Top 10 Pure Prairie League Songs

Pure Prairie League songs

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Our top 10 Pure Prairie League songs list takes a look at one of those great 1970s bands that had a couple of big-time hits that crossed the genres of country pop and rock music. Straddling along somewhere in between country and the soft rock lines like The Eagles, Poco, Dan Fogelberg, and America, Pure Prairie League developed a loyal following while achieving mass cultural fame based on their classic song “Amie.”

Pure Prairie League released their first album in 1972 entitled Pure Prairie League. At the time the band consisted of Craig Fuller on lead guitar and vocals, George Powell on rhythm guitar and vocals,Jim Lanham on bass guitar, John David Call on steel guitar and Jim Caughlan on drums. Pure Prairie League release eight more studio albums between 1972 and 1981. While the song “Amie,” remains that most popular recording, it wasn’t fact not their biggest hit. The band enjoyed their only top 10 hit in 1980 with their song “Let Me Love You Tonight,” which peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Pure Prairie League was not a singles band. They were a great country rock band that enjoyed great success in the 1970s touring and releasing great studio albums. Pure Prairie League defined an era of classic rock in the country rock genre.

# 10 – Falling In And Out Of Love

We open our top 10 Pure Prairie League songs list with the track “Falling In and Out of Love.” The song was released on Pure Prairie League album Bustin’ Out. The album was released in 1972. It was the band’s second album. It was also the second album they released in 1972. The album was recorded in Toronto Canada. With only nine songs in the record that album ran rather short clocking in at about thirty four minutes long for the entire record.

# 9 – Still Right Here In My Heart

Continuing with our Top 10 Pure Prairie League Songs list, we jump almost 10 years into the future from 1972 to 1981. That year, Pure Prairie League released what would have assumed to be their last studio album entitled Something In The Night. However, the band would record one more studio album 25 years later and release it in 2006 entitled All In Good Time. Pure Prairie League’s song “Still Right Here In My Heart,” was written by Dan Greer and Jeff Wilson. The song was released as a single from the record and hit number four on the Billboard Adult Contemporary music charts.

# 8 – I’m Almost Ready

As we continued our top 10 Pure Prairie League songs list, we turn to one of the band’s most successful time periods. In 1980 Pure Prairie League was quite a different band from who they were when they first began in 1972. Half the band had it already left in 1978. Fronting the band in 1980 was Vince Gill. The wonderful singer would help Pure Prairie League score their biggest hit of the career. Eventually the very talented singer would go on and have his own mighty successful country music career. The great Pure Prairie League song “I’m Almost Ready,” was released as the second single from the album Firin’ Up. It was a top 40 hit for the band in 1980. The song was written by Vince Gill.

# 7 – Early Morning Riser

The Pure Prairie League song “Early Morning Riser,” was released on the band’s album entitled Bustin’ Out . The album was released in 1972. It was the band second album and also the second record they released that year. The album contained the band’s most famous song entitled Amie. The Pure Prairie League album Bustin’ Out remains probably fans favorite Pure Prairie League record. The song “Early Morning Riser,” what’s written by Craig Fuller.

# 6 -That’ll Be the Day

One of the most covered songs in Rock and Roll History has to be Buddy Holly’s “That’ll Be The Day.”Pure Prairie League joined a long list of rock and rollers such as Linda Ronstadt, the Quarrymen who became The Beatles, The Everly Brothers and many more covering the classic Buddy Holly tune. Pure Prairie League put their own original spin on the classic song “That’ll Be The Day.” Pure Prairie League released “That’ll Be The Day.” on the album If The Shoe Fits. The album was released in 1976.

# 5 – Angel #9

Once again, we return to the great Pure Prairie League album Bustin’ Out . It was a record filled with great playing, great singing and great songwriting. Pure Prairie League’s song “Angel #9,” has long been a fan favorite. The distorted guitar at the beginning of the song sounds almost like Neil Young.  The song was written by Craig Fuller.

# 4 – Tears

The beautiful Pure Prairie League song Tears was released on the band’s debut album in 1972 and entitled Pure Prairie League. Maybe it’s because I have had this record in my collection for so many years, but that album cover always looked so dirty and old. Tear’s was a perfect example of that early Pure Prairie League sound that bordered closer to country then pop. Just listen to the sweet harmony on the song’s chorus. This is why so many people fell love with this band so quickly.

# 3 – Two Lane Highway

As we get closer to the top on our Pure Prairie League songs list we turn to one of the band’s most popular songs. The  classic Pure Prairie League song “Two Lane Highway,” has as always been a concert killer and radio filler. It’s one of those Pure Prairie League songs you just can’t get enough of. “Two Lane Highway,” was the title track to the band’s third album Two Lane Highway. The album was released in 1975.

# 2 – Let Me Love You Tonight

Sometimes on our top 10 song list the top couple of tracks are a band’s most popular songs and sometimes they’re not. Pure Prairie League there is no doubt that it would have to be the former. The top two tracks on up top 10 Pure Prairie League songs list wind up being the band’s most popular song and band’s most successfully commercial song. Pure Prairie League song “Let Me Love You Tonight,” scores  the number two position on our list because it was the band’s most successful commercial song.

“Let Me Love You Tonight,” the band the only song to reach the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. The song peaked at number 10 in 1980 on the Billboard Hot 100 pop hits. Furthermore, the song had even more success on the billboard adult contemporary charts hitting number one in 1980. With the golden vocal cords offense skill Anna memorable chorus with Lush harmonies soaring above contemporary groove, “Let Me Love You Tonight,” had hit written all over it when it was first released. What is interesting is many people did not realize this was a Pure Prairie League song. The band sounds nothing like they did in 1972. Then again, it was a completely different band in 1980. Nonetheless its Pure Prairie League and we like it.

# 1 – Amie

As much as we try to find that one song a band has that is underrated or maybe just kind of flew under the radar to list at number one, the sheer popularity of Pure Prairie League’s “Amie,” could not be denied. The band’s most popular song had minor chart success but major cultural ramifications. The song defined an era of soft rock and inspired many bands to utilize the formula behind the song “Amie.” In the end, though it wasn’t about formula, it was about writing simply a great song.



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