Prince Congressional Gold Medal Resolution In The Works

Prince Congressional Gold Medal

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On October 25, 2021 a Congressional Delegation from Minnesota introduced to Congress a resolution towards awarding Prince a Congressional Gold Medal Award. A Congressional Gold Medal Award is one of the highest honors that Congress can award an artist. The resolution by Minnesota’s Congressional Delegation was introduced based on what they cited as Prince’s“indelible mark on Minnesota and American culture.” The Minnesota delegation is made up by Senator Amy Klobuchar and Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar who is a member of the House of Representatives in Washington in representing the State of Minnesota.

Senator Amy Klobuchar stated in her resolution  “the world was much cooler because Prince was in it. She talked about how Prince touched the hearts of people and opened  all our minds while making us want to dance.”  Senator Amy Klobuchar’s words really rang true as to what Prince did as a musical artist. While most artists are split between dance and rock music, poets and crooners, brilliant musicians or songwriters,  those who write about social justice and those who write just about love and sex, Prince was all of them. He had the sexiness of a Barry White in his lyrics, the songwriting talents of a Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney,  the moves of a James Brown in his dance steps, the vocals abilities of a Wilson Pickett, the political views of a Bob Dylan and Martin Luther King Jr., the rock spirit  and guitar talents of a Jimi Hendrix and the mass appeal of a Michael Jackson and The Beatles. He was one of the most important musical artists of the past 50 years. And easily one of the most brilliant.

The delegation of politicians who are supporting the resolution to award Prince the Congressional Gold medal include Senator Tina Smith along with representatives Jim Hagedorn, Angie Craig, Dean Phillips, Pete Stauber, Tom Emma, Betty McCollum, and Michelle Fishback along with Senator Amy Klobuchar and Representative Ilhan Omar. The delegation has argued the Prince is regarded as one of the greatest musicians of his generation. They have also give an example of the seven Grammy awards, six American Music awards and even the Oscar that he won for the score of the Purple Rain as to many of the reasons he has left a everlasting impression on popular culture. They have also argued that Prince is a member of the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame and that his film Purple Rain has been added to the library of Congress for preservation as part of the National Film Registry. In addition to all of that, Prince has sold over one hundred and fifty million records.

If Prince were to be awarded the Congressional Gold medal he would be in good Company. Former recipients of the Congressional Gold medal include Rosa Parks, President George Washington, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama and the Wright Brothers.

It’s pretty safe to say that when anybody mentions the State of Minnesota one can’t but help thinking about the artist Prince. There has never been a musical artist or even a pop-culture artist that represented the state of Minnesota and the city of Minneapolis like Prince. In his resolution representative Omar stated that “Prince not only changed the arc rock music history, he put Minneapolis on the map.”

In order for Prince to be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, the resolution must be passed by two thirds of the House of Representatives and Two Thirds of the Senate. In a Congress that is so deeply divided like it has never been before, it will be interesting to see how they vote on an issue that has nothing to do with politics. Hopefully politics will not be brought into it. If the resolution is passed by both the Senate and The House of Representatives, then the bill will be sent to the White House to be signed by the President of The United States for final approval to be signed into law.

The artist we all knew as Prince despite his attempt to be known for a while as The Artists Formerly Known as Prince will also have his Glyph symbol that Prince referred to as the Love Symbol put into the record under the legislation to award Prince the Congressional Gold Medal Award.

Prince passed away on April 21, 2016. It’s hard to believe that he has already been give for almost five years. Throughout his career Prince released thirty nine studio albums. He also released four live records. Of course there have been many compilations released and a continuing release schedule of  posthumous albums.

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