Real Meanings Behind The Songs On Rihanna’s Unapologetic Album

Real Meanings Behind The Songs On Rihanna's Unapologetic Album

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Our list looks at the Real Meaning Behind The Songs On Rihanna’s Unapologetic LP. This is the singer’s seventh album. Unapologetic was released in 2012. The singer had a wide variety of music on this album. She sang r&b, pop, dance, hip-hop, dubstep, edm and reggae music for this album. The album peaked at number on the Billboard 200 charts and the R&B charts. She tackles different subjects on this album. She wants the world to know that she’s not apologizing for anything. We will talk about the real meanings behind the songs on Rihanna’s Unapologetic LP when we get to our list.

Unapologetic sold over four million copies worldwide. She worked with Ne-Yo, The Dream, David Guetta, Chris Brown, Future, Eminem, Sia, Mikky Ekko as well as others. The album features the singles “Diamonds,” “Stay,” “Pour It Up,” “Right Now,” “What Now” and “Jump.” “Diamonds” reached number one on the Hot 100 singles charts. The song became her 12th single to reach number one. “Stay” peaked at number three on the Hot 100 charts. “Pour It Up” and “What Now” reached the Top 40 on the Hot 100 singles charts.

# 1 – Phresh Out the Runway

The first song on our list of the Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Unapologetic LP is “Phresh Out the Runway.” The song has a hip-hop and wave beat. The song is about her giving a message to people who have a problem with her and her friends. If people don’t respect her and who she is, they don’t have to be around her. The track is a nod to the singer’s fashion line. The singer talks about how fast she’s moving up in the fashion world. She boasts about all of the things she has and the money she has. Rihanna discusses how she has crossover appeal because hip-hop fans and pop fans enjoy her music. She isn’t shy about talking about herself as well as her fashion line. She wanted to do her own thing and that’s exactly what she’s doing with this track.

# 2 – Diamonds

The next song on our list of the Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Unapologetic LP is “Diamonds.” The song has a pop, electronic and r&b sound. This is the first single from the album. “Diamonds” is a love song. She sings a song about a bright love that shines like “diamonds.” She didn’t want to record a song that was sad. She wanted to record a track that was hopeful about love. She feels great when she hears it. The lyrics are a positive reflection of love. Rihanna thinks people are scared of being happy because of what other people might say about it.

People are afraid to enjoy the idea of being in love. She wants people to do what would make them happy. She believes she’s going to have a fairytale ending no matter what people think or say. The song peaked at number one on the Hot 100 charts. “Diamonds” was so popular that it sold over seven million copies. Singer and songwriter Sia wrote the song for Rihanna.

# 3 – Numb ft. Eminem

The song has a trap and r&b sound. The song is about the feeling you get when you take drugs. The singer wasn’t shy about experimenting with drugs. She talks about how she’s going “numb.” She uses “numb” metaphorically and literally. She doesn’t want to feel anything. She wants to be emotionless. She doesn’t want to hear any negativity. She also talks about how she feels when she’s taking drugs. She can’t hear the negativity because she’s “numb” to everything. She doesn’t want to feel any type of pain anymore. She deals with a lot of hurt and wants to escape from it.

Eminem joins the singer on the track. His verse talks about the feeling he gets from taking drugs and drinking alcohol. He opens his verse talking about getting drunk. He doesn’t want to deal with negativity either. He wants to tune it out by making his body feel nothing. The song performed better overseas than it did in the United States.

# 4 – Pour It Up

The track has a trap, club and r&b sound. This track was the third single released from the album. “Pour It Up” is a club banger about money and stripping. Rihanna wanted to do an anthem for strip clubs. She took on a subject that’s mostly popular with male hip-hop artists. She wanted this song to be a symbol of independence. She took control in this song by talking about her money. She’s on her throne talking about her money and how she can spend it. The song isn’t just about her boasting about what she has. The track is about her not caring what people think about her. It’s a fun song about stripping, twerking and having a good time. The track is from the woman’s point of view instead of the man’s point of view.

Rihanna picked this song because she wanted people to dance. She wanted a song that was going to change the game for music. She worked with Mike Will to get a sound that would get people on the dance floor. He said that this anthem will give women confidence. They won’t be afraid to brag about the money they have. Rihanna and Mike Will wanted women to feel empowered instead of allowing men to dominate them.

# 5 – Loveeeeeee Song ft. Future

The next song on our list of the Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Unapologetic LP is “Loveeeeeee Song” has an r&b beat. The ballad is about love and affection. She lets the man she wants know that he has no reason to look elsewhere. She creatively tells him that he doesn’t have to window shop because he would have her at home. Future opens the song letting the woman know that he needs love as well as affection. She answers back by telling him that she wants him and needs to be with him now. She wanted a love song that wasn’t like everything else on the radio.

Co-producer Luney Tunez wasn’t that thrilled when they did this track. He didn’t really like the beat for the song. The track was supposed to be an up-tempo song, but Rihanna wanted the ballad. He wanted something sexy for her and this is the track they picked. The song was meant to be recorded by a female and not a duet. The track was originally called “Love & Affection.” Rapper Jay-Z was the one who changed the name of the song. He wanted to name it “Loveeeeeee Song.”

# 6 – Jump

Jump has a dubstep beat. This is the sixth single from the album. “Jump” is a song about a woman letting her ex-boyfriend know that she refuses to chase after him. She wants him to know who she is and what she won’t do. She won’t go after him if he wants to go. She wants to take control over the situation. She talks about how he runs around with other women while he’s still thinking about her. She knows he can’t get over her even though they aren’t together anymore. The singer informs the guy that no one else is like her. He will never meet another woman like her.

Rihanna samples r&b singer Ginuwine’s hit track “Pony” for this song. She uses the chorus from “Pony” for the chorus in her song. She is assertive on this track and it’s an answer to Ginuwine’s song “Pony.” She adds her verses with his verses. She reassures her lover that she is waiting for him to “jump” on it. She plays up her sexual prowess on this track the same way Ginuwine did in his version of the song. Ginuwine let Rihanna use his song because he is a fan of her music. He considers it an honor when people want to sample his work.

# 7 – Right Now ft. David Guetta

The song has an edm and pop song. This song is the fourth single from the album. “Right Now” is a track about living your life to the fullest. They want you to enjoy life and live it the way you want. They want to have fun and not worry about stressing over anything. Rihanna and David Guetta talk about being young and enjoying life. The duo wants you to live for today and not be concerned about tomorrow. They wrote a party anthem about having fun. If you have any dreams about doing something, don’t wait to do it. She wants you to just do it. You can’t get yesterday back and you shouldn’t wait for tomorrow. The song has a “you only live once,” type of feel to it so you shouldn’t waste time.

They created a track that could apply to the listeners’ lives. You don’t have to just equate this song to partying and having fun. You can use this track to inspire you to do more with your life. You can also use this in regard to your relationship. The song peaked at number one on the dance club charts. The single sold over 500,000 copies in the United States. Here is a fun fact about the song. The Dream and Ne-Yo helped write this song with the duo.

# 8 – What Now

The song has a pop and r&b beat. This is the fifth single from the album. The ballad is about her being confused about life. She’s not sure where to turn in life. She talks about her life looking perfect on the outside, but she’s battling demons on the inside. She struggles to find out what to do with her life. She has a lump in her throat because she doesn’t know what to do with herself. She wants to cry about what’s going on in her life, but she can’t do it. She wants someone to help her get through the tough time she’s dealing with in her life because she doesn’t know what to do.

She isn’t sure what to do or how to feel about her life. “What Now” lets the listeners know that you may have money, but that doesn’t mean your life is perfect. She discusses how she is dealing with pain and doesn’t know who to turn to in order to get help. She can’t trust anyone because everyone assumes she’s always happy. She’s basically having an emotional breakdown because she can’t get the help she needs to move on with her life. This song gives Rihanna her a chance to show her vulnerable side. The song was in the Top 40 on the Hot 100 singles charts and peaked at number one on the dance club singles charts. The song sold over one million copies.

# 9 – Stay ft Mikky Ekko

The song has a pop and r&b sound. The track is the second single from the album. “Stay” is about a woman who is in an unstable relationship. She wants to be with the man, but she’s tired of feeling like the relationship isn’t secure. She wants to know if he’s in it for the long haul so they can stop breaking up and making up. She wants him to “stay.” She feels like she can’t live with or without him so she wants to stay with him. She delves into why their relationship isn’t working. She explains that they are at a crossroads because neither of them wants to admit fault in the relationship. She realizes that she needs him in order for her to feel complete.

This song is personal to the singer. The track is like getting inside the singer’s head and finding out how she feels about the man in her life. Mikky Ekko talks about things from the man’s point of view. He wants to know what’s wrong in their relationship too. He finds it hard to walk away from the woman he loves too. She wanted to tell an authentic story about her relationship. The song peaked at number three on the Hot 100 singles charts. The song was nominated for awards. “Stay” sold over nine million copies in the United States.

# 10 – Nobody’s Business ft. Chris Brown

The next song on our list of the Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Unapologetic LP is “Nobody’s Business.” The song is an answer to the critics who have a problem with her relationship with Chris Brown. As most of Rihanna and Chris Brown’s fans know, they used to be a couple. They had a very public breakup when he was accused of assaulting her. They put that behind them and worked on this jam. The lyrics are about her expressing her attitude about people being in her business. She wasn’t concerned about how the public felt about their relationship.

They wanted to talk about their friendship and how they didn’t care if anyone didn’t approve of it. She wanted to do this song to answer any questions the public had about her relationship with Chris Brown. She wants everyone to know that everything about her personal life is “nobody’s business.” She knows people are watching her closely, but she still wants to keep her personal life private. She is willing to give when it concerns her music, but she wants her private life to stay personal. She used Michael Jackson’s song “The Way You Make Me Feel” as a sample for this track.

# 11 – Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary

The song has an electronica, new wave, r&b and pop sound. The song is a two-part track The first part of the song “Love Without Tragedy” talks about a moment in her life that she regrets. She talks about how she and her partner took the best years of their lives from each other. This song is likely about her relationship with Chris Brown. She talks about what happened when she was hurt in a previous relationship. Listeners assumed that she was talking about Chris Brown being accused of assaulting her when they were together. She hoped that love didn’t hit her again.

The other half of the song is “Mother Mary.” This is a somber song about how she felt after she was attacked in her relationship. She talks about how she’s going to change her ways. She knows she’s far from perfect. She didn’t realize how many people were familiar with her situation. She is seeking forgiveness for her actions on this track. The Dream wrote this song for Rihanna. He wanted to blend the two songs because they have the same theme to them. He wanted to do this song because other people were going through the same thing as Rihanna.

# 12 – Get It Over With

The track has an alternative r&b beat. The track is about people keeping their feelings bottled up. She wants her listeners to open up to people if they are dealing with problems. She doesn’t want them to keep them to themselves. Rihanna wants the rain to come and take the pain away. She needs the sun to be within reach. She wants the thunder to go away. She wants to “get it over with” and watch the rain come to take the pain away.Rihanna feels like smoking weed will make the pain go away. She uses clouds as a metaphor to smoke. Rain is a metaphor for crying. She wants the rain to come so she can feel better.

# 13 – No Love Allowed

The track has a reggae sound. “No Love Allowed” is about her relationship. She talks about how he swept her off her feet when they got together. She said he rocked her to her core. The singer gives an inside look on what happened in her relationship. She talks about how she got heartbroken because he ruined their relationship. She calls him a murderer and wants to know how he could do that to them. She was hurt by the man she loves and doesn’t want love in her heart anymore. She is heartbroken and can’t be bothered with love anymore.

Rihanna wanted to pay homage to her heritage. She is from Barbados and she wanted to pay tribute to her heritage again. She did a tribute to her heritage on a previous song called “Man Down.” She sings the song with her accent to go along with the reggae beat.

# 14 – Lost in Paradise

The last song on our list of the Real Meanings Behind Songs On Rihanna’s Unapologetic LP is “Lost in Paradise.” The song has an r&b beat. “Lost in Paradise” closes the album on a positive note. She talks about her heartbreak, but she wants to strive for positivity. She wants her listeners to walk away from this song with hope. She talks about the things women go through when they are in love. She compares falling in love to being “lost in paradise.” This is another way of saying that you are in love, but you don’t know what to do when love doesn’t work out. The song starts off as a somber track, but it ends on a happier note. She wants people to have hope that they will find love again. She considers love to be stronger than a bullet.

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