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Joe Perry Songs

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Our top 10 Joe Perry songs delve into the illustrious career of one of rock and roll’s most iconic guitarists. Born in 1950, Joe Perry’s guitar skills became a cornerstone of Aerosmith, one of the most successful rock bands ever. Inspired by legendary guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Jeff Beck, former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green, and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin Perry developed a style that would influence countless musicians.

Despite his success with Aerosmith, Joe Perry also ventured into solo projects, showcasing his versatility and passion for music beyond the band. After tumultuous times within Aerosmith marked by personal and professional struggles, Perry left the band at the end of 1979 and formed The Joe Perry Project. This move allowed him to explore different musical avenues and further cement his reputation as a gifted guitarist.

Joe Perry’s Solo Projects/Solo Career Beginnings:

Joe Perry’s first solo project, The Joe Perry Project, debuted with Let the Music Do the Talking in 1980. The album blended blues rock with hard rock and was a commercial success, enhancing Perry’s credibility as a solo artist. However, subsequent albums like I’ve Got the Rock ‘n’ Rolls Again and Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker saw varying degrees of success. Despite this, tracks like “Conflict of Interest” and “Discount Dogs” from his debut solo album, and “South Station Blues” from his sophomore effort, stood out.

In 2005, Perry released a self-titled album, Joe Perry, which included tracks like “Shakin’ My Cage” and the Grammy-nominated instrumental “Mercy.” This album was well-received and demonstrated Perry’s skill not only as a guitarist but also as a songwriter.

Later Works and Continued Influence:

Joe Perry continued to release music, including Have Guitar, Will Travel in 2009, though it didn’t feature the high-profile collaborations initially anticipated. His creative output remained strong with tracks like “Heaven and Hell” becoming fan favorites.

In addition to his solo work, Joe Perry has collaborated with a variety of artists and joined the rock supergroup Hollywood Vampires, further diversifying his musical portfolio. Despite ventures into new projects, Perry’s legacy is most strongly tied to Aerosmith, with hits that have become rock staples.

Accolades and Legacy:

Joe Perry’s contributions to music have earned him four Grammy Awards with Aerosmith, and his influence as a guitarist has been recognized with numerous accolades, underscoring his lasting impact on the music industry.

Our top 10 Joe Perry songs list not only celebrates his best solo tracks but also honors his enduring influence as a musician capable of captivating audiences with his guitar skills and creative vision. Through his work with Aerosmith, his solo projects, and collaborations, Joe Perry remains a towering figure in rock and roll, celebrated for his musical ability and innovative spirit.

# 10 – Women in Chains

Kicking off our list of the ten best Joe Perry songs is the compelling track “Women in Chains” from The Joe Perry Project’s third studio album, Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker. This song tackles the serious subject of how women are often mistreated and undervalued in society. The lyrics advocate for respect and equality, resonating with listeners who are conscious of social justice issues.

“Women in Chains” features a mid-tempo rock melody that effectively highlights the emotional weight of the subject matter. Mach Bell’s delivery of the vocals is particularly noteworthy; his powerful voice carries a raw edge that some critics have likened to Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe in his early days. This comparison underscores the gritty and passionate performance that Bell brings to the song, enhancing its impact.

This track not only showcases Joe Perry’s skill as a guitarist but also highlights his ability to address meaningful themes through music. “Women in Chains” stands out for its compelling message and rock-solid composition, making it a deserving opener for our top ten list of Joe Perry’s best songs.

# 9 – Talk Talkin’

“Talk Talkin’” from Joe Perry’s 2005 self-titled album stands out as one of his most energetic and engaging solo efforts. This track is a testament to Perry’s exceptional guitar skills and his deep roots in blues-infused rock music. The song captures the essence of Perry’s early musical influences, blending classic blues tones with rock to create a dynamic and catchy tune.

The song’s guitar work is particularly noteworthy, featuring riffs that are both intricate and driving, showcasing Perry’s talent on the guitar. These riffs not only enhance the song’s appeal but also embed it deeply in the tradition of great rock guitar tracks. The catchy hooks further elevate “Talk Talkin’,” making it a fan favorite and a highlight of Perry’s solo career.

Additionally, the inclusion of “Talk Talkin’” in the video game Guitar Hero: Aerosmith brought this track to an even wider audience, allowing fans and gamers alike to experience Perry’s guitar skills interactively. This exposure has cemented “Talk Talkin’” as one of the best Joe Perry songs of all time, beloved for its vibrant energy and masterful guitar work.

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# 8 – South Station Blues

Landing at number eight on our list of the best Joe Perry songs is “South Station Blues” from The Joe Perry Project’s sophomore album, I’ve Got the Rock ‘n’ Rolls Again. This track showcases not just Perry’s guitar brilliance but also his capabilities as a lead vocalist, offering fans a rare glimpse of his vocal talents.

“South Station Blues” features some of Perry’s most emotive and skillful guitar playing, underscoring his reputation as a formidable guitarist. The blues-infused track allows Perry to delve deeply into the genre, displaying a mastery of mood and technique that resonates with listeners and guitar enthusiasts alike.

While Joe Perry is predominantly known for his guitar skills rather than his vocal ability, his performance on this track proves he can hold his own as a singer. His voice carries the bluesy gravitas that fits perfectly with the song’s theme and instrumentation, making “South Station Blues” a standout track in his discography. This song not only highlights Perry’s versatility but also his ability to connect with the core elements of blues rock, making it a deserving entry on this list.

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# 7 – Quake ft. Gary Cherone

“Quake” is indeed a noteworthy addition to our list of the ten best Joe Perry songs. Featured as a bonus track on his 2018 album Sweetzerland Manifesto, this song quickly captivated fans and became one of the standout tracks from the album, despite its status as a bonus feature.

Joe Perry’s collaboration with Gary Cherone of Extreme brings a dynamic energy to “Quake,” blending Perry’s iconic guitar riffs with Cherone’s powerful vocal delivery. The song is imbued with rich blues rock elements, giving it a deep, resonant bluesy feel that showcases Perry’s mastery of the genre and his ability to adapt and innovate within it.

The production of a lyric video for “Quake,” directed by Perry’s son Roman, adds a personal touch to the song’s release, further enhancing its appeal through visually engaging content that complements the track’s robust sound. “Quake” stands out not just for its musical quality but also for the synergy between Perry and Cherone.

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# 6 – Rockin’ Train

Number six on our list of the top ten Joe Perry songs is “Rockin’ Train,” a standout track from The Joe Perry Project’s debut studio album, Let the Music Do the Talking. This song captures the energetic essence of rock with its boogie feel, making it irresistibly catchy and a fan favorite.

“Rockin’ Train” is distinguished by its prodigious riffs and memorable hooks, hallmarks of Joe Perry’s renowned guitar skills. These elements combine to create a dynamic sound that drives the song’s high energy from start to finish, embodying the spirit of classic rock and roll.

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# 5 – Man of Peace

In 2012, Joe Perry participated in a significant musical project called Chimes of Freedom, a charity compilation album celebrating five decades of Amnesty International. This unique collection featured a wide range of artists covering songs by Bob Dylan, each bringing their own interpretation to Dylan’s influential catalog. The roster included notable names like My Chemical Romance, Maroon 5, Johnny Cash, Patti Smith, Pete Townshend, Rise Against, and Bettye LaVette, among others.

Joe Perry contributed his rendition of “Man of Peace,” originally from Bob Dylan’s 1983 album Infidels. Perry’s version stands out not only for his guitar skills but also for his vocal performance, taking on both lead vocal and guitar duties. His cover is lauded for its vibrant energy and personal touch, which adds a new dimension to Dylan’s original composition.

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# 4 – Mercy

Joe Perry’s 2005 track “Mercy,” from his self-titled studio album, is a shining example of his exceptional guitar playing. As an instrumental piece, “Mercy” showcases Perry’s mastery of the guitar, offering listeners a raw and pure display of his skill without the accompaniment of vocals. This track not only highlights his ability to command a song solo but also emphasizes the intricate techniques that have helped define Aerosmith’s sound and contributed significantly to their success.

The impact of “Mercy” extended beyond just fan appreciation, as it garnered Joe Perry a Grammy Award nomination in 2006 for Best Rock Instrumental Performance. This nomination placed him in esteemed company, alongside other notable musicians like Les Paul & Friends, Steve Vai, Andrew Belew, and Stewart Copeland, underscoring Perry’s respect and recognition in the music industry.

Though Perry did not win the Grammy, losing out to Les Paul & Friends’ “69 Freedom Special,” the nomination itself was a testament to his musical talent and the quality of “Mercy” as a standout instrumental track.

# 3 – Shakin’ My Cage

“Shakin’ My Cage,” a standout track from Joe Perry’s self-titled 2005 album, shines as a quintessential example of his dual talents as both a guitarist and a vocalist. This track, sitting at number three on our list of the ten best Joe Perry songs, is arguably his most impressive vocal performance, yet it’s his guitar work that truly steals the show. Perry’s ability to weave complex, electrifying guitar solos with solid vocal lines speaks to his depth as a musician, where his primary skills as a guitarist complements rather than overshadows his singing.

The energetic vibe of “Shakin’ My Cage” encapsulates Perry’s rock and roll spirit and his knack for crafting catchy, robust rock tracks that resonate with fans. The song’s inclusion in the 2008 music rhythm video game Guitar Hero: Aerosmith not only brought it to a wider audience but also highlighted Perry’s significant influence on rock music, celebrating his career through a platform that allowed fans to engage with his music interactively.

# 2 – I’ve Got the Rock ‘n’ Rolls Again

“I’ve Got the Rock ‘n’ Rolls Again” is a defining track from The Joe Perry Project’s sophomore album of the same name. This song encapsulates the energetic spirit and rock essence that Joe Perry aimed to deliver through his solo venture. As the album’s title track, it set the tone for the entire record, which is characterized by its robust and engaging rock sound.

The song itself is a showcase of excellent musicianship from every member of the band. Joe Perry’s guitar work is, as expected, the backbone of the track, featuring riffs that are both commanding and catchy. David Hull’s bass provides a solid and rhythmic foundation that complements Perry’s guitar lines, while Charlie Farren’s vocals are particularly notable for their raw power and rock charisma. Ronnie Stewart’s drumming adds the necessary punch, driving the song forward with energy and precision.

# 1 – Let the Music Do the Talking

“Let the Music Do the Talking” stands at the pinnacle of our top ten Joe Perry songs list, encapsulating the essence of his musical genius and songwriting prowess. This track, which is the title song from The Joe Perry Project’s debut album, quickly became the signature hit of Joe Perry’s solo career, highlighting his seamless transition from Aerosmith to leading his own band.

The song showcases Perry’s ability to craft catchy, powerful rock music that speaks directly to the listener, embodying the ethos of letting the music’s energy and spirit communicate without needing overly elaborate lyrics. The fact that Perry was able to produce such a standout track so soon after his departure from Aerosmith attests to his innate musical talent and creativity.

“Let the Music Do the Talking” became so emblematic of Perry’s style and impact that when he rejoined Aerosmith, the band decided to include their own version on their 1985 album, Done With Mirrors. Aerosmith’s rendition of the song features some modifications, including a slightly altered melody and new lyrics written by Steven Tyler, adding a fresh dimension to Perry’s original while keeping the core spirit alive.

This track not only marked Joe Perry’s successful venture into solo projects but also left a lasting impression that would carry back into his work with Aerosmith, proving that true musical expression transcends individual projects and contributes to a lasting legacy.

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