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Our Top 10 Lil Durk Songs list looks at a popular rapper, singer and songwriter. He has been in the music business since 2010. Lil Durk gained a following when he released his Signed to the Streets mixtape series. The mixtape series led to him getting a record deal. His first appearance on the Hot 100 charts was with the single “Viral Moment.” His other hits include “3 Headed Goat,” “The Voice,” “Back Door,” “I Know,” “No Label,” “Like Me,” “My Beyonce,” as well as others. Lil Durk was the lead member and founder of the record label Only the Family. He founded it in 2010.

Durk Derrick Banks was born October 19, 1992. He realized he wanted to be a rapper when he started to get a presence on Myspace and YouTube. Before he became famous, he had trouble with the law. In 2011, he decided to take his music career seriously. He considered rapping full-time. He wanted to pursue a career in music full-time after he released the singles “Sneak Dissin’” and “I’ma Hitta.” He was determined to get away from his troublesome life so he turned to music to help him. Lil Durk released several mixtapes before he released his studio albums.

Remember My Name came out in June 2015. The album peaked at number 14 on the Billboard 200 charts and number two on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. It features the singles “Like Me” and “What You Life Like.” Lil Durk 2X was released in July 2016. It peaked at number 29 on the Billboard 200 charts and number two on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. The album features the singles “My Beyonce,” “She Just Wanna,” “Money Walk” and “True.” Signed to the Streets 3 came out in November 2018. It peaked at number 17 on the Billboard 200 charts and number eight on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. It features the singles “I Know,” “Spin the Block,” “Downfall” and “Rockstar.” The album sold over 500,000 copies.

Love Songs 4 the Streets 2 dropped in August 2019. It peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 200 charts and number two on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. It features the singles “Like That,” “Bougie,” “Green Light” and “Extravagant.” Just Cause Y’all Waited 2 came out in May 2020. It peaked at number two on the Billboard 200 charts and the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. It features the singles “Turn Myself In,” “Chiraq Demons,” “All Love,” “Viral Moment,” “3 Headed Goat” and “Gucci Gucci.” The album sold over 500,000 copies. The Voice came out in December 2020. It peaked at number two on the Billboard 200 charts and number one on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. It features the singles “The Voice,” “Stay Down” and “Back Door. It sold over one million copies.

7220 dropped in March 2022. It peaked at number one on both charts. It features the singles “Broadway Girls,” “AHHH HA,” “Golden Child” and “Computer Murderers.” The album sold over one million copies. Almost Healed came out in May 2023. The album peaked at number 3 on the Billboard 200 and number one on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. It features the singles “All My Life” and “Pelle Coat.” He would go on to record other mixtapes and compilation albums. He also made appearances in other people’s singles.

Lil Durk had a tough road to stardom. He had personal struggles that led to an epiphany. He wanted to focus on his music instead of getting into trouble with the police. He made the right decision and hasn’t looked back since. He turns bad situations into good ones by drawing on his past to share his stories. Lil Durk has a lot of singles so we picked the ones we feel are worth checking out. Our Top 10 Lil Durk Songs list will focus on some of his best songs.

# 10 — The Voice

The 10th song on our Top 10 Lil Durk Songs list is “The Voice” from the album of the same name. “The Voice” was released in September 2020. This song talks about the pain and struggle he went through trying to become famous. In the first verse, he talks about going through pain alone. People were telling him that everyone changes, but he had to change alone. He had restless nights and he didn’t change his clothes.

The people who weren’t there for him were wrong. Nobody realized how tired he was. He was traumatized by it. He doesn’t want people to turn on him because he had enough going on. His people didn’t believe in him. He is supportive of the streets, but people didn’t believe in him. In the next verse, he talks about life on the street. He talks about the police, going to jail and losing his friends to violence. He reflects on his time in prison and how it affects someone’s mental health.

“The Voice” tells the story about LIl Durk’s road to fame. He dealt with a lot of problems along the way to getting famous. If you ever wondered what his life was like before the fame, this song gives you an inside look at it. He doesn’t hold back to keep the story safe. Lil Durk gives you all the gory details about his journey. His life wasn’t easy, but he persevered. He wouldn’t be the man he is today if he didn’t do the things he did in his past. What we like about the song is the fact that he doesn’t try to sugarcoat what happened to him.

He is open and honest about the way he was treated in life. This song may inspire people not to give up on life. The music for the song is intriguing. It has slick drum programming and excellent piano chords. The music is perfect for the theme. Lil Durk sounds vulnerable as he is rhyming about his life story. His flow is easy to follow. He sounds like he’s rap singing. He’s using AutoTune for parts of his vocals, but it doesn’t hurt the song. He doesn’t overdo it so it enhances his rhymes.

# 9 — I Know

The ninth song on our Top to Lil Durk Songs list is “I Know” from the Signed to the Streets 3 album. “I Know” was released in November 2018. The introspective song is about a man who questions the loyalty of his friends. He wants to know if they are going to be ride or die friends. He questions if they will die or kill for him. He wants to know if they will turn on him. Our narrator has been hurt in the past, but he remained loyal to the people around him. He wants the same loyalty in return.

He struggles to trust people because loyalty is hard to come by. The narrator talks about his time in jail. He thought his family abandoned him because they weren’t around when he needed them. His family doesn’t love him the way they say they do. He reflects on how the streets led him to prison. There are people who are desperate and do desperate things when pushed to their limit. He goes into further detail about his experiences with people who betrayed him.

“I Know” is a song about loyalty and trust issues. The protagonist longs for true loyalty and friendship in his life. This teaches you how hard it can be to establish relationships. It’s an eye opener to the importance of trust and loyalty among your family and friends. “I Know” touches on a lot of subjects. Lil Durk tells an interesting story about the things he’s gone through in his life. He surprisingly credits the people who hurt him for where he is today. He managed to talk about something positive while discussing something negative. Lil Durk makes you aware that people aren’t always loyal to you.

The lyrics are deep and meaningful. He makes you think about the people that are in your life. He may have you questioning the loyalty of the people who claim to care about you. The music is infectious. If you didn’t hear the lyrics, the song would sound like an r&b song. Once Lil Durk steps to the mic, it becomes a hip-hop track. He rap sings in the song just like he did in our previous entry. Lil Durk does an amazing job on this track. He makes you believe the story he’s telling. Even if you can’t relate to the story, you can sympathize with the protagonist.

# 8 — Love You Too ft. Kehlani

The eighth song on our Top 10 Lil Durk Songs list is “Love You Too.” The non-album single was released in 2020. This song is about a couple who wants to keep their relationship private from other people. They feel like outside forces are trying to break them up. They think other people’s negativity will bring them down. The song opens with the male protagonist telling his partner that they shouldn’t let the world know when they fight. He advises her not to tell the group chat or her friends. He’s convinced they would be happy to see her fail in her relationship. His heart is cold, but she heats it up. The male narrator feels like they heat things up when they are together.

Our female protagonist talks about never taking love for granted. People die before they experience this type of love. She thinks he’s real and knows the women from his past want him back. She thinks he deserves someone who will hold him down. Our female narrator knows his body so he doesn’t have to prove anything to her. He knows what he’s doing. He knows how to please her intimately.

The romantic song is about the importance of privacy in a relationship. It also talks about the love and connection between a couple in love. Most people would want privacy in their relationship because everyone is not a supporter. This track teaches you not to share so many details about your relationship because everyone isn’t your friend. The lyrics are like getting advice from a good friend. This song is different from the previous entries on our list because he’s not talking about his life in prison.

The song gives Lil Durk a chance to show off his softer side. He lets down the walls and expresses how much he loves his partner. He wrote heartfelt lyrics about the way he and his girlfriend are meant to be together. You will want to root for the couple to be happy together. The music is seductive. This is something that could be played in the bedroom with your lover. Lil Durk slows things down for this track. His rhymes are slowed down to keep up with the flow of the music. Kehlani delivers with her verse. Her voice shines like a diamond on this track. Their chemistry is electrifying. They worked very well together and should do more songs together.

# 7 — No Label

The seventh song on our list is “No Label” is a non album single that was released in January 2019. The song is about relationship problems one of his friends is dealing with. He takes on the role of the friend in the song. He talks about the drama the guy is dealing with because of a former relationship. The couple weren’t talking so he didn’t want her to reach out to him. When he was down and out she wasn’t there to lift him up. When he was down on his back she said he wasn’t rich enough. She refused to have sex with him. She was ungrateful and said he didn’t spend enough money on her. He was dealing with a lot and she said he didn’t have a heart. The protagonist didn’t want to open up to her so he kept her in the dark.

The partner was lurking on his social media page. She was writing to different women who sent messages to him. He thought she was going too far. He made sure she got to and from even though he didn’t have a car. She didn’t like the people he hung around. He says she’s Instagram famous, but she’s not a star. He tried to save her while other men tried to play her. He doesn’t want to be labeled as her friend, man or husband. As the song progresses, she throws herself at him. He has moved on with another woman and wants her to move on too. She doesn’t know that he was with other women while they were together. He lied to her about the different women he was seeing.

The song is very dramatic. He tells an interesting story about a toxic couple who have reached the end of their relationship. He refuses to get back together with her. The story is something you would see in a movie. The lyrics are about the difficulties people face in relationships. It is a complex story about a man who doesn’t want anything to do with a former lover. She didn’t appreciate him when she had him so now he’s done with her. This story will keep you interested until he is done.

This song isn’t about Lil Durk’s relationship. It’s about his friend’s toxic relationship. Lil Durk is such an amazing storyteller that you can forget the story isn’t about him. He makes it seem as if the story is about his relationship. You may find yourself cheering him on if you are in a toxic relationship with someone. The pumping beat will have you on the dance floor. The music is perfect for the club scene or if you just want to take a drive. The beat is sizzling hot. Speaking of sizzling hot, Lil Durk’s rhymes are smoking hot. You can picture everything as he raps about it.

# 6 — India

“India” is from the Signed to the Streets 2.5 album. “India” came out in 2017. It’s about a man who has genuine feelings for his girlfriend. He wanted to write a song about her. The narrator wants to do anything for and with her. He hasn’t been in a relationship in a long time so he doesn’t want to waste any time. She is different from the rest. He’s afraid to tell his friends that he’s in love because he’s shy.

They are both from the same place. He doesn’t ask her about her other guys. He knows other men don’t want him in her life. He warns her that she’s going to hear things about him that aren’t true. He discusses the things he likes about her. Our narrator doesn’t want to be with anyone else. He wants to be honest with her. He doesn’t hang out with his friends anymore. He doesn’t have to look for another woman because he’s found the one he wants.

In the next verse, he talks about her knowing that he wanted her. He doesn’t want to spend money on her because she’s used to people doing that. He wants to make her his wife, but his friends think he’s losing it. He’s going to convince her that he wants to be with her. She can have whatever she wants, but she wants to be with him. He doesn’t want to ask her about the men she used to date. She did go on social media about another man and it shocked him.He realized he had to improve himself in order to get her.

This sincere song tells a story about a man’s love for a woman. He is convinced that she is the one and is willing to do anything for her. The story is easy to follow. If you have ever been in love with someone and you are willing to do anything for them, this song will resonate with you. Lil Durk lets you know that you are not alone. He’s doing the same thing in the song. The song may encourage you to change for the person you love.

You may feel like he’s telling the story from your point of view instead of his point of view. The lyrics are tender and allow him to bring down the walls. The music is soft and slow which will allow you to focus on the lyrics. Lil Durk’s rapping in a higher octave. This song may have you feeling different emotions as you listen to him rap and sing. His timing is excellent with the music. He starts and ends each lyric in time with the beat changes.

# 5 — Like Me ft. Jeremih

The next song on our Top 10 Lil Durk Songs list is “Like Me” from the Remember My Name album. “Like Me” was released in March 2015. It’s a track about a man who talks about his sexual abilities in the bedroom. He talks about being the best man to please his partner. No one can please her the way he can. She is in love with him because of his ability to satisfy her. The narrator goes into detail about her not having experience with men like him. He believes he’s better than any other man she has been with in the past. He knows he pleases her sexually. He gets her whatever he wants. She doesn’t need anyone else because she has the best in him.

This is the type of song that builds up a man’s ego. Lil Durk believes he’s the best man for the woman in his life. Most rappers talk about their performance in the bedroom so this isn’t new territory. He sticks to the script of bragging about his sexual prowess. He sounds confident and has to be confident in order to pull off the subject matter. The song isn’t meant to be romantic because he’s not focusing on falling in love with her.

Lil Durk and Jeremih were an unexpected match made in heaven. Lil Durk’s no nonsense rhymes and Jeremih’s laid back vocal tone were just what the song needed to stand out. The lyrics are explicit so you may want to get the kids out of the room if you want to hear it. This song is for the grown and sexy crowd. You might want to keep this song on repeat because you may not want it to end.

# 4 — All Love

“All Love” is from the Just Cause Y’all Waited 2 album. The song was released in 2020. The track is about loyalty and brotherhood. He talks about how he loves and cares about his brothers. He will do anything to help his brothers out. He would send money to his brother if he needed it. The narrator said that people have to love his brothers if they are going to love him because it’s all of them or none of them. He talks about life in the streets. There are people out there who aren’t loyal to him. He’s the type of person who will trust people until they let him down. As the song continues, he emphasizes how important it is to stand by the ones you love. He will continue to be loyal to people who are loyal to him.

“All Love” is the type of song that Lil Durk is comfortable recording. He considers loyalty an important thing. He talks about loyalty often in his songs. In “All Love,” he expresses how he would do anything for the people he loves. If they are loyal to him, he will make difficult sacrifices for them. This is a message about being loyal to someone. We all want our friends to be loyal to us. Most of us are willing to do anything for the people who are loyal to us.

He’s been burned by people, but he still remains upbeat about loyalty. Lil Durk may have you thinking about the people in your life and how loyal they are to you. He keeps things positive by focusing on wanting to help people. The song will touch your soul if you have good friends in your life. Lil Durk does a remarkable job with his rhyming skills. He speeds up the lyrics so they are a little faster than some of the songs on our list. You may need to read the lyrics to keep up with him.

# 3 — All My Life ft. J. Cole

Coming in at number three is “All My Life” from the Almost Healed album. The song came out in May 2023. The reflective song is about their lives and successes in the music business. They deal with obstacles, but they refuse to let them stop them from making their dreams come true. The song starts with the narrator talking about people trying to keep him down. He never thought he would make it out of his hometown. His naysayers weren’t going to break him even though they kept trying to bring him down. He’s trying to change, but the media keeps trying to bring him down. The narrator can’t be blamed for things he did in the past. People said he would never be famous, but he knows he’s different. He is the voice, but the world doesn’t want to give him a chance.

Our next narrator talks about his life and how he made it out of a bad neighborhood with his head on straight. He talks about other people who have made better lives for themselves. He talks about other people who thought they had it all, but they didn’t. He notices that rappers are dying before they become famous. They have to die in order to become famous. The track is a reminder to be humble because you could lose everything in a minute. Lil Durk and J. Cole tell an authentic story about the ups and downs of fame.

No matter how hard you work, people will still criticize you. Despite the criticism, they continue to work hard on their craft. The song has a positive outlook. It teaches you that no matter how hard people try to bring you down, you can still succeed. You don’t have to let adversity bring you down. This track has raised awareness about the problems people face trying to get into the music industry. The lyrics will appeal to anyone who is trying to become successful in life and has to face obstacles to achieve that success. Lil Durk and J. Cole are a dynamic duo. They have been through a lot so this song is cathartic for them. It’s a cathartic song for anyone who is struggling to make a life for themselves.

# 2 — Broadway Girls ft. Morgan Wallen

“Broadway Girls” is from the 7220 album. The song was released in December 2021. The song is about what happens when you go to a bar at night. The narrator talks about meeting a girl at a bar. She saw him walking a mile away, She thought he was drunk and crazy, and didn’t like the way he danced. He let her know that she didn’t have to dance with him. She wanted to take a chance and dance with him. He has been crazy about her ever since then. He talks about “Broadway Girls” only loving you right now. The narrator believes he should have stayed home and stayed away from the “Broadway Girls.”

Our second narrator talks about “Broadway Girls” being a trap. They are trying to get together with him because of who he is and who he hangs out with. She follows him wherever he goes. She tried to downplay the fact that she knew him by saying she didn’t listen to his type of music. She’s treating him like he’s famous. She claims she doesn’t hang out with stars. As the song progresses, the narrators want to settle down with people, but they know they won’t do it. The women aren’t concerned with that.

The song will make you want to find out more about it. The title doesn’t give anything away. This is a creative way to talk about men who want to find the right woman for them. The lyrics will ring true for anyone who is trying to find the right person and keeps running into people who are using them for one reason or another. Lil Durk and Morgan Wallen are from different worlds, but they came together to create this masterpiece.

They proved they could exist in each others’ worlds. The music mixes both of their genres of music. Fans of country and hip hop are in for a treat. The music is electrifying. You will be hooked as soon as the beat drops. Lil Durk’s rhyming is on fire with this song. Morgan Wallen’s vocals are superb. They made magic happen with this song. It could have easily topped our list if we didn’t go with another song.

# 1 — My Beyonce ft. Dej Loaf

The number one song on our list is “My Beyonce” from the Lil Durk 2X album. The song was released in November 2015. It’s about a couple in love. He expresses his devotion for the woman he loves. He loves everything about her. She is his everything. As long as they are together, they can’t lose. People are confused by their relationship, but it works. She is his Beyonce. He knows she’s worth being in his life. He doesn’t want to hear about other guys she was with in the past. He’s not interested in her past because he has her now.

Our female narrator talks about having him where she wants him. She was plotting to get him and now she has him. She knows he has problems, but she better not be one of them. The narrator wanted him to leave his girl and be with her. She believes he will never go back to his ex-girlfriend. She heard things about him, but she doesn’t care about it. She hates when he’s gone so she stays in touch with him.

People don’t understand their relationship, but she doesn’t care. No one is going to come between them. She is so in love that she’s ready to change her last name. As the song moves forward, they talk about getting married and how they are each others’ ride or die. He talks about all the reasons why they are good for each other.

The devotional song is about a couple who adore each other so much that they are willing to get married. They compare themselves to Beyonce and Jay-Z. As fans of Lil Durk know, he thinks he’s the Chicago version of Jay-Z so it makes sense that he would consider her his Beyonce. Your curiosity will get the better of you when you see the title. You will have to play it to find out the significance of the song. The lyrics are sweet and romantic. It’s an urban love story that will hold your interest until the end of the track.

The track definitely deserves an A for creativity. The beat is captivating. The finger snaps will hook you as soon as they start. The beat will have you bopping your head in your seat. The music has a chill vibe. You can listen to this song while you’re spending time with the one you love. Lil Durk and Dej Loaf have great chemistry with each other. They work well together. This song is worth checking out and it may make you a fan of his music.

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