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Tremonti Songs

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Over the course of an incredible music career with chart-topping bands such as Creed and Alter Bridge, Mark Tremonti has never been shy of displaying his love for writing memorable songs with meaningful lyrics. He is the founder and lead vocalist, and guitarist for Tremonti. The band, which started as a solo project for Mark Tremonti, has made huge strides to a fully-fledged band that features Mark Tremonti, Eric Friedman, the rhythm guitarist, and Ryan Benett, the drummer. The band’s first album, All I Am, was released in 2012 with the track “You Waste Your Time” as the lead single from the album.

The song was an instant hit, and it peaked at position ten on the iTunes Rock Songs Chart, just one day after it was released. This marked a huge milestone for the band, and in July 2012, the band played in their first concert in Orlando, Florida. After a brief regroup with former band Alter Bridge in 2013, Mark Tremonti began work on the band’s second album with Wolfgang Van Halen as the bassist. The band later released the song “Radicle Change,” which was followed by the release of their second album, Cauterize. The band has released a total of five albums, including the 2021 album, Marching In Time.

With such an incredible musical career, here are the top 10 Tremonti band songs.

# 10 – Wish You Well

Starting us off in the tenth position is a song from Tremonti’s 2012 album All I Was. As much creepy as the intro of this song sounds, I find it to be so cool. According to Mark, “Wish You Well” is one of his oldest tracks since he wrote it when he was a kid. It’s amazing to know how good a lyricist Mark was from a young age. “Wish You Well” is a great song with impressive drums, vocals, and bass.

# 9 – Flying Monkeys

“Flying Monkeys” is the second single from Tremonti’s 2015 album Cauterize. You should see the band perform this song live. The vocal range is incredible, and Mark barely struggles in that department. “Flying Monkeys” is one of my most favorite tracks from the album. Mark’s riff inspired the song’s name during soundcheck, and it felt like the flying monkeys scene from the movie The Wizard of Oz.

# 8  – The Things I’ve Seen

In this song, Mark Tremonti sings about the dark side of the music industry. “The Things I’ve Seen” is the fifth song from the album, All I Was. Surprisingly, this track almost missed the cut to be in the album. However, it turned out to be one of Tremonti’s favorite songs from the album.

# 7 – Marching In Time

Tremonti’s 2021 album, Marching In Time, was a reflection of the current society that we live in. “Marching In Time” is the final track from the hit album, and it tells a tale of a father who has a son during the global pandemic and how he goes on with his life during that time. The song’s inspiration comes from Mark’s own real-life experiences throughout the global pandemic. The drums in this song are epic, and the guitar solo towards the end of the song will give you the chills.

# 6 – If Not For You

If you want to listen to a song that has shown the evolution of Tremonti Sound as a band, then you don’t have to look further. “If Not For You” is the third track from the band’s latest album, “Marching In Time.” The song, which is guaranteed to become a favorite among the band’s fans, runs for slightly above four minutes. In the song, you will realize how much Mark’s vocals have evolved to a thing of beauty. The song’s lyrics and instrumentals are quite amazing and will make you want to listen to the song more every time you hear it.

# 5 -Leave It Alone

I’ve always appreciated Mark’s talent on the guitar and this song proves just how good he is on the guitar. “Leave It Alone” lyrics are powerful and talk about a person who is fed up with a relationship and wants to move on even though they feel that it’s not their fault that the relationship is not working. The track is contained on Tremonti’s debut album, All I Was.

# 4 – Another Heart

It’s amazing how every angle Tremonti riff becomes instantly memorable. “Another Heart” is a brutal song with amazing vocals that are natural and smooth flowing. The track is contained in the band’s second studio album, Cauterize, which was released in 2015. Cauterize is notable for being the first album to feature Wolfgang van Halen as the band’s bassist following the departure of Brian Marshall.

# 3 – Radical Change

“Radical Change” is the first song from Tremonti’s second studio album, Cauterize. The song, whose lyrics were written by Mark, reveals the uncertainties that Mark faced after his former band, Creed, fell apart in 2004. The song features a high-speed metal drum solo at the beginning, and you can feel Mark’s emotions throughout the fantastic song.

# 2 – Dust

Narrowly mission out on top spot is my favorite song from Tremonti’s 2016 album, Dust. “Dust” is one of the most emotional songs from the album, and it is about someone you care about losing confidence in you and walking away from you. Apart from the catchy chorus and the amazing melodies, I also love the fact that the song is quite easy to relate to.

# 1 – You Waste Your Time

The top song in our list of the greatest Tremonti Band song was the first song that the band released by Mark Tremonti after his departure from Creed and Alter Bridge. The song, whose music video was released on 17th May 2012, received numerous positive reviews from critics for its speed metal style. The song marked a significant milestone in Mark Tremonti’s musical career, and it cemented his place as one of heavy metal’s greatest guitarists ever. The song peaked at position 28 on the Billboard US Mainstream Rock and is arguably the band’s greatest and most powerful song.

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