Top 10 J Cole Love Songs

J Cole Love Songs

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Our Top 10 J Cole Love Songs list looks at the love songs that J Cole recorded in his career. J Cole is best known for rapping. He does occasionally sing songs. You wouldn’t think he would record love songs, but he did. He added love songs to his catalog. He doesn’t sing typical love songs so that will keep him from your mind when you think about artists who record love songs. His love songs are about intimacy and attraction. He talks about real subjects. J Cole talks about women that stay on his mind all the time. His love songs give him a chance to show his softer side. You might not use his songs to walk down the aisle, but you might be able to use them at the reception. You may find yourself relating to his lyrics. Love doesn’t always happen the way it does in movies and romance novels. He gives you realistic lyrics about love. He makes you think when he talks about love in his songs. Our Top 10 J Cole Love Songs will feature his best love songs.

# 10 – Dreams ft. Brandon Hines

The first song on our Top 10 J Cole Love Songs list is “Dreams” from the album The Warm Up. The song has a hip-hop beat. J Cole opens up about having a crush on the woman of his “dreams.” He has feelings for her, and he wants to express them. She has taken control of his heart and he’s not used to feeling this way. He can’t get her as easily as he would like because she’s with someone else. He follows her to her place so he could see where she lives. He musters up the courage to talk to her. She informs him that she doesn’t like rap music and that she has a man.

This love from afar song is something that could happen to all of us. Most of us have been in love with someone who isn’t free to be with us. He takes the news well that she’s involved with someone else. He asks her if she could consider him if things don’t work out. He decides he needs to get some help. His song has a twist because he decides to kill the person she’s dating. This is something that you can see in a thriller. He wants to follow him around and take care of him. He wants to be the one that comforts her after he dies. He might sound like a stalker in this song, but he is proof that love will have you do strange things.

This isn’t your typical love song, but he expresses how he feels about the woman of his “dreams.” You probably won’t go after the other person in the way of your relationship, but you might understand why he wants to take the competition out of the picture. J Cole sounds sincere when he talks about how much he wants her and will do anything to make it happen.

# 9 – Feel Love – Sean Garrett ft J Cole

“Feel Love” appears on Sean Garrett’s album The Inkwell. The song has a hip-hop sound. This honest tale is about real love. He can talk about sex all day long, but he wants to talk about love. He wants to talk about the first time he fell in love. He’s happy to be in love and wants to share it with the world. He wants to express himself, but he doesn’t want to lose his street cred. He wants her to know how he feels, but he doesn’t want to keep her on a leash. He wants her to be free to do her own thing. He talks about cupid getting him, but he doesn’t want love to change him.

The infectious beat will have you dancing with your lover in no time. The beat is simple, but it’s enough to get you moving. Sean Garrett and J Cole tell a captivating story about being in love for the first time and not changing who you are to embrace the love. They wanted to do this track because they wanted to have a love song in their catalog. Sean Garrett wanted to do a song that wasn’t focused on sex. He wanted to focus on love. They wanted to talk about something that was missing in hip-hop. They wanted to shout out to everyone that they are in love. If you have feelings for someone and your worried about losing your swagger, this song is for you. You don’t have to lose yourself in order to fall in love. Sean Garrett does an excellent job singing the song. He sounds very convincing as he pours his heart out about the woman of his dreams. J Cole is along for the ride and his part is very good. He also stays true to the theme.

# 8 – All I Want Is You Miguel ft. J Cole

“All I Want Is You” is from Miguel’s album of the same name. The song has a hip-hop beat. The regretful song talks about a man who wants his old girlfriend back. He thought he wanted different women when he broke up with his ex. He dated several women in the past, but he found out none of them compared to her. He’s been miserable without her. He didn’t realize that no one compares to the one who got away. He wants to have her back. He believes no one is like the one who got away. He realizes that they aren’t anything like her. He can keep dating, but he’s not happy with them. He was only happy with the one who got away.

Have you wondered about the person you let get away? If you have, you know what Miguel and J Cole are missing in their lives. They have tried their best to move on to other women, but it didn’t do any good. They were still missing the women who got away. Most of us have regretted letting the one we love get away. Miguel and J Cole hit the nail on the head with this subject. This is a subject a lot of people can relate to. The hypnotic song will be in your head because it hits so close to home. They should record more songs together because they are a great team.

# 7 – Note to Self

“Note to Self” is from the album 2014 Forest Hills Drive. The song has a hip-hop beat. The sentimental song is about loving one another. He says that nothing else matters but love. If you have love, you have everything you will ever want or need in life. Love is important and you have nothing if you don’t have it. When your heart is filled with love nothing will ever bother you. You will face problems, but love makes it easier to deal with them. He doesn’t mind what’s going on in the world because he has someone who matters to him.

This track is different for J Cole. He slows things down with this track. The song opens with piano chords. The melody of the piano is similar to the Lionel Richie and Diana Ross song “Endless Love.” The song will command your attention from the moment the piano chords begin. This was a nice change of pace for him. He got the chance to lower the walls and show his vulnerable side. He sings in the song. He doesn’t rap in the song. He wants to take the listeners to church with meaningful lyrics. You believe him when he says that nothing else matters but love. He proves that you don’t have to talk about being intimate with someone in order to talk about love. The lyrics don’t specify that it’s a romantic relationship so he could be talking about loving family and friends.

# 6 – Foldin’ Clothes

“Foldin’ Clothes” is from his album 4 Your Eyez Only. The song has a hip-hop beat. The affectionate song is about a man who wants to do everything he can for the woman he loves. He wants to make life easier for his pregnant wife. He lets her know she’s the love of his life. She means everything to him. He will fold clothes for her to make her life easier. He wants to help her any way he can. One of the ways he shows how much he loves her is by doing chores for her. He wants to do laundry for her so she won’t have to do it.

There aren’t too many rappers who would record a song like this. Most rappers talk about what’s going on in the streets, hustling or about being with different women. J Cole went the extra mile. He decided to do a moving tribute to his wife. She was about to have their baby when he recorded this tribute to her. It’s romantic to have a guy be willing to do everything he can to make her life easier for her. He wants to show his love for her by making her life easier. The title is misleading because you would never know this song is a love song based on it. You will make your woman very happy if you play this song for her and do the things J Cole does for his wife.

# 5 – Power Trip ft. Miguel

The next song on our Top 10 J Cole Love Songs list is “Power Trip” from the album Born Sinner. The song has a hip-hop beat. The devotional song is about a man who has feelings for someone he used to love when he was a teenager. He used to have feelings for her when he was younger, but he realized the feelings didn’t change. He’s still in love with her. He is successful now and feels like he has everything. He goes back to his hometown and runs into her. He realizes that he’s still in love with her. He has everything he wants, but he doesn’t have her in his life.

The love anthem is about rekindling flames. His love for his ex has never wavered. He wants her in his life again. He hopes that she doesn’t have a man in her life. He prays that she’s single and free to be with him. He describes a realistic tale about someone who’s feelings never went away. He hopes that she still has feelings for him too. You may find yourself touched by the lyrics because they hit so close to home for you. J Cole and Miguel teamed up for this love song and we’re here for it. This isn’t your typical love ballad, but it will give you a chance to get close to the person you love.

# 4 – Crooked Smile ft TLC

“Crooked Smile” appears on the album Born Sinner. The track has a hip-hop sound. The meaningful song is about self-love. Love can be about many things. You can love another person, but it’s just as important to love yourself as it is to love someone else. J Cole talks about accepting yourself for who you are. He accepts the fact that he isn’t perfect. He appreciates himself for his shortcomings. He has been told to change things, but he refuses to do it. He believes he’s fine not being perfect. He also tells women that they are beautiful no matter how many flaws they have. He wants them to overcome their insecurities.

J Cole believes the woman he’s talking about is perfect the way she is. He doesn’t want her to listen to anyone who tells her that she’s not perfect. He loves her the way she is. He wants her to embrace how beautiful she is. The lyrics might bring a tear to your eye especially if you have been told that you weren’t perfect and needed to change. This song will let you know that you are perfect the way you are. J Cole included TLC on the jam, and it makes sense. They recorded a track with a similar theme. Their smash “Unpretty” has the same message behind it. They recorded an amazing song about self-love. If you are feeling down and don’t believe in yourself, you can listen to this song.

# 3 – She’s Mine Pt 1

“She’s Mine Pt 1” is from the album 4 Your Eyez Only. The song has a hip-hop beat. The passionate song is about the feeling he got when he first fell in love with someone. He was head over heels in love. He was hit with the thunderbolt. He’s totally enamored with her. J Cole talks about how he fell in love for the first time. He is willing to dry her eyes when she cries. He talks about how he feels like he’s in heaven when he watches her sleep. He wants to share the things that happen in his life with her. He never felt this way before. He wants to share all the bad things that happened in his life.

J Cole describes the feeling that you have when you are completely in love with someone. You want to share everything. You lose yourself in the person you love. Loving someone deeply is a powerful thing. The intimate song explains how it feels to fall deeply in love with someone like you never did before. J Cole tells the listeners that he never felt this way about anyone before. The music suits the song. The music makes it possible for J Cole to show his sensitive side. “She’s Mine Pt 1” isn’t your typical hip-hop song. It’s slow and soothing as if it were an r&b ballad.

# 2 – Déjà vu

“Déjà vu” is from the album 4 Your Eyez Only. The song has a hip-hop beat. The love at first sight song is about a guy who falls in love with a girl that he meets at a club. He wants to get the nerve to talk to her before she leaves. He’s admiring her from afar. He never believed in love at first sight before he saw the woman of his dreams. He was attracted to her immediately. He was hoping he would get together with her. He didn’t think she would fall for him because he was from a local town. He wanted to risk rejection and ask her out anyway.

The track is a deep and intimate portrait of what men go through when they are insecure about the way women feel about them. The song is relatable to any man who has had feelings for a woman and didn’t know how to approach her. J Cole lets you know that you aren’t alone. Listening to J Cole rap about the woman he wants to talk to might give you the courage to talk to the one you want. J Cole knows the right words to say to make everything you are feeling makes sense. If you didn’t realize what you were going through before, when you hear his music everything will click.

# 1 – Photograph

The number one song on our Top 10 J Cole Love Songs list is “Photograph” from the album KOD. The song has a hip-hop beat. The longing song is about a man who falls in love with a woman by looking at her picture. He saw her picture on social media, and he didn’t know anything about her. He fell in love with her picture. He fell for her beautiful face. His goal is to meet her one day. He feels like his attraction to her is messing with his mental health. Every time he sees her picture his heart jumps. He wants to make a life with her, but he knows other men are interested in her. He’s not someone who just wants to play around. He wants a genuine relationship with her.

“Photograph” tells a unique way of falling in love with someone. He takes a chance of falling in love with pictures on social media because she doesn’t have to be the person he thinks she is. She could have been lying about her identity. He takes a leap of faith falling for someone sight unseen. J Cole tells you that it’s okay to take a chance when it comes to love. If you adore someone from afar, this is the banger for you. Let J Cole rhyme to you about taking risks when it comes to love. This song is the perfect fit for people who love people from afar and want to get the chance to get to know them.

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