Top 10 Todd Rundgren Cover Songs

Todd Rundgren Cover Songs

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Our Top 10 Todd Rundgren covers songs list takes a look at some of the best cover versions Todd Rundgren has released of other artist’s songs. Todd Rundgren is one of our favorite artist’s here at How could he not be? He is one of the most important voices in classic rock history from both the angles of a songwriter musician and record producer. He’s been involved in so many of the greatest rock albums of all time from Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell to Grand Funk’s We’re an American Band to his work with his band Utopia and all his magnificent solo albums. If we were to make a list of the top 10 geniuses of rock ‘n’ roll history, Todd Rundgren would certainly be in there.

We have published many articles on the work of Todd Rundgren on Our most recent article on Todd Rundgren looked at Todd Rundgren songs that other artists covered. This article will turn the tables on our last article and look at other artists songs covered by Todd Rundgren. Did you get all that? Well the list below will clear it all up. We hope you enjoy checking out these great Todd Rundgren cover songs. It was a great deal of fu putting this one together as there were so many great Todd Rundgren covers songs to choose from.

This list will also include cover songs Todd Rundgren recorded with his bands Nazz and Utopia.

# 10 – Rain – The Beatles

We open up our top 10 Todd Rundgren Cover Songs list with a classic cover of The Beatles song “Rain.” Everyone has to cover a Beatle songs at least once in their career. The Beatles are the most covered band in the story of classic rock. Todd Rundgren recorded a nice straightforward organic sounding cover version of “Rain,” on his album Faithful. Todd Rundgren’s Faithful album was released in 1976. The entire opening side was dedicated to what Todd Rundgren called Faithful renditions of some legendary classic rock songs from The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Yardbirds, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan. Side two of the album was dedicated to Todd Rundgren originals.

# 9 -What’s Going On / Mercy Mercy Me / I Want You

Continuing with our top 10 Todd Rundgren Cover Songs list we take a listen to the great Marvin Gaye medley called What’s Going On / Mercy Mercy Me / I Want You. The man has so much soul in his heart and voice. Just listen to Todd Sing these legendary songs. It cuts right through you. Want proof of what a genuine musical artists Todd Rundgren is just listen to this baby. This medley has been released multiple times on various Todd Rundgren live albums. The video below is from Live at Riviera Theater, Chicago, 1991.

# 8 – Kicks

In the number eight spot on our top 10 Todd Rundgren Cover Songs list we present the song entitled “Kicks.” This great cover version was done when Todd Rundgren was with his fantastic band called Nazz. The song “Kicks,” was a cover of the classic Paul Revere & The Raiders song. The song was written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil) The Nazz cover song was released on the bands third album entitled Nazz III. Todd left the group just before the album was released. We love how they sing “sock it to me,” at the end of the song. Goldie Hawn would be proud.

# 7 – Hello I Love You

In the number seven position on our top 10 Todd Rundgren Cover Songs list is the song entitled “Hello I Love You.” This one is pretty rare. The song was released on an album by ex-Utopia member Jean Yves “M. Frog” Labat. This is a stuung raw and intense version. It’s a shame this one has sort of gotten lost over the years. The song was originally recorded and released by The Doors in 1968 on the Waiting for the Sun album.

# 6 -Tin Soldier

Landing in the number six spot on our top 10 Todd Rundgren Cover Songs list we present the song Tin Soldier. The song was released on the great Todd Rundgren album titled The song was released on the album entitled The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect. It was a highly successful album for Todd as it spawned one of the biggest hits of his career with “Bang The Drum All Day.” Nonetheless the songs here is a great rocking cover version of the Small Faces song “Tin Soldier.” The song was written by Ronnie Lane and Steve Marriott. It was originally released in 1967. Todd’s version was issued in 1982.

# 5 – Prime Time

At the halfway point on our top 10 Todd Rundgren Cover Songs list is the song entitled Prime Time. One of classic Rock’s most underrated band was the Tubes. Todd Rundgren produced the band and does an electronic cover version of one of the group’s most popular songs called “Prime Time.” The cover version was issued on the album entitled (re)Production  The album was released in 2011. The entire album was filled with cover versions of songs that Todd Rundgren had produced with various artists. All the cover versions are done electronically.

# 4 – For The Love Of Money

At the number four spot on our top 10 Todd Rundgren Cover Songs list we present the song entitled “For The Love Of Money.”  The song was recorded by Todd Rundgren’s superb band Utopia. The cover version done by Utopia was released on the Utopia album entitled Swing To The Right. “For The Love Of Money” was composed by Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff, and Anthony Jackson. The classic version of the song was originally done by The O’Jays.  

# 3 – Anyway Anyhow Anywhere

Rocking along on our top 10 Todd Rundgren Cover Songs list we present the song entitled ” Anyway Anyhow Anywhere. Todd Rundgren does a scorching version of this legendary rocker by The Who. Todd Rundgren sings this one with a ferocious intensity that pays great tribute to the music of The Who which was the main reason behind the recording as it was released on a Who tribute album.

# 2 – Good Vibrations

Just of the top spot on our top 10 Todd Rundgren Cover Songs list we return one more time to the classic Faithful album. It was tough to choose which song from this memorable record to include on our list since the entire A side is just so good. We always loved what Todd Rundgren did with the vocals on his cover of The Beach Boys “Good Vibrations.” It was pretty daring to cover what is considered The Beach Boys greatest recording. Todd Rundgren and his out of this world voice pulled it off in stunning fashion.

# 1 – I’m so Proud / Ooh Baby Baby / La La Means I Love You / I Saw the Light

We wrap up our top 10 Todd Rundgren Cover Songs list with the amazing medley of songs that further presents Todd Rundgren’s gift for singsing r&b music. At the heart of all great rock and roll is soul and blues. Todd Rundgren understands that as well as anyone. This amazing medley was released on one of our favourite Todd Rundgren albums entitled Back To The Bars. It was a two record set released in 1978.


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