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Our Top 10 Rick Ross Songs list looks at a rapper, record executive and businessman. Rick Ross was a member of the hip-hop group Triple C’s. He founded the record label Maybach Music Group. His roster includes Wale, Meek Mill, Torch, as well as others. Rick Ross’ single “Hustlin’” made him get in a bidding war with Diddy and Irv Gotti’s record labels. He signed with Jay-Z. The rapper released 11 albums and 145 singles to date. Some of his hits include “The Boss,” “Here I Am,” “Magnificent,” “Aston Martin Music,” “I’m On One,” “All I Do Is Win,” as well as others. Rick Ross has six number one albums.

William Leonard Roberts II was born on January 28, 1976. He made his debut when he appeared in Erik Sermon’s song “Ain’t Shhh to Discuss.” He was going under the pseudonym Teflon Da Don. He changed his name to Rick Ross in the mid 2000s. When he was signed to a record label he toured with Trick Daddy. He made guest appearances on his label mates’ albums.

Rick Ross released his debut album Port of Miami in August 2006. The album peaked at number one on the Billboard 200, R&B and the Rap charts. The album features the singles “Hustlin’” and “Push It.” The album sold over one million copies. Trilla came out in March 2008 and peaked at number one on the charts. It features the singles “Speedin’,” “The Boss” and “Here I Am.” The album sold over 500,000 copies. Deeper Than Rap dropped in April 2009. It was number one on multiple charts. It features the singles “Mafia Music,” “Magnificent,” “All I Really Want” and “Maybach Music 2.”

Teflon Don was released in July 2010 and peaked at number two on multiple charts. It features the songs “Super High,” “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast)” and “Aston Martin Music.” The album sold over 500,000 copies. God Forgives, I Don’t came out in July 2012. It was number one on the charts. It features the singles “Touch‘N You,” “So Sophisticated,” “Hold Me Back” and “Diced Pineapples.” Mastermind was released in March 2014 and peaked at number one on the charts. It features the songs “The Devil Is a Lie,” “War Ready” and “Thug Cry.” Billionaire dropped in November 2014. It peaked at number six on the Billboard 200 charts and number two on the R&B and Rap charts. It features the songs “Elvis Presley Blvd,” “If They Knew” and “Nickel Rock.” Rick Ross went on to sell several albums and mix tapes throughout his career.

Rick Ross is a talented rapper who has a head for music and business. He’s been in the music business for a while and shows no signs of stopping. He made a name for himself by playing by his own rules. Our Top 10 Rick Ross Songs list features some of his best songs.

# 10 – All I Do Is Win – DJ Khaled ft. T-Pain, Ludacris, Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg

The 10th song on our Top 10 Rick Ross Songs list is “All I Do Is Win” from DJ Khaled’s Victory album. The single came out in February 2010. This song is about succeeding in life. The artists are encouraging listeners to succeed in their personal and professional lives. They want listeners to persevere and overcome their obstacles. When you are faced with challenges failure isn’t an option. You must keep pushing and believing in yourself. You must be assertive when you are trying to achieve your goals. It’s important to be self-confident. The chorus is a reminder to yourself that you are going to win. You must be dedicated and courageous in order to achieve success.

This song is inspirational and is a reminder that we should celebrate our wins with the people we love and support us. It inspires listeners not to give up on their dreams. This is a track you listen to when you feel like you are ready to give up. The song will motivate you to keep going. This is a song we didn’t know we needed until we got it. Rick Ross was among stars, and he brought his A game to the table. He brought his unique style and personality to the song. Their voices have chemistry with each other. He could have been lost among the crowd, but Rick Ross stood out. This is a song that will never get old.

# 9 – The Devil Is a Lie ft. Jay-Z

The ninth song on our Top 10 Rick Ross Songs list is “The Devil is a Lie.” The song appears on the Mastermind album. The song came out in December 2013. “The Devil Is a Lie” is about their financial achievements. They didn’t use deceit to get their money. They earned it through hard work. Rick Ross talks about his struggles and how he overcame them. He talks about the expensive things he can buy now that he’s successful.

Rick Ross also talks about being able to succeed in the music industry. He defies expectations. He’s not influenced by negativity. Rick Ross and Jay-Z didn’t achieve their success by being connected to the devil or through nefarious ways. Jay-Z talks about people assuming he achieved his success through scrutiny. He also addresses the conspiracy theories about his success. He reminds listeners about the things he’s done for his community.

“The Devil Is a Lie” addresses Rick Ross and Jay-Z’s success. They also address the negativity that comes with being successful. They want listeners to know that they are authentic and are not influenced by negativity. They achieved their success the legitimate way. It’s a message to listeners that they can be successful with hard work and talent. Some people try to bring you down when you’re on top.

This song will encourage you to embrace your success. This is the perfect song for Rick Ross and Jay-Z to record because they have been under scrutiny because of their success. The beat is hard driven, and the bass is incredible. This is the type of song that you can blast while you are in the car. Rick Ross and Jay-Z are speaking the truth on this song. They nail their verses. The song is epic, and you will feel the lyrics especially if you can relate to it.

# 8 – Thug Cry – ft. Lil Wayne

The eighth song on our Top 10 Rick Ross Songs list. “Thug Cry” appears on the album Mastermind and was released in March 2014. It’s about growing up in a bad neighborhood and trying to break free of it. They want to overcome adversity and achieve success. Rick Ross and Lil Wayne talk about the problems they faced growing up. They longed to have love in their lives and someone to be there for them when they are feeling down.

Rick Ross talks about the struggle of living in a poor and crime-ridden area. Despite living in a bad area, he thinks it’s important to go after your dreams. He wants to do whatever it takes to end the struggle. Lil Wayne talks about money not necessarily making you happy. He wanted the noise to stop and someone to be there for him so he could talk to them. He’s cautious about people around him. He discusses the people he lost in his life. As the song continues, Rick Ross talks about his success and his gratitude for the people who have helped him.

“Thug Cry” focuses on the struggle and pain people from bad areas go through. This song is for people who have been through hardships and push themselves to be successful. The song is a message that you can find success no matter where you grow up. “Thug Cry” isn’t just about achieving success. Lil Wayne makes the point that money doesn’t necessarily buy you happiness. You may still yearn to have someone to talk to when you are lonely. The song teaches you that money can’t buy everything you need in your life.

It’s more than just two rappers boasting about their success. The track has an uplifting message about getting what you want in life. Rick Ross shows his vulnerable side on this track. He proves that tough guys can be sensitive. Everyone wants to be loved no matter where you live. This song is comforting if you are feeling down about where you are living. The song is for people in the urban area, but you can empathize with the story they tell. Rick Ross and Lil Wayne’s rhymes and the chorus will bring you in.

# 7 – Gold Roses ft. Drake

The seventh song on our list is “Gold Roses.” It appears on the Port of Miami 2 album. The song came out in July 2019. The song is about wanting to get your flowers while you’re still able to accept them. Rick Ross and Drake want to get recognized for their accomplishments and contributions to the rap game while they’re here to enjoy it. They want their flowers to be “gold roses” because of their extravagant lifestyles. Drake questions people’s intentions.

He wonders if they love him or the attention they get when they are around him. He emphasizes that life is short so we shouldn’t wait to show appreciation to the people that matter to us. Rick Ross talks about being determined to succeed. He laments about having a big mansion but feeling empty inside. He also talks about the people he lost in his life.Rick Ross and Drake come together to talk about their success and the struggle that comes with succeeding.

“Gold Roses” is an introspective song about praising people while they’re still around to hear it. People usually show their appreciation for someone when they are gone. Rick Ross laments about feeling unappreciated. He’s never received a Grammy despite being successful in his career. He feels people don’t understand him for why he’s not getting the recognition he deserves. “Gold Roses” isn’t just a braggadocious song. The rappers do boast about their success, but the song has a deeper meaning.

They want listeners to know that they want to be appreciated while they are still here. This is something we all want in our lives. It’s nice to be recognized while we’re here. The lyrics are melancholy, but they are eye opening. The beat is smooth and slick. It’s the perfect soundtrack for the lyrics. Rick Ross and Drake work well together. Their flows are magical. They have excellent delivery and will make you feel everything they are saying. This song will have you repeating it so you can keep hearing it.

# 6 – Sorry ft. Chris Brown

“Sorry” is from the Black Market album and was released in October 2015. “Sorry” is about regret. He wants to make things right with the woman he hurt. Chris Brown talks about a woman who is perfect. He admits that he made mistakes with other women. He tried to change, but other women kept tempting him. He kept apologizing. He knows that apologizing doesn’t change what happened or make it right.

He knows he’s wrong, but apologies aren’t enough. Rick Ross goes into detail about the relationship with the woman in his life. He admits to cheating on her. His woman leaving him hurt him, but he’s still tempted by other women. In the third verse, he expresses remorse and blames the other women for his behavior. His worse nightmare is losing her and feeling like a terrible person. He knows she deserves to be treated better.

“Sorry” is about acknowledging your wrongdoing. The message in this song is that you can make up for the things you did wrong and seek forgiveness for it. It’s a reminder to listeners that we all make mistakes. He wants to get the message out there that it’s never too late to make up for the things you’ve done wrong. “Sorry” switches things up for Rick Ross. He usually talks about his success and his past lifestyle. He changes things up by talking about something personal.

He talks about something other people can relate to. Infidelity is something that happens frequently in relationships. We applaud him for acknowledging the mistakes he made and being willing to make them right. The music is infectious and will captivate you. It’s a mix of old school with new school music. He sampled the Stylistics’ song “Because I Love You Girl” and it helps the music stand out. Chris Brown’s smooth vocals are what the doctor ordered. Rick Ross slows things down for this emotional ballad. This song is a masterpiece.

# 5 – Magnificent ft. John Legend

The next song on our Top 10 Rick Ross Songs list is “Magnificent” and appears on the Deeper Than Rap album. The song was released in February 2009. This heartfelt song is a tribute to the special woman in his life. Rick Ross and John Legend talk about the deep connection they have with the women in their lives. The women bring light and inspiration in their lives. They talk about the qualities their women have. Rick Ross praises the woman he loves and talks about his lavish lifestyle. The song concludes with him going into detail about his “magnificent” life.

“Magnificent” encourages listeners to appreciate the love they have. It also references his extravagant lifestyle. The song gives Rick Ross a chance to go in and out of his comfort zone. He talks about the emotional aspect of love and goes back to what he talks about best. He talks about the life he has. He goes into detail about his lavish lifestyle and about people hating on him.

There’s also a hidden message about letting money be your focus. We may not all be able to relate to his “magnificent” lifestyle, but we can understand appreciating the thing you have in life. The music is enjoyable and will please fans of r&b and hip-hop music. John Legend adds his soulful vocals to this banger. He will have you singing along with the enjoyable chorus. Rick Ross sounds confident with each verse. His voice is reminiscent of the late great Tupac.

# 4 – Super High – ft. Ne-Yo

“Super High” is featured on the Teflon Don album. The song came out in May 2010. The song is about his lavish lifestyle and how he wants to make a better life for him and the woman he loves. The song opens with Rick Ross talking about his expensive taste. He talks about other celebrities who are known for having lavish lifestyles. Rick Ross longs to live the high life which is why he’s obsessed with extravagant things. The rapper wants cars and clothes and to stay at the best places. He wants to spoil the woman in his life with expensive gifts. He wants to travel to different places with her. He wants to live his life to the fullest with the woman he loves.

“Super High” tells a story about a man who wants to share everything he has with the woman he loves. He’s happy he has money and material things so he can shower her with the things she wants. This isn’t like his other songs where he boasts about his lifestyle. He wants to share what he has with the woman he loves. He wants to give her all the finer things in life. The song gives Rick Ross a chance to show his romantic side.

We all want to live the high life and be able to share it with the people we love. We get the chance to live out the fantasy vicariously through Rick Ross and Ne-Yo. Rick Ross and Ne-Yo created something special. Rick Ross’ excellent flow and Ne-Yo’s melodic vocals are a match made in heaven. The production on this track is top notch. They give us a roller coaster of beats for this song. It speeds up and slows down throughout the track. Rick Ross and Ne-Yo deliver on this track.

# 3 – Touch’N You ft. Usher

Coming in at number three is “Touch’N You” from the album God Forgives, I Don’t. The song was released in May 2012. It’s about a man who expresses his desire for the woman he loves. The song opens with Usher thinking about his lover all day. This is the right time to express how he feels about her. He loves her physical beauty and can’t get her body off his mind. He enjoys it when she kisses him and bites his lip.

Her charms are irresistible. He goes on to talk about the intimate times they share together. Rick Ross talks about being a successful rapper. The material things he has are not important compared to the love he has for his partner. He wants to take their relationship to the next level by proposing to her. The rapper will do anything to show her that he loves her.

“Touch’N You” is about the desire he feels for the woman he loves. The relationship isn’t just physical. He has a deep connection with her. The lyrics are relatable to anyone who has ever been in love. The lyrics will make you believe in love. Rick Ross has all the finer things in life, but it doesn’t compare to the love he has for his partner. The song may make you appreciate the love you have in your life. If you don’t have a love interest in your life, it will make you wish you had someone the way he loves someone in this song.

It’s great to hear Rick Ross show his love for his partner. He has just as much passion for her as he does for material things. The music has a smooth r&b and hip-hop sound. The song has tempo to allow you to dance with the person in your life. Usher’s vocals are amazing. His vocals will make you fall in love with this song. Rick Ross will make you smile listening to him rhyme about the woman he loves. Rick Ross couldn’t have picked a better person to sing this engaging song. This is the type of song that will never get old.’

# 2 – Here I Am ft. Nelly and Avery Storm

“Here I Am” appears on the Trilla album and it was released in March 2008. The song is about a rich man who wants to spend his money on the woman he loves. He thinks of himself as her superhero because he will come to her rescue whenever she needs him to. He talks about their lavish lifestyle. He believes he’s better than her former boyfriend. The rapper thinks he’s more suitable for her than anyone else can be. He wants to spend his money on her and brags about being able to spend his money on her. He’s emotionally attached to her. She’s the center of his universe.

“Here I Am” is about a man who has found the woman he always wanted. He will do whatever it takes to please her and make her happy. It’s a powerful celebration of love. If you love the person you are dating, the song will hit home for you. This song gives us another chance to get an inside look at Rick Ross’ love life. We love it when Rick Ross shows his soft side. He proves he doesn’t have to be hard all the time. He shines the brightest when he’s talking about love.

He mentions his lifestyle, but this song is mainly about his love for his woman. You will be hooked on the song as soon as you hear the piano bars. The music speeds up and you can get on the dance floor. Avery Storm deserves a round of applause for the way he races through the hook without needing to catch his breath. Nelly’s verse is fire. He brings his charm to the song. Rick Ross delivers as usual on his verse. This could have been number one, but it was a coin toss for the top spot.

# 1 – Ashton Martin ft. Drake and Chrisette Michele

The number one song on our Top 10 Rick Ross Songs list is “Ashton Martin” from the Teflon Don album. The single was released in October 2010. It’s about a couple living a luxurious lifestyle. The song opens with Rick Ross wanting to take their car out and go wherever she wants to go. He enjoys being with his woman. In Drake’s verse, he switches things up. He talks about leaving his woman to pursue his music career, but he thinks about her. He would go back to her if he had the chance. Rick Ross goes back to talking about his luxurious life. He also talks about liking women who aren’t afraid to be themselves around him. They do what they want. Chrisette Michele discusses being in control and having power over her man. She enjoys being with him.

“Ashton Martin” is about enjoying your lavish lifestyle with the person you love. It’s not unfamiliar territory for Rick Ross and Drake to talk about their wealth. They turn the song into something sensitive by mentioning the women they love. They’re not just bragging about their wealth. They talk about the love they have for the women in their lives. The title may confuse you. The car isn’t the central focus of the song. The song represents the fabulous lifestyle they have. Rick Ross slows things down for this song. You can bop your head to the beat, but it’s a slow jam. Drake sings and raps on the song. He sounds just as good doing both parts. Chrisette Michele sounds like an angel on this song. She gives her part her all. Rick Ross‘ rhymes are passionate. He channels his inner Tupac on this song. Rick Ross nailed his rhymes. His rhymes are in time with the beat changes.

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