New Found Glory Songs Ranked

New Found Glory Songs

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New Found Glory are one of the biggest bands of the post-2000 pop punk boom who were first formed in 1997. Two years after their formation they released their first album Nothing Gold Can Stay. A year after this they followed it up with their self-titled second album. Then they truly entered the mainstream with their third album Sticks and Stones in 2003. They then continued to release several more albums over the next few years which all had great success.

New Found Glory’s music has often been very energetic and played with a strong sense of emotion. Although they have generally stuck with this style throughout most of their career there have been times when they have veered off into other territories particularly with the album Coming Home which showcased a more mature-sounding alternative rock style. Despite the generally commercial sound of the band, most of the members originate from the hardcore scene, so they do have their punk credentials.

They have often been praised for their ability to connect with their audience, not just with the sound of the music, but also with their lyrical content which is often about things such as going through life and experiencing things such as friendship and relationships. The have also been widely influential in the pop punk genre, with many bands in the scene today citing their early albums as a massive influence on their existence.

Aside from their own music, New Found Glory are known for their various cover versions that they have performed over the years. The artists that have been given their cover treatment range from Gorilla Biscuits to Celine Dion.

Along with the likes of Sum 41, Good Charlotte and Simple Plan, New Found Glory are considered to be one of the key bands of what is now considered the second wave of pop punk. Whilst they definitely have their critics in the more elitist punk scene, they have always had a strong and loyal following, with many of their fans growing up listening to their music and sticking with them into adulthood. Here is a list of their ten best songs.

# 10 – Dressed To Kill

Kicking off our top ten New Found Glory songs list is this song from their self-titled second album released in 2000. As far as early 2000’s pop punk tunes go, this is a classic example in every sense of the world. The song like many of the era is a breakup song which no doubt was an anthem for many teenage skater boys at the time who had just been dumped by their girlfriends.

# 9 – The Story So Far

This next track is the closing number of New Found Glory’s third album Stick and Stones released in 2002. Upon its release it charted at number four on the Billboard 200. In 2020, it was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. The album is widely regarded to be the most classic in the band’s catalogue.

# 8 – Connect the Dots

“Connect The Dots” is a single from New Found Glory’s first live album Kill It Live released in 2013. It was released through Violently Happy Records which is a partnership between the label Bridge Nine Records and the band’s guitarist Chad Gilbert. As well as the title track, the single features live recordings of the songs “Truck Stop Blues” and “Better Off Dead.”

# 7 – Radiosurgery

This is the title track and lead single from New Found Glory’s seventh album released in 2011. The name of the song is a metaphor for a marriage break up suffered by one of the band members. It was released as a digital download before the video was released. The song received a favourable critical response and was often compared to early Green Day which is easy to see.

# 6 – Kiss Me

Up next we have a cover of a song that was originally by the band Sixpence None The Richer. It was taken from New Found Glory’s covers album From The Screens To Your Stereo 2 released in 2007 which was a collection of covers of songs that were all originally featured on movie soundtracks and was a sequel album to From The Screen To Your Stereo which was released in 2000.

# 5 – It’s Not Your Fault

Kicking off the second half of this list, we have the lead single from New Found Glory’s fifth album Coming Home released in 2006. It is seen as a departure from the band’s earlier pop punk sound which is easy to see as it is much mature sounding, having more of a melodic alternative rock sound. It was a move that was well received by critics.

# 4 – All Downhill From Here

Here is a song that is taken from New Found Glory’s fourth album Catalyst released in 2004. It is a song that is widely considered to have boosted the band’s success and is classic era New Found Glory. The band originally wanted it to be the album’s title track but the record company advised them to give it a different title to make it more identifiable. It got to number eleven on the Billboard Modern Rock Charts.

# 3 – Head On Collision

At number three is the second single from New Found Glory’s third album Sticks and Stones released in 2002. It got to number twenty-eight on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks Chart. The band All Time Low took their name from a line contained in this song’s lyrics. You can hear the influence that the song has had on bands like that as it is a mixture of pop punk and emo.

# 2 – My Friends Over You

Just off the top spot is this song that was the lead single from Sticks and Stones. It charted at number eighty-five on the Billboard and number thirty in the Uk. The song had a video that was directed by the brother duo known as The Malloy’s and featured cameos from people such as Brody Dalle from The Distillers, her then-husband Tim Armstrong from Rancid and Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker.

#1 – Hit Or Miss

At the top spot we all the way back to the beginning of New Found Glory’s career with this song that was originally on their debut Nothing Gold Can Stay but was later re-recorded for their second self-titled album. This version charted at number fifteen on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks and fifty-eight in the UK. This version was also featured on the soundtrack to “American Pie 2.”

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