (Goin’ in Circles)” from the Love Me Back album. The song has an r&b beat. This is a reflective song about a woman who stays in a bad relationship. This song can resonate with a lot of women who are torn with staying in bad relationships.

This song features a sample of Mary J. Blige’s “Be Happy” and Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh’s “La Di Da Di.” This is one of Jazmine Sullivan’s debut singles. This is one of the songs that introduced her to the music scene. It made sense for her to sample Mary J. Blige’s single since she was compared to her. Jazmine Sullivan turns pain into art. The lyrics will capture your soul as you listen to her story. It will definitely do it if you are in a similar situation.

She describes how stupid she feels for staying in a toxic relationship. Since she was in a toxic relationship she is singing from the heart. The sample of the song will get you on the dance floor. The music is dance friendly and perfect for the club. There is a DJ who can be heard throughout the track who wasn’t needed. The chorus of the song needs a smoother ending, but other than that, it’s an infectious song. It will stay in your head long after you hear it.

# 9 – Excuse Me

The next song on our Top 10 Jazmine Sullivan Songs list is “Excuse Me” from the Love Me Back album. The song has an r&b beat. This is a blissful song about her being in a good relationship. She loves the man she’s with so much that she can’t put her feelings into words. She appreciates him for being the love of her life. This is different territory for Jazmine Sullivan because she usually sings songs about the bad things in a relationship. She stepped outside of her comfort zone and decided to sing about a happy relationship. She doesn’t usually say good things about a guy so it was a nice change of pace.

This is the first love song of hers on our list. This particular jam proves that she doesn’t have to always write bitter songs. She can actually gush over a guy. The song has an old school vibe to it. It sounds like an 80’s classic r&b song. The music is a combination of old school with a mix of today’s music. The music is a great accompaniment with the lyrics. She sounds very passionate in the song. Her voice is gorgeous. She killed the lyrics. She sounds authentic while she is gushing about the man she loves. Her vocal range is hard to master because she is that good at what she does. She actually sounds happy in this song, which was a pleasant treat. Her voice will give you chills.


#8 – 10 Seconds

This bitter song is another track from the Love Me Back album. The song has an r&b beat. The angry song is about her man hurting her too many times. She warns him that he has “10 seconds” to get out of her house. This track is definitely a warning to anyone who has messed up in a relationship. If you hear someone playing this track, chances are you better leave. You know you have messed up if someone is giving you the 10-second warning to leave. She even gives the countdown for how long he has to leave. The music is soft so you can focus on the angry lyrics. She doesn’t hold back with her anger. She sings with a lot of anger and passion as she describes how much he hurt her.

Jazmine Sullivan sounds like a combination of Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, and Aretha Franklin on this one. Jazmine Sullivan’s vocals are raw and honest. She belts a lot throughout the song. She took a risk belting in the song because of the raspiness in her voice, but she manages to pull it off without her voice cracking. There are a couple of minor issues with the song. She is a little hard to understand in the lyrics. You may have to read the lyrics to understand what she is saying. The chorus could also use a smoother ending. It ends abruptly. Other than that, the song is definitely worth checking out especially if you are ready to make someone in your life get out.

# 7 – Forever Don’t Last

This pain stricken song is from the Reality Show album. The song has an r&b beat. This is a dramatic song about the end of a relationship. She tried to save the relationship, but it didn’t work. She had to deal with the fact that “forever doesn’t last.” People in broken relationships can definitely relate to this track. When you’re in love, you think the relationship will last forever.

This song will let you know that all relationships don’t last. She knows the right buttons to push to get to you. It’s as if she’s in your head when she describes how it feels in the beginning of the relationship and at the end of the relationship. She hits every raw emotion effortlessly. The music has an old school r&b vibe. It has an acoustic production, which allows you to focus on her angelic vocals. The music features the acoustic guitar and claps.

She utilizes her signature raspy vocals to the best of her ability. She sings in a higher register in this song. You can hear the pain in her voice as she tells the world that her relationship is over. This song may leave in your feelings when it is over. You don’t have to be in a bad relationship in order to appreciate the song. It will help you appreciate your relationship if it’s a good one. If you are in a bad relationship, it will give you an idea on how to get out of it.


# 6 – Lions, Tigers & Bears

This metaphoric song is from the Fearless album. The song has a soul classic beat. This fearless song is about her not being scared of things that would frighten other people. She got the title of the song from the movie The Wizard of Oz. The title is a reference to her career in the music industry. She is not afraid of the music industry because she’s been in it for a long time. She does make reference to being afraid of love. She says it can grab you from anywhere.

Anyone who is afraid of starting a relationship will find this song helpful. It will show you that you aren’t alone when it comes to being afraid of love. The symbolism of the song is incredibly deep. She explains why she is afraid of loving the guy she loves. The music is off the chain. The music will give you chills. It sounds like something that would be in a musical. It has orchestral swells. It features the French horn, violin, bass, strings and keyboards.

Jazmine Sullivan’s voice is like a fine wine. She sings this in her normal register. She doesn’t really use her raspy vocals, but she does sound soulful in this track. She sounds like a combination of Keyshia Cole and Faith Evans in this song. She has great harmony in the background.

# 5 – Pick Up Your Feelings

The next song on our Top 10 Jazmine Sullivan Songs list is “Pick Up Your Feelings” from the Heaux Tales album. The song has an r&b beat. The unapologetic song is about moving on from an ex. She is prepared to move on and not look back. This is definitely relatable to anyone who is ready to move on from a toxic relationship. This is inspirational for anyone who needs the courage to leave a relationship behind. She is right at home with this anthem as she is telling her ex to get his things and leave her place.

She was in an abusive relationship when she took a hiatus from music. This song could be describing the relationship she was in at the time. The musicians do an excellent job with the music. The bass is slick and smooth. The guitar is hot like fire. The drum gives the song some tempo so you can bop your head to the beat. Jazmine sounds a little different in this song. She sings in a higher register. She sounds like Faith Evans in this track. She shows versatility by performing runs with the lead guitar. She was able to keep up with the lead guitar flawlessly.

She also attempts to hold little notes towards the end of the song. She can do a lot with her voice considering she isn’t a soprano. Once again she is a little hard to understand in the lyrics, but it doesn’t hurt the song. You can always read the lyrics to find out what she is saying.


# 4 – Need U Bad

This regretful song is from the Fearless album. The song has an r&b, reggae and soul beat. This yearning song is about her wanting to be with someone. She wants to be back with the man she lost. She describes how much she wants him back in her life. This song is outside of her wheelhouse because she isn’t angry. She actually wants the man back in this track. In the other songs on this list, she wants the guy to leave. It was a change of pace for her to want the guy back in her life.

This is relatable to anyone who wants someone they love back in their lives. This song isn’t just a female anthem because men may feel the same way. She took a risk musically by doing a reggae song. She usually does r&b music. The addition of the reggae sound gives the music a cool vibe. It cleverly combines reggae and r&b music. There is something special about the combination of r&b and reggae. This is the song that introduced the world to Jazmine Sullivan. It’s hard to believe this is her first single because she sounds as if she was singing for years.

This song was a great way to introduce listeners to this amazing singer. She is an underrated artist who should be a bigger star. Her voice in this song is truly amazing. She hit all of the right notes to create a great song.


# 3 – In Love With Another Man

This emotional song is from the Fearless album. This song has an r&b beat. This gripping song is about her being in love with another man. She is cheating on one man for another man. She doesn’t paint herself up as a good person because she is talking about adultery. She cheats on a good man for a bad man. People don’t usually sing songs about this particular adultery.

The singer usually talks about being cheated on. They don’t talk about doing the cheating. They also talk about being with a bad man and finding a better man. She admits to being wrong for cheating on the man she is dating. She takes a risk describing this relationship because she paints herself as the bad one in the song. She touches a subject that some people may be able to relate to. It’s not every day people break up with a good person to be with a bad one.

This song screams soap opera. She seems torn between the men, but she chooses “Mr. Wrong” instead of “Mr. Right.” She gave her all with this track. Her talent shines like a diamond. It has to because she didn’t do herself any favors with the lyrics. Her vocal talent makes up for her bad behavior in the song. The music has a church vibe to it. It features the piano, which gives you a chance to focus on her incredible voice. She gives the song a build up which leads to her holding a big note towards the end of the song. This is the only song on our list where she holds a big note, which was a pleasant surprise.

# 2 – Bust Your Windows

This anthemic song is from the Fearless album. The song has an r&b and soul beat. This biting song is about her getting revenge on a man who cheats on her. She decides to take her anger out on his car. She decides to “bust the windows” out of his car. People who are scorned by their lovers may feel the same way as Jazmine Sullivan. It’s not a good idea to do the same thing because it may get you arrested, but she is definitely inside your head with the lyrics.

This song is reminiscent of Carrie Underwood’s cheating anthem “Before He Cheats.” The theme of the song will grab your attention. It might overshadow the point of the song because you might not be able to get past the idea of busting the windows out of your ex’s car. This song is definitely not a song for men. It is a women’s anthem. You may not necessarily want to listen to this track if you have been cheated on. It may give you ideas on how to get revenge. With that said, this is a great women’s anthem. The music is stellar and infectious.

The musical layers are intricate. You can move around to it. Jazmine Sullivan’s vocals are phenomenal. She sings the lead and background vocals of the track. They are sympathetic and angry. She sounds like a woman scorned. She uses the right emotion to explain how she feels about her ex. She sounds convincing when she says she will “bust your windows.”

# 1 – Let It Burn

The number one song on our Top 10 Jazmine Sullivan Songs list is “Let It Burn” from the Reality Show album. This song has an r&b beat. This dreamy ballad is about her previous relationship. She felt as if she wasn’t acting like a good girlfriend. She wants the listeners to embrace love if you find it in your life. This song features a sample of “Ready or Not” by After 7. She picked the perfect sample for this song. It really makes the music stand out. It combines old school with new school music.

This is another song on our list where she doesn’t bash men. She actually wants the listeners to embrace love instead of rejecting it. The second she harmonizes the first note, you will be hooked on this song. “Ready or Not” is an excellent song, but she manages to make it her own with this amazing track. This song will not make you forget about the original song, but she does a great job with her song.

Her voice is powerful without being overpowering. She sings in time with all of the beat changes. Her voice is perfect with the music. She sings the lead and background vocals flawlessly. She harmonizes well with herself. Everything about this song screams fire. This song is easily one of the best songs on the album. It deserves to be number one on our list.

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