Top 10 Revolution Saints Songs

Revolution Saints Songs

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Our Top 10 Revolution Saints songs are like a concert stub in your back pocket–inspiring memories of all those soaring ’70s and ’80s big rock tunes and concerts. Revolution Saints is fronted by drummer/singer Deen Castronovo (Journey, Bad English, Hardline). Leading a band from behind the drum kit is not easy by any means, but Castronovo delivers big time. Revolution Saints’ past and present band members are all veterans from well-known rock bands. The lineup for the first three albums included bassist/vocalist Jack Blades (Night Ranger) and guitarist Doug Aldrich (ex-Whitesnake, Dio). The albums were also produced by multi-instrumentalist Alessandro Del Vecchio, who handled keyboards/backing vocals, too.

Eagle Flight was recorded with new band members guitarist Joel Hoekstra (ex-Night Ranger, Whitesnake, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Iconic) and bassist, singer Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Foreigner).

Dive into the Top 10 Revolution Saints Songs (Really, they’re all winners)

#10 – Price We Pay – Rise

The first pick on our list of Top 10 Revolution Saints Songs is “Price We Pay.”

The best things in life are free–a brilliant melody, an uplifting chorus–a top 10 list that’ll brighten your day. Well, hopefully. This track is off the band’s killer album Rise and it does rise to the occasion. Deen Castronovo’s vocals soar as we all know, but this one has him expertly trading vocals with Jack Blades–a talented singer in his own right. A rumbley bass, guitar, and drum jam lays the groundwork for an eighties-worthy big chorus.

When the song opens up, you hear all the glorious rock history backing up the bands’ skills. Aldrich does what he does best, approaching the guitar as a racehorse crossing the finish line with elegance and edge. At a moment in the song’s video, he’s soloing on a sun-drenched balcony (a pretty girl somewhere in the mix) and raises his Les Paul up for the big guitar moment–a nod to the eighties MTV heyday. We can use more of those.

#9 – Take You Down – Light in the Dark

The storm’s rumbling, but it won’t  “Take You Down” so implies our next choice on the list of top 10 Revolution Saints songs. A guitar-driven Rev Saints powerhouse jams from start to finish. What better advice than to see your dreams through until the end with an unbreakable spirit? All you need is a tune that champions a “never say die” message that mirrors the same rock spirit amplified throughout the ’80s and ’90s rock arenas. Well, here it is, #9 giving the list a push forward. Precisely nailing this tune, the stellar songwriting credits go out to Del Vecchio, Castronovo and Aldrich.

#8 – Talk to Me – Rise

“Talk to Me,” tells a musical story with the utmost harmony that will surely hook you. Easy on the ears, this is a more pop-rock effort from the group holding our number eight spot. If it were the late-eighties, this song would potentially be rising up the charts alongside a Bon Jovi hit. Indeed, it’s a good candidate for a whole new legion of rock fans as well. Some heaviness stirs up in the low-end as the rock solid rhythm section steers the ship. A bluesy guitar part lends a deeper vibe. Another fresh musical perspective comes from vocalist Luna Akire. Simply put, a smooth, relatable song.

#7 – Light in the Dark – Light in the Dark

“Light in the Dark” comes in like a thunderstorm storm and leaves like a perfect summer day. Castronovo powers the tune with his huge drum sound. Blades lends his awesome vocals again. The storm downgrades to a pop metal feel but in a good way. What the guys have captured is an anthemic cry to stay strong. The title track shines like the chrome on a tour bus. Speaking of touring, it’s mind boggling to think about the collective tour miles this veteran trio has amassed in their careers. Unimaginable, but life on the road has clearly made for great melodious inspirational songwriting as this track. On another note, The Light in the Dark Deluxe Edition has four live bonus tracks recorded in Milan April 29, 2017. That should shake things up even more.

#6 – Talking Like Strangers – Eagle Flight

Nothing strange about number six on our top 10 Revolution Saints songs. One of the songs from the brand new lineup has a huge production that takes off like a shooting star. “Talking Like Strangers” could easily have been a great soaring Dokken song. With big harmonies and hooks for days, the band kicks up the rock vibes and heartfelt subject matter. Perhaps, Pilson brought some kind of ’80s rhythmic magic into the mix–the same fire that fueled his iconic metal band’s rock ballads.

On the six-string side, make no mistake, Hoekstra’s signature playing style is jaw-droppingly outstanding on this track. All told, Revolution Saints gives a cohesive performance reminiscent of a band that has been playing together for a long, long time. However, this album is just the beginning, and the future’s gonna rock and hair-flip.

#5 – Freedom – Light in the Dark

Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin transfigured early rock into the base-level strains of heavy metal. Here, Revolution Saints “brings it on home” in a similar classic, hard-rock tradition. Not to say they are exactly heavy metal but they do find a sharp edge from time to time like this lush hard rock song. As expected, the free spirited track chugs along like a freight train.

A grittier guitar tone scratches the clean melodic metal surface. Lyrical themes of escapism spin a tale that can go either good or bad–regardless, freedom is the obvious outcome. “Sweet freedom… coming my way.” About midway, the song goes “Kashmir” for a wide open classic rock moment. An unexpected effect-laden spoken message by (sounds like) Deen punctuates the song with a thought provoking coda.

#4 – Way to the Sun – Revolution Saints

“Way to the Sun” comes in blazing hot on our top 10 Revolution Saints songs. Everything we know and love about Journey is in this song. Well, Neal Schon for one, who guest solos on the track. Along with that virtuosic treat, it gets better– Castronovo’s soaring vocals, Aldrich’s monster riffs, and a rhythm section keeping time like a smart watch. One of their best efforts for certain the band rocks beyond the horizon on this one.

The fiery performance starts softly via a nice acoustic guitar and softs vocals, then gains rock momentum toward Castronovo’s full-on soul-crushing vocals. Lighter up!–a classic guitar solo via special guest Journey icon Neal Schon rounds out a tremendous song. You’ll want to listen to this song  over and over on your way to rock paradise.

#3 – Eagle Flight – Eagle Flight

Our next top 10 Revolution Saints song is another from the new lineup. On Eagle Flight you get the core melodic expansive rock that the previous group delivered but this three-piece rolls in with that new car smell. A quiet keyboard and Hoekstra’s classical-feel guitar notes set the stage for this new version of Revolution Saints. Simply put, it goes to new heights with this song. Hoekstra’s clean, spot-on guitar playing is quite a beautiful thing. His solo moments flow seamlessly as part of the song but also work as unique shining moments within them. Bassist Jeff Pilson is a very welcome addition. A veteran rock performer, he always played a strong role in Dokken as well as Foreigner, and supports the band tremendously here.

“Eagle Flight” has a modern rock feel, but one that old school ’80s music fans can still embrace. However, newer music prospects will be intrigued and stick around long enough to want more. Revolution Saints still has chemistry and it’s bubbling for certain. All in all, the eagle is soaring high on rock n roll wings.

#2 – Back On My Trail – Revolution Saints

This is the song that started the ride, track number one off the debut album. Raise your hands for “Back On My Trail” because this one feels like a concert experience. The band jamming out fiercely as if performing to a large audience and then wraps up electrifyingly. Again, the solid three-piece brings home a winner. Clearly, the guys enjoy what they do and this song exemplifies that amazingly. No one stealing the spotlight, all working for the song and it shines brightly and is better for it. Truly, this one qualifies high for a number of attributes.

First, the opening guitar is rhythmically fierce and the bass and drums kick up the track even more. Awesomely, Castronovo delivers a Steve Perry-caliber superb vocal performance while keeping time at the kit at his usual pro level. Aldrich lends his tasty but not overstated playing as a cohesive part of the song; though hanging on a sweet repeating riff. Best part is the super catchy chorus, which stays around long after the concert wraps. Ultimately, “Back On My Trail” reminds everyone, they can still rock, oh yeah –alright!

#1 – Turn Back Time – Revolution Saints

Our number one goes right back to the beginning, the second track off the debut album. Surely, we have to give credit to the trio for forging this ahead, and even though the cast has changed, the show they started is still enjoying a great run.

A massive soaring song with tons of commercial appeal but doesn’t stray far from a good hard rocking time. Aldrich’s catchy riff takes it right out the gate along with heavy drums and bright keyboards. Castronovo and Blades switching off on vocals is a proven dynamic, a lovely interplay of styles – Deens added rasp adds another layer of texture. The guitar pushes the song along with super tight relentless bass and drums.

This rocker also has a big ole’ heart, clearly evident when the words of faith, hope, love, and survival meet your senses. A hopeful song carried on big riffs, drums and amazing vocals. Along with handling bass, Jack Blades sings backing vocals, co-lead vocals, and also penned the lyrics for this track. Not surprisingly, it coalesces into a familiar sound that reminds us why Night Ranger was such a beloved band with monster hits.

Again, more guitar props are due. The appropriately timed pick scrap does delight the stadium rock kid in us all. Then, a bluesy Whitesnake-style guitar storm rises then takes the song out until the end and fades tonally – leaving the listener wondering if they want to turn back time or move forward. Revolution Saints reminds us about being present in the moment and enjoying the ride–roll the windows down, and take flight on a musical journey.

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