Top 10 Velvet Revolver Songs

Velvet Revolver Songs

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Our Top 10 Velvet Revolver Songs seeks to review the successful past of a hard rock supergroup formed by members from different reputable bands. Formed in 2002, Velvet Revolver hit commercial success by releasing their debut album, Contraband, thanks to the magnificent talents and experience of the supergroup members. Its founding members included Gun N’ Roses members bassist Duff McKagan, guitarist Slash, drummer Matt Sorum, former Wasted Youth guitarist Dave Kushner, and the former Stone Temple Pilots vocalist Scott Weiland.

It is their awe-inspiring performances and the mercurial vocal capabilities of Weiland that had the band nominated and wins awards, including the Grammys for the Best Hard Rock Performance for their song “Slither.” However, with the abrupt departure of the supergroup’s frontman, Weiland, Velvet Revolver would slowly disband. Despite efforts to audition for new vocalists, the band found no man who could fit in Weiland’s shoes, leave alone prove to be better. Velvet Revolver would have a one-off reunion show back in 2012 with Weiland. However, hopes to have Weiland back to the band faded after he died in 2015. The result was the complete disbandment of the band, with Slash and McKagan rejoining their former band. While their career might have only two studio albums on their name, Velvet Revolver’s impact on the hard rock music genre remains iconic. Here are the top 10 Velvet Revolver songs that bring out the best of the supergroup’s talent.

# 10 – Set Me Free

Ushering us to the top 10 Velvet Revolver songs is the ballad “Set Me Free” from the supergroup’s debut album, Contraband. Despite being a song on their debut album, “Set Me Free” proved way too powerful for commercial having it used as the soundtrack for the 2003 Marvel Comics film, Hulk. The song was Slash’s moment to shine, having him create the song’s main riff. In addition, Slash would have some guitar solos to showcase how he can run his hands over the guitar strings like an aggressive cat adding glamour to the overall song’s composition.

# 9 – Messages

Featured in their 2007 album, Libertad, the song “Messages” brings on the best of Scott Weiland’s vocals complimented by some almost perfect instrumental. Specifically, Slash’s guitar solo brings on quite a catchy yet emotional feel to the song. While it might have been a bonus track, “Messages” went on to capture the attention of many, owing to its emotional vibe.

# 8 – Get Out the Door

“Get Out the Door” is one of Velvet Revolver’s successful songs from their album, Libertad. The song was the last to feature Scott Weiland before he left the band to rejoin Stone Temples Pilots. Notably, “Get Out the Door” is about a transgender woman that the persona seems to send away from his life. The song’s video is made of Velvet Revolver’s concert footage, and photos take throughout their music career. Additionally, “Get Out the Door” is one of the few songs that guitarist Slash brings on board the use of a talk box.

# 7 – Come On, Come In

Featured on the soundtrack to the superhero film Fantastic Four, the song “Come On, Come In” is yet another ballad that hit commercial success, making the band even more popular. The song performed great on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, reaching a peak position of number 14. “Come On, Come In” would have much of the lyrics written by vocalist Scott Weiland with input from the rest of the band members.

# 6 – Let It Roll

Probably one of the most underrated songs from their 2007 album, Libertad is the song “Let It Roll.” From the beginning, the song brings on the true energy that a hard rock song should possess. You ought to love how Weiland’s vocals tower over the instrumental. The song “Let It Roll” proved to be perfect for concerts, giving the audience a much-needed rock n roll vibe.

# 5 – The Last Fight

Featured in their 2007 album, Libertad is the song “The Last Fight” composed by Velvet Revolver’s lead vocalist Scott Weiland. Notably, the song is a tribute to the vocalist’s younger brother, who succumbed to death after a drug overdose. While the song starts with a slow drum intro and vocals, it gets stronger as it progresses.

# 4 – She Builds Quick Machines

Yet another song that would make Velvet Revolver’s Libertad album sparkle is the rock ballad “She Builds Quick Machines.” The song was one of the supergroup’s best-performing songs on the charts, reaching a peak position of number 2 on the US Mainstream Rock Chart. “She Builds Quick Machines” had its video premiered on Fuse TV’s The Sauce, having it later featured on a video game NASCAR 08.

# 3 – Dirty Little Things

Despite having a plagiarism case arise about the song, this didn’t stop “Dirty Little Things” from making it big. Voodoo Six’s bassist Tony Newton would launch a case against Velvet Revolver for using the riff and melody of his song “Cyber Babe.” An amicable solution was reached by having Velvet Revolver pay Tony 20% of all royalties collected from the single. Featured on their 2004 album, Contraband, the song “Dirty Little Things” is about a girl who is a junkie and is willing to do whatever thing for publicity. The song would trend best in Canada, where it attained a peak position of number 9 on the Canada Rock Top 30 Chart.

# 2 – Falls to Pieces

Adding glamour to Velvet Revolver’s 2004 album, Contraband, is the song “Falls to Pieces.” The song has a personal touch to the members of the Velvet Revolver supergroup, having them drown earlier into drug addiction and alcoholism. “Falls to Pieces” brings out in bold the tribulations that Weiland, to be specific, went through. The song tells of how Weiland felt like falling to pieces while trying to come to terms with his heroin addiction and the ailing relationship with his second wife.

# 1- Slither

Coming in strong at number one is a single from Velvet Revolver’s debut album, Contraband, by the title “Slither.” Not only did the song top in both the Billboard Modern Rock and Mainstream Rock charts, but it managed to get to the Billboard Hot 100 and UK Singles Chart at number 56 and 35, respectively. “Slither” is about a relationship, as evidenced by the lyrics. With the song winning the Grammys for the Best Hard Rock Performance, it is without a doubt that “Slither” is the best song from Velvet Revolver.


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