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Attila Songs

Our top 10 Attila songs list looks at the body of work of one of the most reputable twenty-first century metalcore acts. The band’s music career commenced in 2005, growing its fanbase slowly for the next five years. Attila’s successful days were ushered in after the band signed to Artery Recordings in 2015. Under Artery Recordings, Attila has released four successful albums.

The band later worked with SharpTone Records before self-releasing two LPs, Villain in 2019 and Closure in 2021. Over the years, Attila has been critiqued and lauded in equal measures, making it one of the most polarizing metalcore ensembles.

Attila’s Career Beginnings and Breakthrough

The metalcore scene was still burgeoning in the mid-2000s when Attila was incepted. Some of the successful ensembles that shared the spoils of the flourishing metalcore scene at this time include Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, and Atreyu. While Attila was formed in 2005, the band never received critical acclaim until 2010.

The band’s beginnings were tough to say the least. Attila’s first album was a self-released demo LP Fallacy, issued in 2007. The album only attracted the attention of Statik Factory, who signed the band imminently. Under the label, Attila released its 2008 LP Soundtrack to a Party. The album didn’t earn the band any mainstream success. However, it showcased the band’s potential to release music comparable to reputable acts such as Hatebreed, Slipknot, and Dark Tranquillity.

Attila received mainstream success after the release of its third LP, Rage, in 2010. This came after the band dropped Statik Factory for the newly formed record label Artery Recordings. Rage catapulted Attila to mainstream success, charting at number fifteen on the Billboard US Heatseekers chart. Thanks to the band’s musicianship and production by Stephan Hawkes, the album led the band to mainstream success. Rage is home to some of the best Attila songs, including “Temper” and “Rage.”

Artist’s Album Releases over the Years

While Attila’s breakthrough came with the LP Rage, the band saw better days in later album releases. Attila got to new heights after the release of its 2011 LP Outlawed. The album saw the band make its first entry on the Billboard 200, peaking at number eighty-seven. This time, Attila had its LP produced by Joey Sturgis. Joey has worked with other reputable artists, including Asking Alexandria, Emmure, Affiance, and Blessthefall. “Payback,” “Another Round,” and “Smokeout” are some of the best Attila songs from the LP.

Still under Artery Records, the band released its fifth LP, About That Life, in 2013. The album drew positive and negative reviews from songs critics. However, About That Life saw the band attain its best success on the Billboard 200, peaking at number twenty-two on the chart. “Shots for the Boys” and “About That Life” are some of the musical gems from the album.

Once more, Attila released another successful LP, Guilty Pleasure, in 2014. While the LP was still a success, it failed to outshine the band’s former album About That LifeGuilty Pleasure peaked at number fifty-four on the Billboard 200. “Proving Grounds,” “Rebel,” and “Hate Me” are some of the best Attila songs from the album.

Unfortunately, the successful time with Artery Recordings was over. However, the band didn’t show any signs of slowing down its successful run even after signing with SharpTone Records. Chaos, issued in 2016, was the only LP under SharpTone Records. The album peaked at the thirtieth spot on the Billboard 200. Chaos features some of the best Attila songs, including “Bulletproof,” “Public Apology,” and “Ignite.”

After three years without any LP release, Attila returned with Villain in 2019. Despite the LP being self-released, it rose to number twenty-one on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums chart. “Toxic,” “Pizza,” and “Bad Habits” are some of the best Attila songs from this LP. Attila later released its most recent LP Closure in 2021, which features great ballads including “Metalcore Manson” and “Clarity.”

Artist’s Accolades and Legacy

Attila has barely achieved much when it comes to musical accolades. However, the band remains one of the most reputable acts in the metalcore scene to date. Attila’s legacy in the music scene has been experienced further beyond the metalcore genre. The band has often blended its music with deathcore, nu-metal, nu metalcore, and rap metal elements.

Despite the controversies and polarizing persona by some of its band members, Attila’s fame has barely taken a plunge. Here we present our top 10 Attila songs list.

#10 – Clarity

Ushering us to the top 10 Attila songs list is the astounding hit “Clarity.” The band ended its radio silence with this massive hit in 2021 after a ten months hiatus since their last single release, “Cancelled.” “Clarity” finds the band exploring some new sonic spaces with its thick and energetic awe-inspiring guitar riffs.

The song’s lyrics find the band’s lead singer Chris Fronzak reiterating how most of us are out of touch in our perception of life. Attila spells out that life is a celebration which most of us will never be part of. This follows the divergent perceptions we all have about life. “Clarity” is featured on Attila’s most recent 2021 LP Closure.

#9 – Three 6

There was no better way to bring back Attila’s original heavy sound than releasing the heavy-sounding hit “Three 6” in October 2017. “Three 6” came as a perfect Halloween treat for the band’s fans at the time. The song was Attila’s first release since its LP Chaos, issued in 2016. In this song, the band takes a dig at Christianity after what seems to be a great analysis of the religion and the conduct of its believers by the band members.

“Three 6” finds the singer calling out the religion, citing its contradictory teachings. The singer also alludes to people who often exploit Christianity to invalidate the actions of others. While the band doesn’t seem to tell much about what they believe in, the singer advises that people should stop worrying about perfection and just be themselves.

#8 – Pizza

Few metalcore acts can take food as the center of their musical inspiration. While the song might seem to be about one of the world’s favorite foods, “Pizza,” the savory imagery tells more than just a meal. This song finds the singer painting his love for pizza in whatever form, except with the tropical fruit, pineapple.

The song’s interlude tells of a friend’s deception of “perfect pizza” by ordering one topped with pineapples. Through this, Attila paints an imagery about passion, love, and eventual betrayal in a perfectly poetic manner. “Pizza” is one of the musical gems penned by bassist Kalan Blehm and lead vocalist Chris Fronzak. The song is featured as a bonus track on Attila’s eighth LP, Villain.

#7 – Public Apology

After cutting ties with Artery Records, Attila believed that SharpTone Records would catapult its musical pursuits to the next level. Under the label, Attila released its seventh LP, Chaos, in 2016. “Public Apology” is one of the best Attila songs from the LP. At the start, the song feels like a heartfelt stream of apologies.

However, this soon changes to “no apology,” with the singer expressing his angst towards how the world has evolved to undesirable softness. The singer takes a dig at the human race for adapting to a new, overly sensitive generation. “Public Apology” was the band’s first release under SharpTone Records. The song features the US rap-rock act Hollywood Undead on the background vocals.

#6 – Shots for the Boys

Number six on our top 10 Attila songs is the high-spirited hit “Shots for the Boys.” The song is one of Attila’s best releases from the LP About That Life, issued in 2013. “Shots for the Boys” bring out the band’s perception that life is a celebration, as pointed out on our number ten song “Clarity.”

The song finds Attila go fully hedonistic, having its members invite some of its fans backstage. There, the band and its fans take drinks straight from the bottles. “Shots for the Boys” features some vicious vocals from Chris, which complement the heavy bass and energetic drums.

#5 – Rage

Attila first rose to fame after signing a recording contract with the newly formed Artery Recordings. Immediately, the band started working on Rage, the its third LP issued in 2010. Our number five track, “Rage,” is the album title track to Attila’s third LP. There is no doubt that Chris is a talented vocalist owing to his vocal diversity.

Rage has been described as one of the best party-influenced deathcore LPs. “Rage” alludes to how the band is throwing parties, something that its members find pleasurable. The guitar riffs on this song also stand out, thanks to the superb guitar skills by Chris Linck.

#4 – Rebel

“Rebel” is one of the best Attila songs from the band’s LP Guilty Pleasure. Guilty Pleasure was Attila’s last LP with Artery Recordings. “Rebel” is among the songs that helped the LP peak at the fifty-fourth position on the Billboard 200. The song finds the band reminding its fans to stick to their ambitions and even walk alone (if need be) to achieve their ambitious goals.

In this song, Fronzak tells the listeners to disobey, violate, escape, and/or disregard the rules if they come in their way to achieving their dreams. Once more, the band reminds its listeners to watch out for social and religious institutions, which are in some cases misleading (in the band’s perspective).

#3 – Payback

On the third spot of our top 10 Attila songs is the ravishing hit, “Payback.” The song is featured on Attila’s LP Outlawed, issued in 2011. “Payback” finds lead vocalist Fronzak slamming someone who betrayed him. As depicted in some of the best Attila songs, the band’s philosophy about life is not for any soft-hearted soul.

“Payback” finds the singer promising his vengeance to a friend who betrayed him. The singer promises his adversary that he will make love to his girlfriend in revenge for his betrayal. Bassist Chris Comrie provided backing vocals on this track.

#2 – Proving Grounds

“Proving Grounds” is a stunning rap-influenced metalcore ballad featured on the band’s LP Guilty Pleasure, issued in 2014. The song features poetic lyrics that leave its listeners contemplative about the human nature. Attila’s frontman Fronzak revealed that songs on the LP were among the heaviest releases by the band.

“Proving Grounds” finds the band blending some metalcore and nu metalcore elements to bring out the song’s unique sonic feel. The song’s lyrics bring out the band’s carefree attitude towards doubters. This follows people having an opinion about other people’s lives. 

#1 – About That Life

Number one on our top 10 Attila songs list is the grooving hit “About That Life.” The song is the album title track to Attila’s 2013 fifth LP. Lead vocalist Chris Fronzak revealed that the song pokes fun or rather, takes a dig at human beings obsessed with wealth.

While Attila’s view about life has drawn both praise and criticism to the band, “About That Life” is one of the songs many agree with. According to the band in this song, material things (especially money) don’t add up to much but failure if one gets obsessed with them. The song led the band towards achieving its best album ranking on the Billboard 200. About That Life peaked at number twenty-two on the Billboard 200 chart.

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