Top 10 Motionless In White Songs

Motionless In White Songs

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Our top ten Motionless In White songs list looks at a metal band whose music crosses across many musical genres while creating a very original sound. The band was formed in Pennsylvania in 2005. They recorded their first demo shortly afterwards that they distributed themselves. Then in 2007, they recorded and released their debut ep titled The Whorror. After writing more songs, what would have been their full length debut When Love Met Destruction was released in 2008. Due to complications with the recording process, it was released as an ep.

Their actual full length debut Creatures was released in 2010. The album was relatively successful and they toured to support it, during which time they had a couple of line-up changes. In 2012, they released their second album Infamous which was more successful than the first album and they would continue to embark on a string of successful tours to support it.

In 2014, Motionless In White announced the release of their third album through social media. It was later released in Septembers of that year and was titled Reincarnate. In 2016, they announced that they were to release their fourth album titled Graveyard Shift which was then later released in 2017. In 2018 vocalist Chris Motionless announced on his Instagram page that the band would be releasing their fifth album. It was later released a year later in 2019 titled Disguise. Chris has recently stated that they are working on a sixth album, but the recording has faced a delay due to the covid pandemic.

Motionless In White’s music is a mixture of metalcore, gothic rock and industrial metal. They are a band with a lot of horror themes in their lyrics. They are one of the more interesting bands in the modern metal scene who always progress and offer new things with each record. Here is a list of their ten best songs.

# 10 – America

Kicking off our top ten Motionless In White songs is this track taken from the band’s second album Infamous released in 2012. This track has often been compared to Marilyn Manson, specifically the material on his album The Golden Age of Grotesque. That is very easy to see, although the band do also have their own sound on the song.

# 9 – When Love Met Destruction

Next up is the title track of the band’s second ep released in 2009. Although it is an ep , it was initially a full length album and was recorded in 2008 with amateurish production values. There are currently only 1000 copies of the full length version that exist. They re-recorded six of the songs on the record after being looked at by a bigger record label, Tragic Hero Records.

# 8 – Another Life

Next is a song from Motionless’s most recent album Disguise released in 2019. Lyrically, the song is a prequel to a song featured on the previous album titled Graveyard Shift called “Eternally Yours “and talks about two people who meet and fall in love in the afterlife. A music video was produced for it to promote its release as a single.

# 7 – Voices

Our next track on the list the sixth and final single taken from the band’s fourth album Graveyard Shift released in 2017. The song is about hearing voices in your head and suffering from mental health issues. A music video for it was produced and portrayed the lyrical content with the band members fighting with all of their own multiple personalities.

# 6 -Abigail

Ending the first half of this list is the lead single taken from the band’s first album Creatures which is dedicated to their fans, as they had built up a strong following with their two ep’s. Along with the three other singles on the record, this had a music video produced for it. The album received positive critical reviews and got to number six on the Billboard Heatseeker chart.

# 5 – Devil’s Night

Kicking off the second half of this list, we have another song taken from Infamous which is very reminiscent of Slipknot and was the first single to be taken from the record. The album differed a lot from the metalcore sound of the first record and was much more diverse, taking influence from a lot of gothic and industrial bands. It was a move that gained the album a positive reception and it charted well, getting to number fifty-three on the Billboard 200.

# 4 – Reincarnate

Here we have the title track and lead single from the third album released in 2014. The album went back to the style of the first record somewhat, being more aggressive and straightforward than the second album. This proved to be not an unwise move, as the album received a positive critical response like the first two. It also outdid the previous two records in terms of commercial success, getting to number nine on the Billboard 200.

# 3 – Necessary Evil

At number three is this song featuring Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis that is taken from Graveyard Shift. Stylistically, the song is rather reminiscent of Korn. A music video for it was also produced. It was the fifth single to be released from the album which got to number twenty-seven on the Billboard 200 and was met with positive reviews from music critics.

# 2 – Disguise

Just off the top spot is the title and opening track from Motionless In White’s fifth album. It was also the first single to be lifted from the record. It was the band’s second album to be released on a major label. The album had a more mixed critical reception than all of the previous records, but still did well commercially, reaching number twenty-seven on the Billboard 200.

# 1 – Death March

Topping this Motionless In White is this song taken from Reincarnate. It is the album’s opening track and is the best opening track of any of Motionless In White’s albums. It is very Marilyn Manson esque with frontman Chris Motionless’s vocals having a particular resemblance to the gothic rock singer. Its heavy use of keyboards show that this is a song that really shows how diverse Motionless In White are as a band.

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