Top 10 Roxette Songs

Roxette Songs

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Top 10 Roxette Songs list looks at a popular Swedish pop/rock duo. The members were Marie Fredriksson (vocals and keys) and Per Gessle (vocals and guitar). They formed their duo in 1986. Fredriksson and Gessle were established artists in their home country before they became a duo. Gessle had some success with his previous band Gyllene Tider. Gyllene Tider released three number one albums in Sweden in the 80’s. The band didn’t stay together long because they broke up in 1984. Unfortunately Gessle’s solo career wasn’t successful after the band broke up. He released two albums that didn’t do well on the charts. Fredriksson had two successful albums as a solo artist. A manager at EMI suggested the artists sing together and the rest was history.

Fredriksson and Gessle worked together on a song called “Neverending Love.” The single was so successful that the pair decided to record an album. They released their debut album Pearls of Passion in 1986. The album features the singles “Neverending Love,” “Goodbye to You,” “Soul Deep” and “I Call Your Name.” The album was successful in Sweden. It peaked at number two on the charts. The album sold more than 800,000 copies. The duo would find greater success with their future albums.

Roxette released their second album Look Sharp! in 1988. The album was an instant success in Sweden. It debuted at number one. It was also a success worldwide. It peaked at number 23 in the U.S. It features the hit singles “Dress for Success,” “Listen to Your Heart,” “The Look” and “Dangerous.” The album sold over nine million copies.

They released their third album Joyride in 1990. They felt pressured by the label to create another successful album. Their hard work paid off because the album was a commercial success. The album peaked at number 12 on the charts. It spent one year on the charts. The single “Joyride” became one of their most successful singles. It also features the singles “Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave),” “The Big L,” “Spending My Time” and “Church of Your Heart.” The album sold over 11 million copies.

Roxette’s fourth album Tourism (1992) didn’t do as well as their previous album. They recorded the majority of the songs while they were touring. Three of the songs on the album were recorded live. The album received mixed reviews from the critics. People were confused by the concept of the album. It didn’t do well on the charts. It peaked at number 117. The album was more successful in Europe than anywhere else. The album features the singles “How Do You Do,” “Queen of Rain” and “Fingertips ’93.” Despite the mixed reviews, the album went on to sell more than six million copies.

They released their fifth album Crash! Boom! Bang! in 1994. The album was an instant hit overseas. The full length wasn’t released in the U.S. yet. In the United States, the album was called Favorites From Crash! Boom! Bang! The album features the singles “Sleeping in My Car,” “Crash! Boom! Bang!,” “Fireworks,” “Run to You” and “Vulnerable.” The album sold over five million copies.

In 1999, they released their sixth album Have a Nice Day. This album wasn’t released in America because they weren’t signed to a label there. It was released overseas. The album features the singles “Wish I Could Fly,” “Anyone,” “Stars” and “Salvation.” The album sold more than two million copies.

Roxette released their seventh album Room Service in 2001. The album received mixed reviews. The album features the singles “The Centre of the Heart,” “Real Sugar” and “Milk and Toast and Honey.” “The Centre of the Heart” was the duo’s third number one hit in Sweden. “Real Sugar” didn’t do well on the charts. It’s the lowest peaking single of all of their charting singles. “Milk and Toast and Honey” was a hit single.

The duo was hit with a huge obstacle when Fredriksson was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She was diagnosed with the brain tumor in 2002. Throughout the years, the duo released compilation and solo albums. They reunited to release their eighth album Charm School in 2011. This is the first album they recorded since Friedriksson’s brain tumor. The album features the singles “She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio),” “Speak to Me” and “Way Out.”

They released their ninth album Travelling in 2012. It is a sequel to their Tourism album. Fredriksson was more involved on this album. It features the single “It’s Possible.” The album peaked at number 134 in the U.K. The album sold over 20,000 copies. They released their final album Good Karma in 2016. It received mostly positive reviews. It did well commercially. It debuted in the top 5 internationally. The album features the singles “It Just Happens,” “Some Other Summer” and “Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?.”

Roxette managed to be a successful duo in the United States as well as internationally. They had to compete with groups like ABBA and Heart, but they managed to make a name for themselves. Most of their albums were sold overseas, but they did have hits in the United States. They had to deal with the obstacle of Fredriksson’s health issues, but they were able to keep going until her death. This Top 10 Roxette Songs list will be about their hit songs. Which one do you think will be number one?

# 10 – Church of Your Heart

The first song on our Top 10 Roxette Songs list is the folky “Church of Your Heart” from the Joyride album. This ballad has a pop rock sound. This inspirational song is about believing in someone based on his or her faith. This song is timely because of the things that are going on in the world. There is a harmonica in the music that makes it sound like a folk song. The guitar strings are rhythmic and melodic. Gessle sings lead on this track. Fredriksson took a back seat in this song. His voice is soulful and gritty. He sings in time with the music. He is pouring his heart out on his sleeve without overdoing it. He doesn’t do any vocal tricks, but his voice is just right for the song. His voice is soothing and pleasant.

# 9 – Sleeping in My Car

The next song on our Top 10 Roxette Songs list is the metaphoric “Sleeping in My Car” from the Crash! Boom! Bang! album. This up-tempo song has a pop, rock and pop punk sound. This erotic song is about her making love to someone. The lyrics are different because there aren’t too many people who refer to making love as sleeping in their car. This toe tapper wouldn’t disappoint fans of either pop or rock music. It has a sharp production. It’s very guitar friendly because the electric and acoustic guitars are heavily utilized in the track. The drums are thunderous and make the song a head bopper. The chorus is simple and easy to remember. Fredriksson’s vocals soar with the music. She sings softly in the quieter moments of the song. Once the song gets louder, she vocally soars.

# 8 – Dress for Success

This meaningful song is from the Look Sharp album. This up-tempo song has a pop and rock sound. This anthemic song is about getting prepared for the world and what the world has in store for you. It’s a message about how to be successful in the world. This song has a groovy pop beat with rock mixed in it. The music is upbeat and will give you a reason to move around in your seat or on the dance floor. The guitar riffs are catchy and on point. The drumbeat is pounding. Fredriksson sounds angelic. She sounds similar to Sheena Easton. Her vocals are strong and pure. She belts towards the end of the song. The only thing missing were power notes. Gessle sounds good supporting her in the background. His baritone voice blends perfectly with her soprano voice.

# 7 – Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)

This melancholic song is from the Joyride album. This power ballad has a pop rock sound. The uplifting song is about the aftermath of a break up. This song is relatable for anyone going through a break up with someone. This song sounds similar to “Listen To Your Heart.” The guitar riffs are masterful. The riffs add to the emotion of the song. The guitar solo is phenomenal. The music will build up emotions inside of the listener. The lyrics are beautiful and heartfelt. If you have ever been in love, you will understand the meaning behind the lyrics. Comparing love to a fading flower was a unique touch. Fredriksson’s vocals are exquisite. It blends well with the music. She has vocal fireworks throughout the song. This track was proof that she had the perfect voice for power ballads.

# 6 – Spending My Time

This break up song is another single from the Joyride album. This ballad has a pop rock sound. This captivating song is about dealing with the loneliness after breaking up with someone. The music is emotionally charged and magnificent. The melodies will please fans instantly. The lyrics are enthralling. The chorus is strong and catchy. The acoustic guitar is impressive and will please rock fans. The music is soft so it will please fans of soft rock music. Fredriksson’s vocals are on fire. She sounds similar to Celine Dion in this song. She sings softly to the music in the beginning, but she comes alive in the hook. She also vocally soars towards the end of the track. She missed an opportunity to hold notes towards the end of the song, but it didn’t hurt the song. She still did an amazing job. Her vocals can bring tears to your eyes as she fills you up with emotion.

# 5 – Dangerous

The next song on our Top 10 Roxette Songs list is the infectious ‘Dangerous” from the Look Sharp album. This up-tempo song has pop, rock and dance pop sound. This energetic song is about a man being attracted to a dangerous girl. The lyrics are mysterious because you can’t tell why the man considers the woman dangerous. The music is designed to get you on the dance floor while still maintaining their rock edge. The song is melodic and perfect for radio. The music is a little dated because it has an early 90’s feel to it, but it’s still enjoyable. The chorus is hypnotic. Fredriksson and Gessle sing lead on the song. They both do an incredible job in the vocals. They both sing in time with the music. They are singing in different pitches and it makes the song sound even better. The opposite tones compliment each other very well.

# 4 – Joyride

This romantic song is another gem from the album of the same name. This up-tempo song has a pop rock and dance rock sound. This song is about being in love. Here is some trivia about the song. Gessle wrote this song about his girlfriend who would later become his wife. The label also didn’t want this track to be the first single from the album. Roxette wanted the song to be the lead single. Roxette got their way and this was the lead single. The song turned out to be a massive hit so they proved the label wrong. The music is melodic and upbeat. The song is catchy and was destined to be a success. This is a pop masterpiece. This song doesn’t really have much of a rock edge other than the guitar riffs. Gessle sings lead in this song. His vocals are sharp and pure. Friedriksson sounds great supporting him in the hook. She sings it in a lower register, which shows versatility.

# 3 – Listen to Your Heart

This passionate song is from the Look Sharp album. This power ballad has a pop rock sound. The emotional song is about being torn between two relationships. The song will hook you as soon as the piano bars start. The guitar riffs are amazing. This song sounds like something the group Heart would sing. Fredriksson sounds similar to the lead singer of Heart. Fredriksson’s vocals soar throughout the track. She holds nothing back when she starts emoting. She starts the song off softly, but once the music gets going, there’s no stopping her. She takes the song and runs with it. She really belts in the final chorus until the fade out. She proved that her voice was up there with the power divas in this track.

# 2 –The Look

This bright and shiny song is another song from the Look Sharp album This midtempo song has a pop rock sound. This easy song is about someone having the perfect look for him. Here is some trivia about the song. Gessle didn’t have faith in his vocal ability so he didn’t want to record the song. Fredriksson wasn’t singing the song right so Gessle ended up singing the song. Gessle made the right to decision by singing the song because it gave him a chance to show the world that he is a good singer. He does an incredible job in the lead vocals. His tone is perfect for the music. Fredriksson does appear in the background. Their voices are terrific together. They have the perfect vocal marriage in this song.

# 1 – It Must Have Been Love

The number one song on our Top 10 Roxette Songs list is the showstopping “It Must Have Been Love” from the Pretty Woman soundtrack. This power ballad has a pop rock sound. This sentimental song is about breaking up with the love of your life and regretting the decision to let go of the person. This is their signature song and is one of their biggest hit singles. Here is some trivia about the song. The song was originally called “It Must Have Been Love (Christmas for the Brokenhearted).” The single didn’t do that well until Roxette re-worked it for the Pretty Woman soundtrack. This rhythmic ballad is beautiful and timeless. The music is soft and melodic. Fredriksson’s vocals are through the rough. She has incredible strength throughout the song. Her vocals are heartfelt. She sings the song effortlessly. Her delivery of the song makes it sound personal. This song is flawless and deserves to be the number one song on this list.


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