Top 10 La Toya Jackson Songs

La Toya Jackson Songs

Our top 10 La Toya Jackson songs list looks at the catalog of an American singer famed for R&B, pop, and dance music. Born in 1956, La Toya Jackson is sister to Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson. Initially, La Toya Jackson wished to pursue business law as her profession. However, her father convinced her to pursue a career in the entertainment scene like the rest of the Jackson family members.

Before venturing to a solo music career, La Toya Jackson pursued dancing and performed skits, featuring on several TV programs. During this time, she is rumored to have been in a relationship with late musician Bobby DeBarge and Chico, a brother to Diana Ross. Her solo career started taking shape in 1980 when she also released her eponymous album. Several songs in the album, including “Night Time Lover,” were co-written and produced by her brother Michael Jackson. Her eponymous debut album rose to number one hundred and sixteen on the Billboard 200.

The next year, La Toya Jackson tried to build upon the success she received upon releasing her debut album. My Special Love (1981) was a follow-up album, peaking at number one hundred and seventy-five on the Billboard 200. The album is home to “I Don’t Want You to Go” and “Stay the Night,” two of La Toya Jackson’s best songs of all time.

While La Toya Jackson had already become famous in the US, it took her the third album to land international fame and success. Heart Don’t Lie (1984) was her third studio album which became her most successful release to date. The album peaked at number one hundred and forty-nine on the Billboard 200. Some of the musical gems from the album include “Hot Potato,” “Bet’cha Gonna Need My Lovin’,” and “Heart Don’t Lie.”

The following year, La Toya Jackson participated in the charity singles “We Are the World,” a song written by her brother Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. Other artists featured on the song included Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, Diana Ross, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Huey Lewis, Hall & Oates, Ray Charles and many others. Again, La Toya Jackson proved to be an influential figure in the entertainment scene, having her featured on the video of the anti-drug music song “Stop the Madness.” La Toya Jackson later released a single hit, “Baby Sister,” which was later included on her fourth studio album Imagination (1986).

However, things started going sour for La Toya Jackson after getting into an abusive relationship. Initially, her reason for getting into the relationship was to avoid family drama, which saw her leave her family’s compound. However, her father would later mention that La Toya Jackson was brainwashed by Gordon, making her fearful of her family.

After a decline in success on the music scene in the ’90s, La Toya Jackson would be back in the early 2000s. This was after divorcing Jack Gordon in 1997. The divorce marked her escape from the fangs of the abusive and controversial marriage. Sadly, her return to singing didn’t shake the music scene. She only released several singles but never made an album. Her last notable effort in the music scene was her EP Starting Over (2011). However, La Toya Jackson has released two singles, “Feels Like Love” and “Trouble.” She has also released music as a featured artist thanks to collaborations with RuPaul, Andy, and B Howard.

Like most of her family members, La Toya Jackson is a gifted vocalist. She once cited the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, as one of her major influences. La Toya Jackson released ten studio albums, one extended play, and several singles throughout her music career. Here we present the best La Toya Jackson songs.

#10 – Free the World

Ushering us to the top 10 La Toya Jackson songs is the hit “Free the World.” The song found La Toya Jackson secluded from the world. This was after she called it quits with Jack Gordon. La Toya Jackson was inspired to write the song by the September 11th attacks. Themes of discrimination, segregation, and war are prominently featured on this song. “Free the World” helped revive her music career after several years of no release. The song climbed to number twenty-four on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs Chart.

#9 – He’s a Pretender

“He’s a Pretender” is one of the best original songs from the R&B group High Energy. Before disbanding, the group released the song on their final studio album, Groove Patrol (1983). La Toya Jackson found the song worthwhile a rendition, featuring her rendition on Imagination (1986). At the time of the song’s release, Private-I Records had already gone bankrupt. The result was a poorly promoted album that failed to match the success of the previous record. Nevertheless, “He’s a Pretender” fought its way to becoming one of the best La Toya Jackson songs.

#8 – Just Wanna Dance

La Toya Jackson’s EP Starting Over featured several reputable songs, including “Just Wanna Dance.” The song was among songs she crafted for her EP after coming from her six years of seclusion from the public scene. While the song was recorded in 2002, “Just Wanna Dance” was released in 2004 as the lead single to her EP. After staying in solitude for quite some time, La Toya Jackson reveals that she literally visited nightclubs to listen to what kind of tunes people dance to, hence inspired to pen and release “Just Wanna Dance.”

#7 – Hot Potato

Tracing back to La Toya Jackson’s third studio album is the hit “Hot Potato.” The song was penned by La Toya Jackson and Amir Bayyan. “Hot Potato” was a successful release having it peak at number ninety-two on the UK Singles Chart. The Wiggles delivered a song under a similar title (but different lyrics) on their fourth studio album Yummy Yummy (1994). 

#6 – Night Time Lover

Number six on our top 10 La Toya Jackson songs is “Night Time Lover.” The song showcases the collaborative efforts of La Toya Jackson and her brother Michael Jackson in songwriting. Initially, the two had penned lyrics for Donna Summer for a song, “Fire is the Feeling.” However, this seductive soft hit was released on La Toya Jackson’s eponymous debut album. Bobby DeBarge later released a hit under the title “You and I” in response to “Night Time Lover.” “Night Time Lover” rose to number fifty-nine on the Billboard Hot Soul Singles Chart.

#5 – You’re Gonna Get Rocked!

La Toya (1988) is home to one of La Toya Jackson’s best songs, “You’re Gonna Get Rocked!” This heavy funk beat sampled “Funky President” by James Brown. While the song managed to feature on the UK Singles Chart (number ninety), it missed the Billboard Hot 100 by three positions. The song was produced by the hip-hop group Full Force.

#4- Stay the Night

“Stay the Night” is a cover hit featured on La Toya Jackson’s sophomore studio album My Special Love (1981). Ken Gold and Billy Ocean penned the song. Billy Ocean released the song on his album City Limit (1980). However, she made slight modifications to the song’s lyrics to have the song reflect some gender changes. Other artists who have released a song under the same title include Green Day, Mariah Carey, James Blunt, Chicago, and Zedd.

#3- Bet’cha Gonna Need My Lovin’

Heart Don’t Lie(1984) was a commercial and international success credit to a song such as “Bet’cha Gonna Need My Lovin’.” Released as the album’s lead single, the song finds the singer reminding a past lover that she was a lover he will never have, especially now that he is unsuccessful with relationships. The song rose to number twenty-five on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart.

#2 – If You Feel the Funk

Very few artists can speak of a successful start like La Toya Jackson. Her debut single, “If You Feel the Funk,” has managed to maintain its charm since 1980 and sits as one of the best La Toya Jackson songs. The song missed the Billboard Hot 100 by one position but managed a number forty on the Billboard Hot Soul Chart. “If You Feel the Funk” was also featured on music charts in Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.

#1 – Heart Don’t Lie

Number one on our top 10 La Toya Jackson songs list is the hit “Heart Don’t Lie.” The song is La Toya Jackson’s most successful release, peaking at number fifty-six on the Billboard Hot 100. This album titled song is a duet by La Toya Jackson and Howard Hewett. The British-Jamaican reggae ensemble Musical Youth and La Toya Jackson’s sister Janet Jackson offer background vocals to this smashing hit.

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