Top 10 Planet X Songs

Planet X Songs

The great Progressive Rock Fusion band Planet X was founded by ex-Dream Theater keyboardist Derek Sherinian in 1999. The band soon became known as a favorite among musicians in the fact that Derek Sherinian formed the band with the intent of showcasing virtuoso playing on a very intense level. In similar fashion to bands like Steely Dan and artists like Frank Zappa, only the best musicians would be invited to perform with the group. When looking at the musicians feature on the band’ s four albums, its clear that Derek Sherinian kept true to his word. Over the course of the band’s career the group has hosted such all star musicians on their albums such as, Allan Holdsworth, Tony MacAlpine, Billy Sheehan, Tom Kennedy, Alex Machacek, Brett Garsed, T. J. Helmerich, Jimmy Johnson, Ric Fierabracci, Philip Bynoe, Dave LaRue, Kevin Freeby, Rufus Philpot and Doug Shreeve.

The band’s first album was released in 2000. The album entitled Universe brought instant praise upon the band from critics and fans alike. The group released a live album in 2002 entitled Live From Oz. In 2002 Planet X released the album Moonbabies. Their most recent release was issued in 2007 entitled Quantum.

The band has showcased a revolving door of musicians over the years with the two constants being Derek Sherinian and Virgil Donati. The band may have not released that much material, but the albums they have released have been superb. We hope this Top 10 Planet X songs list turns many people on to one of the best Progressive Rock Fusion band of the 2000’s.

# 10 – Her Animal

We start out our Top 10 Planet X songs with a live version of “Her Animal.” The track was originally released on the band’s debut album Universe. Listen to Tony MacAlpine shred on this one.

# 9 – Quantum Factor

The great closing track from their 2007 album entitled Quantum Factor.

# 8 – The Noble Savage

It just keeps getting better. The great track “The Noble Savage,” was released on the band’s third album Moonbabies. It is the second track on the album.

# 7 – Alien Hip Hop

“Alien Hip Hop,” is the opening track to the band’s finest album Quantum. The album was released in 2007.

# 6 – Ignotus Per Ignotium

Another great track from the Moonbabies album. The song “Ignotus Per Ignotium,” was the album’s closing cut.

# 5 – Matrix Gate

The Planet X song “Matrix Gate,” was released on the Quantum album in 2007.

# 4 – Space Foam

Almost have tracks picked for this Top 10 Planet X songs list stem from the great Quantum album. It’s such a brilliant record that we could have filled the entire list with songs from Quantum. One of the best progressive rock jazz fusion albums ever released. It too bad Allan Holdsworth only appeared on two tracks. Nonetheless, Brett Garsed was on fire for the rest of the record.

# 3 – Dog Boots

Continuing with our Top 10 Planet X songs list we turn to a track that was originally released on the band’s debut album, Universe. The performance below is from the Jivan Festival in Yerevan.

# 2 -The Thinking Stone

Virgil starts this great track out and then its hello Allan Holdsworth.“The Thinking Stone,” was released on the Quantum album.

# 1 – Desert Girl

Allan Holdsworth’s guitar playing, Derek Sherinian ‘s piano playing and Virgil Donati’s drumming on this one will send chills through your progressive rock feet. Desert Girl appeared on the band’s most recent album released ten years ago entitled Quantum.

Updated Nov 5 2020


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