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Seal Songs

Our top 10 Seal songs lists look at the body of work of an award-winning R&B and soul British singer renowned for his divine songwriting skills and poignant vocals. Born in 1963, Seal started his music career when he was twenty-four years old. His toddler steps in the music industry were marked by his tour to Japan with the funk ensemble Push. Seal rose to fame as a featured artist in Adamski’s breakthrough hit “Killer.” The artist launched his solo career a year later and has since then become one of the most reputable British artists of the ‘90s.

Seal’s Career Beginnings and Breakthrough

The original 1990 version of “Killer” catapulted Seal to popularity despite not being Adamski’s song. Its success prompted Seal to launch his solo career in 1991. Seal signed a recording deal with ZTT Records, which was once home to reputable artists, including Art of Noise, 808 State, The Frames, and Tom Jones. Under ZTT Records, Seal released his eponymous debut LP, home to his version of “Killer.”

Seal featured other best Seal songs, including “Violet,” “Future Love Paradise,” and “Crazy.” The album catapulted Seal to mainstream success and a breakthrough in his solo career after topping the UK Albums chart. On the Billboard 200, Seal managed position twenty-seven. The album was Platinum certified in the UK, Canada, and the US, receiving a Gold certification in seven extra nations. Seal stole the show during the 1992 Brit Awards after walking away with the Best British Album accolade.

Seal’s Album Releases over the Years

After a successful career start, Seal was ready to keep his fanbase entertained with new releases. Seal released another eponymous LP (usually referred to as Seal II) in 1994. The album also catapulted Seal to mainstream and commercial success. Seal II was Platinum certified in Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and the US. The album also managed to rise to number one on the UK Albums chart, peaking at number fifteen on the Billboard 200. Seal II is home to the most reputable Seal song, “Kiss from a Rose.”

Seal took on soul and pop influences on his 1998 third studio LP Human BeingHuman Being failed to match the success seen with Seal’s debut and sophomore LPs. The album was certified Gold in the US after selling just five hundred thousand copies. Human Beings managed position forty-four on the UK Albums and the twenty-second spot on the Billboard 200.

In 2001, Seal was set to release his fourth studio album, Togetherland. However, the intentions were suspended after the singer failed to approve its quality. “This Could Be Heaven” was the only Seal song to ever be released commercially from the scrapped album. Two years later, Seal released his fourth official LP, Seal IV.

The album attempted to take Seal back to his successful days, peaking at number one on the Swiss Albums Chart. Seal IV managed the third and fourth spots on the Billboard 200 and UK Albums charts, respectively. The album was Platinum certified in Austria, France, Germany, and Switzerland. It also managed a Gold certification in the US, Canada, Portugal, and Sweden. “Get It Together,” “Waiting for You,” and “Love’s Divine” are some of the best Seal songs from Seal IV.

In 2007, Seal returned with his fifth studio album, SystemSystem failed to create much buzz in the R&B and soul scenes, only selling a few thousand copies. The album only managed number thirty-seven on the UK Albums chart and thirty-five on the Billboard 200. “Amazing” and “The Right Life” are the best Seal songs from the LP.

Seal tried to rekindle the spark in his musical career by releasing his sixth LP, SoulSoul blends Seal’s usual soul and R&B sonic vibes, delivering the star’s first number one album on the French Albums Chart. The album also managed the twelfth and thirteenth spot on the UK Albums and Billboard 200 chart. Some of the musical gems from this cover album include a cover of Sam Cooke’s hit “A Change is Gonna Come,” and a cover of Ann Pebbles’ hit “I Can’t Stand the Rain.”

In September 2010, Seal released his seventh LP, Seal 6: Commitment. Once again, the album was a success in France, where it was Platinum certified. The album managed the eleventh and thirty-first spot on the UK Albums and Billboard 200 charts, respectively. “Secret” and “Weight of My Mistakes” are among the best Seal songs from the album.

Seal issued his eighth LP Soul 2 in 2011, having it preceded by its lead track “Let’s Stay Together.” Soul 2 was a success, rising to number one on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. It also managed position eight on the Billboard 200 and number seventeen on the UK Albums chart.

7, issued in 215, is a soul and R&B-influenced album by Seal. The album marked Seal’s ninth studio album. 7 rose to number one on the UK R&B chart and forty-fifth on the Billboard 200. “Do You Ever” and “Every Time I’m with You” are some of the best Seal songs from the album.

In 2017, Seal issued his most recent album, Standards. While most of his albums featured some soul, neo-soul, and R&B-influenced sonic vibes, Standards saw him shift to some Jazz and swing. The album featured some reputable Seal songs, including “Luck Be a Lady” and “It Was a Very Good Year.” Standards peaked at number seventeen on the UK Albums chart.

Seal’s Other Musical Pursuits

Seal was among the artists featured on the 1993 tribute album to Jimi HendrixStone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix. The singer teamed up with Jeff Beck in performing “Manic Depression,” a Jimi Hendrix hit from the 1967 LP, Are You Experienced. Other artists featured on the tribute album included Body Count, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Pretenders, Nigel Kennedy, and Living Colour.

The singer also contributed vocals to the Grammy Award-winning cover hit “Imagine,” released for Herbie Hancock’s LP The Imagine Project. Seal was featured as a vocal coach for the singing competition The Voice in 2012 and a guest judge in America’s Got Talent in 2017.

Seal’s Accolades and Legacy

Thanks to his outstanding music career, the British star has quite a huge catalog of awards to showcase. His first accolades came through during the 1992 Brit Awards, where he scooped several awards. The awards included the Best British Album for his debut LP Seal and the British Male Solo Artist, beating Phil Collins, Elton John, Van Morrison, George Michael, and Kenny Thomas. Seal also received the Brit Award for the British Video of the Year, credit to his cover version of “Killer.”

His songs “Prayer for the Dying” and “Kiss from a Rose” won the Award-Winning Songs accolade in the 1996 BMI Pop Awards. Seal won a Grammy Award in the Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals category for his contribution to the song “Imagine” released for the 2010 Herbie Hancock LP, The Imagine Project. His song “Kiss from a Rose” won three Grammy Awards in the 1996 ceremony.

Seal has been nominated for several other accolades making his mark in the R&B and soul music scene. His songwriting skills have also seen two Ivor Novello Awards conferred to him. Here we present the best Seal songs of all time.

#10 – Secret

Ushering us to the top 10 Seal songs list is the phenomenal hit “Secret.” The song is one of his best releases from the 2010 LP Seal 6: Commitment. This was the album’s first single penned singlehandedly by Seal. Seal released “Secret” when he felt so committed to family life as a husband and dad.

The British singer is the husband to supermodel Heidi Klum, with whom they have four kids. Seal revealed that one of the song’s verses alludes to their firstborn, Lenni. “Secret” managed to rise to number eighty-two on the UK charts.

#9 – Waiting for You

“Waiting for You” is among the best Seal songs released on the singer’s fourth LP, Seal IV. Unlike most of Seal’s reputable releases, “Waiting for You” falls under the pop and adult contemporary genres. Most of the best Seal songs have been classified as either soul, neo-soul, or R&B.

The song finds Seal in praise of his significant other, telling how she completes him. While the singer might have received attention from others, he believes that there is only one special woman who can make him feel like the king he should be. “Waiting for You” topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. It also rose to number eighty and eighty-nine on the UK Singles Chart and Billboard Hot 100.

#8 – Amazing

Despite System being the lowest-selling LP by the British singer, it featured our eighth track on the ten best Seal songs of all time. “Amazing” is an energetic ballad that critics have described as an instant mood lifter. The song serves as the lead track to Seal’s fifth LP System.

While the song failed to rise to the Billboard Hot 100, it managed to top the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. The song was successful in Seal’s homeland, peaking at number seventy-four on the UK Singles Chart. “Amazing” was used as the theme song in the reality TV series Germany’s Next Topmodel. The song saw Seal receive a nomination in the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance category in 2008. However, it lost the award to “What Goes Around… Comes Around” by Justin Timberlake.

#7 – Killer

“Killer” is the first song that ushered in Seal to popularity. Initially, the song was released by Adamski in 1990, with Seal appearing as a featured artist on the vocals. The song flew Adamski and Seal to mainstream success after it topped the UK Singles Chart.

Later in 1991, Seal covered the song, featuring his version on his eponymous debut album. His version rose to number one hundred on the Billboard Hot 100 and eighth on the UK Singles Chart. “Killer” was also covered by George Michael, ATB, Sugababes, Nina Hagen, and Angel Dust. Seal’s version saw the singer awarded the 1992 Brits Awards accolade for the British Video of the Year.

#6 – Don’t Cry

Number six on our top 10 Seal songs is the splendid hit “Don’t Cry.” The song finds Seal unleashing the best of his emotive and soulful vocals. “Don’t Cry” is among the lyrical gems released by the British singer Seal.

The song’s success is also credited to the incredible work by producer Trevor Horn. “Don’t Cry” peaked at number thirty-three on the Billboard Hot 100. On the UK Singles chart, “Don’t Cry” managed position fifty-one. The song is among the musical gems from Seal’s sophomore LP, Seal II.

#5 – Love’s Divine

On the fifth spot, we have the breath-taking hit “Love’s Divine.” “Love Divine” is one of the best Seal songs from the LP Seal IV. Sealhenry Samuel and Mark Batson penned the song. Thanks to its emotive lyrics and awe-inspiring vocal delivery by Seal that “Love’s Divine” achieved immense success.

“Love’s Divine” topped the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, rising to number sixty-eight on the UK Singles Chart. On the Billboard Hot 100, “Love’s Divine” peaked at number seventy-nine. The song’s lyrics allude to the state of hopelessness and despair followed by the desire for love after realizing that it is the most fundamental feeling in any human’s life.

#4 – Prayer for the Dying

“Prayer for the Dying” is one of the best Seal songs issued on his sophomore LP Seal II. Seal and his guitarist Gus Isidore penned the song. Critics have lauded “Prayer for the Dying” for its magnificent arrangement and Seal’s impressive vocals.

Seal revealed that he was inspired to pen the song after several run-ins with death. The singer also revealed that his encounters made him more courageous when facing his fears. “Prayer for the Dying” reached number fourteen on the UK Singles Chart and number twenty-one on the Billboard Hot 100.

#3 – Fly Like an Eagle

Our third song on the ten best Seal songs is the marvelous cover hit “Fly Like an Eagle.” “Fly Like an Eagle” was initially released by Steve Miller in 1976 on his ninth LP Fly Like an Eagle. His version peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100.

Seal covered the song in 1996, issuing his version for the soundtrack to the 1996 comedy film Space Jam. The chorus to his version samples the hit “Space Intro” by Steve Miller. Seal’s version rose to the tenth spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Other artists who covered the song include Biz Markie, The Neville Brothers, and Yolanda Adams.

#2- Crazy

“Crazy” is an exquisite hit from Seal’s eponymous debut LP. The song helped Seal build his reputation as an up-and-coming artist in the US after becoming a popular soul and R&B star in the UK. Seal teamed up with Guy Sigsworth in penning the lyrics to the song inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Chinese June Fourth Incident also inspired the song’s lyrics.

“Crazy” topped the Eurochart Hot 100, reaching the peak position in Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland. The song rose to the second spot on the UK Singles Chart and seventh on the Billboard Hot 100. “Crazy” was later covered by Talisman, Iron Savior, Alanis Morissette, Mushroomhead, Me First, and the Gimme Gimmes.

#1- Kiss From A Rose

Number one on our top 10 Seal songs list is the charming hit “Kiss from a Rose.” The song is the greatest and most reputable song on Seal’s sophomore LP, Seal II. “Kiss from a Rose” is a lyrical gem penned by Seal and produced by Trevor Horn, who is also known for his musical impact with Yes, Buggles, and Art of Noise.

The beauty of the song lives especially with the fact that Seal never revealed fully what the song is about. However, he stated that the song was inspired by “some kind of relationship.” “Kiss from a Rose” was Platinum certified in the UK and Gold certified in the US after its sales hit the five hundred thousand mark in both nations.

The song rose managed to rise to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. On the UK Singles Chart, “Kiss from a Rose” peaked at number four. The song was covered by Northern Kings, Becca Stevens Band, and Straight No Chaser. In 1996, “Kiss from a Rose” won three Grammy Awards.

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