Top 10 Japandroids Songs Ranked

Japandroids Songs

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Our Top 10 Japandroids songs ranked article takes a look at a Canadian rock band formed in the 2000s who have claimed critical praise from various publications and fans. The group was formed as a due between  musicians and songwriters Brian King and David Prowse. The two musician are set up a bit like The White Stripes in which Brian King plays guitar while David Prowse plays drums. The group has been often compared to artists like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waits who are the groups supposed influences, but to our ears they sound more like Jane’s Addiction meets Big Country meets U2 meets The Clash. Did you get all that?

At times, many of the songs are played somewhat sloppy and very independent sounding but that also seems to be what makes the band most genuine in their contributions to the rock and roll world. The group plays with an incredible energy and spirit and have created a huge sound that at times is hard to believe comes from only a guitar player and a drummer. In the end, we really like this group and we hope you give them a listen. They are worth checking out.

# 10 – North East South West

We wanted to open up our top 10 Japandroids songs list with a great one. We think we nailed it with this great rock and roll song entitled “North East South West.” This song reminds us of the music of another great working class artist called Willie Nile. We hope this one will inspire you to listen on to this great band.

# 9 – Wet Hair

From the opening note of this killer punk meets classic rock tune, Brian King just kills it on guitar lighting the room up with his pal David Prowse slamming at the drums like a crazed Keith Moon. The song “Wet Hair,” was released on the band’s first album entitled Post Nothing.

# 8 – The Nights of Wine and Roses

In the number eight spot on our Japandroids songs list is the smoking track “The Nights Of Wine and Roses.” The song’s title is a play on the Henry Mancini tune “The Days Of Wine And Roses.” The song was released on the album Celebration Rock. It was the band’s second album. The record was released in 2012.

# 7 – True Love And A Free Life Of Free Will

Moving along with our Japandroids songs list we turn to this great celtic infused tune entitled “True Love And A Free Life Of Free Will.” Not everything the band did was full bang your head against the wall power rock. This one shows another side to the band. A side we would like to see more off from a musical standpoint.

# 6 – Continuous Thunder

We love the counterpoint between Brian King’s vocals and his U2 guitar lick on this great tune. David Prowse adds even more counterpoint to the song’s mix with the groove he brings to the song. Eventually it all comes togethers as it does with all great musical artists such as the Japandroids.

# 5 – Art Czars

Now this is great rock and roll. Listen to Brian King play that guitar lick at the song’s opening. “Art Czars,” sounds like it could have been recorded in England in 1977 during the initial punk movement. Yet it was released as the Japandroids first single in 2010. The group sounds very much like The Clash on this one.

# 4 – Younger Us

Somewhere between The Clash and U2 stands this great Japandroids song called “Younger Us.”  The song was released on the band’s second album entitled Celebration Week. The song “Younger Us,” was released as the first single from the album. We love this song. It just has so much energy and life……

# 3 – The House That Heaven Built

In this fabulous video, guitarist Brian King comes off as a cross between Bruce Springsteen and Pete Townshend in the way he moves on stage. His guitar playing is reminiscent of U2’s The Edge meets Pete Townshend. It’s really fun to watch and listen to Brian King play with so much emotion and passion. The man is on fire in this video. This is pure rock and roll played by two men who are leaving it all in the stage. Great song and performance!

# 2 – Young Hearts Spark Fire

In the number two spot on our Japandroids songs list is the very interesting song “Young Hearts Spark Fire.” This was the groups’ first single release. At first listen this is a very sloppy song, but as one continues to listen, it all starts to come together in a very sort of Jane’s Addiction type way. Eventually it becomes one of your favorite Japandroids songs. The song was released on the band’s first independently released album entitled Plus Nothing.  The group thought nothing much would happened with the album, it turned out they were wrong. The Plus Nothing album would be nominated for a Juno Award as Alternative Album of the Year in 2009.

# 1 – Near to the Wild Heart of Life

In the number one spot on our  Japandroids songs list is the great track “Near To The Wild Heart Of Life.” This great song was released on the album Near to the Wild Heart of Life. The album was released in 2017. This heavy guitar driven song with its anthemic feel would turn out to be the band’s most successful single release so far in their career. The song hit number one on the US Billboard Sales charts in 2017. It was also a top 10 hit on the Canadian music rock charts as well as charting at number forty three on the Mexican pop charts.

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