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Atreyu Songs

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Our top 10 Atreyu songs list presents the songs of a band famed for blending the metalcore sound with post-hardcore and alternative metal. The band was formed in 1998, having its original members give it the name Retribution. However, with a change in its lineup and music styling, the band rebranded itself to Atreyu, a name inspired by a character of the same name from a fantasy book, The Neverending Story by Michael Ende. A few months after its inception, Atreyu released its first EP Visions, which was marketed and sold at the band’s live shows. Soon after, the band released a sophomore EP, Fractures in the Façade of Your Porcelain Beauty. The EP was released under Tribunal Records, featuring songs that the band reworked for later releases.

Atreyu bagged a recording contract with Victory Records in 2001 and soon after, released its debut studio album, Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses (2002). Atreyu gained mainstream attention after the release of the music video of “Lip Gloss and Black,” which gained significant airplay. The band capitalized on the fame gained with the previous recordings, releasing its sophomore album The Curse (2004), which sold over four hundred and fifty thousand copies.

Later, Atreyu was featured on the soundtrack of the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith with “You Give Love a Bad Name,” a cover by Bon Jovi. The band was already a reputable act by the time it was releasing its third studio album, A Death-Grip on Yesterday (2006). This album saw several songs receive mainstream success. “Ex’s and Oh’s” from the album appeared on the soundtrack of the video game Madden NFL 07. Most of the songs in the album featured the vocal balancing of Varkatzas’ aggressive screams and Brandon’s melodic singing.

Atreyu signed a new recording contract with Hollywood Records, where they released Lead Sails Paper Anchor (2007). The album featured covers of songs by The Descendants and Faith No More. Atreyu went on tour alongside acts such as Bullet for My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, Blessthefall, and Mucc. A darker and heavier vibe would soon be seen with the band’s fifth studio album, Congregation of the Damned (2009). The album was produced by Bob Marlette, who has produced for Airbourne and Ozzy Osbourne.

The band went on hiatus in 2011 but was back with new music in 2014. Atreyu released the album Long Live in 2015, which peaked at number twenty-six on the Billboard 200. After another album release and multiple tours alongside acts like Whitechapel, Ice Nine Kills, and He Is Legend, vocalist Alex left the band in August 2020. This left Brandon Saller to concentrate on the vocal, with the bassist Marc McKnight taking on the growls. The band also added Kyle Rosa on the drums. With the new lineup, Atreyu released Baptize (2021). The band has maintained its metalcore sound blending it with post-hardcore, alternative metal, screamo, hard rock, and heavy metal elements. Here are the top 10 Atreyu songs from the band’s eight studio albums.

#10 – Storm to Pass

Ushering us to the top 10 Atreyu songs is the hit “Storm to Pass.” The song is featured on the band’s album Congregation of the Damned (2009). “Storm to Pass” alludes to vocalist Alex’s psychological mayhem and the unpredictable state of a world on the verge of extinction. He revealed this in an interview, calling “Storm to Pass” a song about depression and war. The song was partly inspired by his childhood memories of the first Iraq war and how everything turned to chaos within a short period.

#9 – The Theft

Atreyu collaborated with producer Josh Abraham in the release of a melodic hit, “The Theft,” featured on the band’s album A Death-Grip On Yesterday (2006). The song combines awe-inspiring clean vocals from Brandon and magnificent screams and growls from Alex Varkatzas. Some interpreted “The Theft” to be a song about the loss of Varkatzas’ freedom due to alcoholism he had got into at some point in his life. However, he denied this, having clean vocalist Brandon reveal that the song was partly (its bridge) inspired by Edward Scissorhands.

#8 – Do You Know Who You Are?

After several years in limbo, Atreyu came back with a bang releasing several songs for their sixth album, Long Live (2015). One of the catchiest songs from the album is the hit “Do You Know Who You Are?” The song features a stomp-clap beat which stands out from most instrumentals in other songs by the band. “Do You Know Who You Are?” channels a great and empowering message set to reveal to its listeners that we all have the ability to do anything we put our mind to.

#7 – Falling Down

While most of the best Atreyu songs primarily feature a metalcore sound and style, “Falling Down” differs slightly. “Falling Down” is featured on the band’s album, Lead Sails Paper Anchor (2007). The song contains elements of pop-punk, catching some of the band’s old school fans by surprise for its sound change and lack of screams and growls. However, all these didn’t stop the song from becoming a hit. “Falling Down” received some airplay, becoming the band’s highest-peaking song on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs Chart. It peaked at number five on the chart, a position only matched by Atreyu’s song “Becoming the Bull.”

#6 – Doomsday

Number six on our top 10 Atreyu songs is the hit “Doomsday.” The song also features on the band’s fourth studio album, Leads Sails Paper Anchor (2007). “Doomsday” has been used in the background of the X-Games TV commercial. The song brings the best of songwriting skills from Alex Varkatzas. Its transcendent riffs and energy-filled vocals makes it quite a unique metalcore hit worth mentioning on the top 10 Atreyu songs.

#5 – Lip Gloss and Black

Taking us back to Atreyu’s album, Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses (2002) is the song “Lip Gloss and Black.” The song is regarded by many as the band’s breakthrough ballad having it help Atreyu gain mainstream attention. Lead vocalist Alex revealed that the song draws from personal experiences he had with someone. In the song, the word ‘burn’ is a metaphor for true unadulterated passion. “Lip Gloss and Black” featured the lyrics “Live, Love, Burn, Die,” which became one of the most famous signature phrases by the band.

#4 – Right Side of the Bed

“Right Side of the Bed” is one of the best Atreyu songs from The Curse (2004). The song alludes to a man who was madly in love with a lady but realizes that she has been unfaithful. This leads to their breakup, something the lady doesn’t seem to appreciate. Each sob gives the guy a solid reason to walk away from the deceitful relationship.

#3 – Becoming the Bull

As earlier mentioned, “Becoming the Bull” and “Falling Down” are the band’s highest-charting songs on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart, peaking at number five. The song is also featured on the band’s album, Lead Sails Paper Anchor (2007). “Becoming the Bull” alludes to how one should take control of their life, not allowing people to trample over it. Thanks to its message that the song was used to promote the coverage of UFC by Spike TV network. The song was also featured on the video game, Madden NFL 08.

#2 – The Crimson

The Curse (2004) featured several reputable hits, including our number two song on the top ten Atreyu songs. “The Crimson” alludes to a vampire struggling with his nature, contemplating the chances of getting accepted by others. However, in-depth, the song is about the band’s then-lead singer, Alex, struggling with the person he had evolved to be.

#1- Ex’s and Oh’s

Number one on our top 10 Atreyu songs list is the rip-roaring hit “Ex’s and Oh’s.” The song was featured on the band’s third studio album, A Death-Grip On Yesterday (2006). Once again, Atreyu capitalizes on the personal experiences of vocalist Alex Varkatzas to bring out a relatable situation to the band’s audience. Specifically, the song alludes to Alex’s former addiction to alcohol. The song has since its release become one of the band’s most famous hits and a concert staple.

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