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Ty Dollar $ign Songs

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Our Top 10 Ty Dolla $ign Songs list looks at a popular singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer. Ty Dolla $ign has been in the music business since 2004. The singer does a combination of r&b and hip-hop music. Ty Dolla $ign doesn’t consider himself a rapper. He can do bars, but he considers himself a singer. He gained attention when he appeared in YG’s song “Tooted and Booted.” He is known for his songs “Paranoid,” “Or Nah,” “Blasé,” “Work from Home,” “Swalla,” “Hot Girl Summer” and “Psycho.” “Psycho” is Ty Dolla $ign’s first number one single. The singer has written songs for other artists. He has written songs for Chris Brown, Post Malone, Rihanna, Omarion, Kanye West, Drake, Teyanna Taylor, Beyonce, Jay-Z, YG, 6lack, as well as others. His musical influences are Nate Dogg, Chris Brown, Tupac, Kim Burrell, Brandy and Prince. He patterns his career after Prince because he plays different instruments and sings.

Tyrone William Griffin Jr was born April 13, 1982. He is the son of musician Tyrone Griffin who was in the band Lakeside. Ty Dolla $ign met Earth, Wind & Fire and Prince through his father which is what led him to be interested in soul music. The singer began his music career by learning how to play the bass guitar. He also learned how to play the guitar, keyboard and drums. He started writing songs with a writing partner named Kory in 2004. They signed a record deal and released a couple of mixtapes. They appeared in other artists’ songs. The duo eventually had a falling out and parted ways. Ty Dolla $ign went on to work with YG and they released the single “Tooted and Booted.”

Ty Dolla $ign released his EP Beach House in January 2014. It peaked at number 51 on the Billboard 200 charts and number 13 on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. It features the singles “Paranoid” and “Or Nah.” Ty Dolla $ign released Talk About It in the Morning with Wiz Khalifa. Talk About It in the Morning was released in March 2015. The singles are “Judge It,” “Refresh” and “Say No More.”

Free TC came out in November 2015. The album peaked at number 14 on the Billboard 200 charts and number four on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. It features the singles “Only Right,” “Blasé,” “Saved” and “Wavy.” The album sold over 500,000 copies. Beach House 3 dropped in October 2017. It peaked at number 11 on the Billboard 200 charts and number eight on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. It features the singles “Love U Better,” “So Am I,” “Ex” and “Pineapple.” The album sold over 500,000 copies. Featuring Ty Dolla $ign came out in October 2020 and peaked at number four on the Billboard 200 charts and number two on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. It features the singles “Ego Death,” “Expensive,” “Spicy” and “By Yourself.”

Ty Dolla $ign has written or appeared in some popular songs. If you are a fan of r&b and hip-hop music, chances are you may have heard his songs. If you haven’t heard his songs, you are missing out. He is a talented artist who can sing and perform rhymes. Our Top 10 Ty Dolla $ign Songs list will highlight some of his best songs.

# 10 – Nights Like This Kehlani ft. Ty Dolla $ign

The 10th song on our Top 10 Ty Dolla $ign Songs list is “Nights Like This” from Kehlani’s While We Wait mixtape. The track was released in January 2019. It’s about a past relationship. Kehlani reflects on the disappointment of being let down despite all the efforts she put into the relationship. She confronts her ex when she wants to start over. It occurs to her that everything isn’t worth holding on to. It was love at first sight for her. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she didn’t deserve her trust. In the chorus, she begins thinking about her ex. She questions why her ex is being distant towards her. If she called her ex, would she answer? Kehlani is tempted to text her ex, but she doesn’t know why. Her ex says she wants her but changes her mind.

In the next verse, she talks about being a fool for her ex. She can’t believe she bought the lies she told her. She was supposed to be hers, but she decided to be with a man instead. In verse three, Ty Dolla $ign tells the story from a male’s perspective. He was in a relationship where he was taken for granted. He fell for her the first day he met her. She promised she would never cheat on him. She thinks he’s a fool, but he isn’t. He sees all the clues. He thinks about her and can’t believe it’s been a year since they’ve been together.

“Nights Like This” tells the story of a painful breakup. The track is told from both points of view. We get two stories that manage to be similar. We applaud them for telling the story from both sides. It keeps the story from being one-sided. Kehlani and Ty Dolla $ign keep their stories interesting. We can’t help being interested in finding out what happened in their respective relationships. The lyrics will relate to anyone who has broken up with someone but finds themselves thinking about them. The song has a smooth r&b sound that would be perfect for quiet storm radio. Kehlani’s voice is very pretty and easy on the ear. Her soprano vocals soar on this track. She is an underrated artist. She’s incredibly talented. Ty Dolla $ign shows his sensitive side on the song. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. His melodic voice flows with the beat. Kehlani and Ty Dolla $ign were an unexpected match made in heaven.

# 9 – Do You Believe Ali Gatie ft. Marshmello and Ty Dolla $ign

The ninth song on our Top 10 Ty Dolla $ign Songs list is “Do You Believe” from Ali Gatie’s The Idea of Her album. The song was released in March 2021. “Do You Believe” is about living in the moment. Two people are in love and want to escape reality. They are willing to leave the world behind and focus on their love for each other. The song opens with Ali Gatie telling his partner that they can leave without packing anything. He wants her to trust him because he will keep her safe. They could disappear without a trace and will be okay. She doesn’t have to understand what’s going on. She just needs to take the ride with him. They don’t have to make plans. They’ll know where they are when the sun hits their faces.

In verse two, Ty Dolla $ign tells his partner they can ride to the moon. He doesn’t want her to believe what anyone tells her because they’re lying. If she’s honest with him, he’ll give her his trust. He wants her to let her guard down. The artist wants them to go as far as the stars where they will fit in perfectly. “Do You Believe” is a romantic song that emphasizes love and the desire to escape the craziness of the world. It’s about being with someone you love and trusting they will keep you safe. We all want to escape everything and spend time with the people we love. They captured that feeling perfectly in the song. The music starts out soft and smooth and builds up to a dramatic beat. The music slows down while the artists are singing so listeners can focus on their vocals. The beat will hook you instantly. You can dance to the song while you reflect on the lyrics. Ali Gatie and Ty Dolla $ign harmonize well with each other. They are a dynamic duo. They sound like they are having fun on the track and we’re having fun with them.

# 8 – Willing to Trust Kid Cudi ft. Ty Dolla $ign

The eighth song on our Top 10 Ty Dolla $ign Songs list is “Willing to Trust” from Kid Cudi’s Entergalactic album. It came out in September 2022. The song is about how important trust is in relationships. The track opens with Kid Cudi talking about how he doesn’t want his partner to leave. Her touch paralyzes him, and he doesn’t want her to leave. He wants her to show him something new. He wants her to take control of him. Ty Dolla $ign talks about wanting to trust someone. If they don’t have trust, they don’t have anything. He wonders if they have real love. She wasn’t looking for a boyfriend and didn’t need friends. She left her ex and thought she would never trust a man again. Ty Dolla $ign didn’t want her to take it out on him. He doesn’t want her to do him dirty. He wants their relationship to work.

“Willing to Trust” is an introspective song about the importance of trust in a relationship. The lyrics are perfect because trust is an important part of a relationship. The story may sound familiar to you if you are dealing with trust issues in your relationship. The lyrics are honest and realistic. They aren’t asking for much in a relationship. They just want trust which is something we all want. What makes this song stand out is the fact that Kid Cudi and Ty Dolla $ign are open about wanting to trust the women they love.

The synths and guitar riffs make the song special. The drumbeat gives the track some tempo. There’s an instrumental break that gives you a chance to soak in the music. The chorus stands out because Kid Cudi and Ty Dolla $ign harmonize on it. They go back and forth with each other while they sing the chorus. It gives us a chance to hear the guys sing with each other. Their harmonies are incredible. This is a collaboration we didn’t know we needed until we got it.

# 7 – Ex ft. YG

The seventh song is “Ex” from the Beach House 3 album. The track came out in October 2017. “Ex” is about a man who thinks about getting together with his former girlfriend. He lets his current girlfriend know that he’s not going to be home because he’s getting together with his ex-girlfriend. The artist hooked up with his former lover at the right time, but in the wrong place. The affair made him think about the way he used to act. He tries to justify his actions by reminding his girlfriend about his lifestyle. It seems to be enough to get him out of trouble. YG’s verse is a little different. He hooks up with someone, but he isn’t very apologetic about it. He couldn’t help himself. Temptation was all around him. He knows he’s cheating and lies to his girlfriend about it.

“Ex” is about men giving in to temptation. He apologizes, but he can’t help himself. We like how Ty Dolla $ign and YG aren’t afraid to make themselves look bad in the song. We applaud their bravery for making themselves look bad. They don’t look good in this song because they are cheating and don’t care that they’re doing it. They try to blame their cheating on their lifestyles. If you are in a committed relationship, you may not like what they are doing in this song. They use 112’s “Only You” for the sample of the music. The music is booming. It will have you out of your seat and on the dance floor. The music will get the party started. It has a 1990s sound mixed with today’s music. Ty Dolla $ign commands your attention with his harmonious voice. His vocals will make you fall in love with the chorus. YG’s rhymes are spectacular. He rhymes in time with the beat. This is a song that you will want on repeat.

# 6 – OTW Khalid ft. Ty Dolla $ign and 6lack

“OTW” is from Khalid’s Suncity album. The single was released in April 2018. The initials stand for “on the way.” “OTW” is about a man who wants to spend time with his lover. He wants her to be with him. He’s in town and wants to spend time with her. He’s been reading her mind and knows what she wants to do. She must let him know if she wants to be with him so he can come get her. When they meet, he will be with her all day and night.

In Ty Dolla $ign’s verse, he talks about her looking attractive. He wants her to come with him on a mission. He reminds her that she told him that she wasn’t happy before he came along. She took an L with her ex and has been winning with him. When she calls him, he will be on the way. He’ll cancel plans. 6lack wants to know if she’s ready to make a move. All she has to do is tell him what time and what she wants to do. He’ll call his friends if she wants to hang out with him.

“OTW” is a song about men wanting to be with the women they desire. The flirty song puts the ball in the ladies’ court. They must wait for the ladies to reach out to them. It’s a nice change to hear them singing about the women being in control. It’s a refreshing song that’s for the women. The music has an old school sound. It will give you 1990s vibes. It was a good choice to infuse old school with new school music. They made the song a ballad. A song like this would have been faster. It has a chill vibe to it. The trio work very well together. The music caters to all their voices. They sing in time with the beat. We were surprised that none of them chose to rap on the track. They have decent singing voices. The song is an earworm that will stay in your head after it’s done.

# 5 – Love U Better ft. Lil Wayne and The Dream

The next song on our Top 10 Ty Dolla $ign Songs list is “Love U Better” from the Beach House 3 album. The single was released in July 2017. The song is about a man who thinks he can love a woman better than her partner can. The song opens with Ty Dolla $ign boasting about what he’s going to do with the woman he wants. She’s with someone else, but he wants to be with her. The woman used to want her boyfriend, but now she doesn’t. He puts her boyfriend on notice that she is with him now. The guy must understand that he is with her now. In verse two, Lil Wayne talks about his own sexual prowess and how he can please the woman he wants in ways her man can’t. The rapper goes into details about the things he can do for her.

“Love U Better” tells a story about a man who is confident that he can love a woman better than her man. They must have a lot of confidence to think they can take women from their boyfriends. They’re technically not painted in a good light in this song because they are trying to steal people from their boyfriends. If you can get past this, you will find this song enjoyable. It features an interpolation of Mary J. Blige’s “I Can Love You.” The sample works perfectly for the song. The music has the kind of beat that you will love instantly.

The party anthem will get you out of your seat in no time. The beat is fantastic. It’s impossible to sit still listening to this song. Ty Dolla $ign shows versatility on the track. His voice goes up and down throughout the song. The Dream delivers on the chorus. His voice is a “dream” to hear. Lil Wayne rap sings his verse. He is being assisted by AutoTune, but it doesn’t hurt the song. You may need the lyrics to understand Lil Wayne because he’s racing through his verse. This is a brilliant collaboration.

# 4 – Paranoid ft. B.o.B

“Paranoid” is from the Beach House EP. The song was released in September 2013. “Paranoid” is about a man who is juggling two women. He’s afraid they are going to find out about each other. There are also women in the club trying to get him caught out there. They are trying to catch him cheating. This is making him “paranoid.” There are two women in his life. He takes care of both women. They aren’t allowed to stay at his place. They are different, but they please him equally. The man is afraid he’s about to be caught. In B.o.B’s verse, he talks about women talking to much. He’s afraid one will tell the other about what’s going on between them. He goes into detail about how he pleases his women.

“Paranoid” is a song about a man who is cheating with two women. He’s afraid they will find out. It’s not a typical love song by any means. It’s hard to root for someone who put himself in a bad situation. With that said, the song is captivating. The song has an excellent club beat. The instrumentation is simple. The finger snaps are impossible to ignore. You may be snapping along with them. Ty Dolla $ign’s vocals blend with the music. He sings and does a few bars on the track. He does a good job singing the chorus. B.o.B does a good job with his rhymes. B.o.B raps in a way that you can follow along with him.

# 3 – Psycho Post Malone ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Coming in at number three is “Psycho” from Post Malone’s Beerbongs & Bentleys album. The song dropped in February 2018. “Psycho” is about a man who is living an extravagant lifestyle. The artist boasts about his life and how he can get women. He has everything he’s ever wanted, but people only want to be around him because of his money. He finds it hard to trust people because they weren’t around before the fame. He talks about his success and how it affects his mental health. “Psycho” touches on the psychological affects of fame and fortune. He’s under pressure to keep his success. The artist has dealt with depression. He can’t trust anyone and has to watch his back.

“Paranoid” talks about different things. It talks about trust, social anxiety and paranoia. The song teaches you that no matter how much money you have, you can still go through problems. Money will make you feel like you can’t trust people. We applaud Post Malone and Ty Dolla $ign for being willing to talk about mental health. Mental health is an issue, and they weren’t afraid to talk about it. Most artists boast about their lifestyle, but they talked about the downside of fame as well. They talk about people using them for their money. The song is a conversation starter. The music is haunting and is the perfect soundtrack for the theme. The music will give you a chance to reflect on what the artists are saying. Post Malone did an amazing job on the song, but Ty Dolla $ign won the vocal battle. The track comes alive when he makes his appearance.

# 2 -Work from Home – Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign

“Work from Home” is from Fifth Harmony’s 7/27 album. The song come out in February 2016. The track is about a woman yearning for her man. He’s working and she’s at home missing him. She knows he must work but wants him home with her. She plans to send him naughty pictures to get him fired. The woman doesn’t want to spend her nights alone. He doesn’t have to work because they can “work from home.” She plans on making him feel like he’s on vacation. The only thing she wants between them are sheets. Ty Dolla $ign’s verse is a response to what Fifth Harmony says in the song. He wants the woman to work for him and please him. He wants her to put in overtime to please him.

“Work from Home” is a seductive song about pleasing your partner. They use work imagery to describe how they want to please each other. If you are yearning to be with your partner, you can understand what they are talking about in the song. The sexy song will put you and your partner in an intimate mood. This is a song you can play when you are alone with your partner. The music will make you two start “working from home.” Ty Dolla $ign was the perfect choice to sing with Fifth Harmony. He sings well with them. His vocals blend so well that he could have been the sixth member of the group. The catchy pop and r&b song should be on your playlist.

# 1 – Or Nah (Remix) ft. Wiz Khalifa, DJ Mustard and The Weeknd

The number one song on our Top 10 Ty Dolla $ign Songs list is “Or Nah” from the Beach House EP. The song came out in January 2014. It’s about a man trying to convince a woman to please him. He wants to know if she’s willing to be with him without getting emotionally attached. They ask the women if they are willing to do different things in the bedroom. They go into detail about what they want from their women. The artists want to be free sexually without being judged.

“Or Nah” is about being open when it comes to a relationship. Ty Dolla $ign, Wiz Khalifa and The Weeknd are honest about what they want from the women in their lives. They want intimacy from the women and want to know if they want the same thing. The lyrics are honest and don’t sugarcoat their needs. They aren’t shy about what they want. They don’t want the women to be shy either. The beat is a mix of r&b and hip hop. The music is perfect for the bedroom. The song is for the grown and sexy crowd. We do have to warn you that the lyrics are explicit so the kiddies will have to leave the room. They are direct with what they want. Ty Dolla $ign, Wiz Khalifa and The Weeknd stand out in their verses. They all bring something to the table. They get their chances to shine at the mic.

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