Top 10 ASAP Rocky Songs

ASAP Rocky Songs

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Our Top 10 ASAP Rocky Songs list will look at a rapper, producer and executive. He rose to fame as a member of the hip-hop group A$AP Mob. He has released two albums to date with the group. He is the most successful member of the group. Two of his albums peaked at number one on Billboard 200. His third album peaked at number five on Billboard 200. He has 42 singles to date. ASAP Rocky won four awards and has been nominated 37 times to date. ASAP Rocky is one of the true geniuses of hip hop. He is known for his creative approach to music. He is just as known for his music as he is for his personal life.

He received a three-million-dollar record deal from his label. He became popular in East Coast hip hop and hasn’t looked back since. He has worked with different people throughout his career. He has worked with hip-hop artists to pop artists. He isn’t turning down the chance to work with anybody. He has worked with Drake, Alicia Keys, Rod Stewart, Moby, Rihanna, Fat Joe, French Montana, Selena Gomez, Skrillex, School Boy Q, Swiss Beatz, Mark Ronson, Kendrick Lamar, Tinashe, Black Eyed Peas, Tyler the Creator, Lana Del Ray, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, G-Eazy, Chris Brown, as well as others.

A$AP Rocky was born Rakim Athelaston Mayers was born October 3, 1988. A$AP Rocky was a fan of Southern hip-hop music even though he is from New York. He developed a drawl in his rapping style. His home life wasn’t easy because his father and brother were hustlers. His father was in jail for hustling. His older brother was killed by a rival hustler. A$AP Rocky became a hustler himself. Music saved his life. He realized he didn’t want to get in trouble anymore, so he changed his life. He wanted to take rapping seriously after his brother passed away. In 2007, A$AP Rocky joined A$AP Mob. A$AP Rocky adopted his nickname from the group. He released albums with them before he decided to release solo albums.

He released the single “Purple Swag” in 2011. The song was a street anthem. When he released “Peso”, he gained a lot of attention. Labels were bidding to get him to sign with them before his first mixtape was released. He signed with Sony and released Live. Love. A$AP. It was released in October 2011. The album peaked at number 22 on the r&b charts and 43 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Purple Swag” and “Peso.” He released Long. Live. A$AP in January 2013. The album peaked at number one on Billboard 200. The album received positive reviews. It features the singles “Goldie,” “Wild for the Night,” “Fashion Killa,” “Long Live A$AP” and “Phoenix.” The album sold over two million copies.

A$AP Rocky released At. Long. Last. in May 2015. The album debuted and peaked at number one on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 (LPFJ2),” “Everyday,” “Fine Wine,” “Excuse Me” and “Electric Body.” The album sold over one million copies. Testing was released in May 2018. The album peaked at number four on Billboard 200 and three on the r&b/hip-hop charts. It features the singles “A$AP Forever,” “Praise Da Lord (Da Shine),” “Distorted Records” and “Brotha Man.” The album sold over 500,000 copies.

ASAP Rocky had a rough beginning, but he proved that he could overcome his obstacles. He went from being a hustler to being a famous rapper. He is an inspiration to anyone who wants to become a rapper instead of hustling in the streets. Our Top 10 A$AP Rocky Songs list gives us a chance to honor the rapper and his music.

# 10 – Work Remix – ASAP Ferg ft. A$AP Rocky, French Montana, Trinidad James and School Boy Q

The 10th song on our Top 10 ASAP Rocky Songs list is “Work” from A$AP Ferg’s Trap Lord album. “Work” was released in August 2012. The popular rap song is about the difficulties they faced living in the inner city. They talk about the hard work they put in to get what they have today. Each rapper tells a different story about his life. A$AP Ferg opens the song about a girl who is into him. She has a boyfriend, but she keeps looking at him. She knows he has money. He refuses to give her what she wants. He will be intimate with her and give her something to eat afterward. He refuses to give her money.

He feels like a baller since people want him now that he has money. He has everything because he puts in the work. French Montana doesn’t want to be compared to Kanye West. French Montana talks about being a loose cannon. He briefly talks about being shot in the head. The person who shot him isn’t around anymore. He warns listeners if people come after you wearing masks, they are after your money. If you can see their faces, they are coming after you. He doesn’t want prayers because he doesn’t consider himself weak. He never had to sell his soul to get anything.

Trinidad James talks about his hometown. He talks about the kids who are into violence. They don’t ask questions, they strike out first. Despite what is going on in the neighborhood, he loves it. He shouts out people of different races. He talks about getting a record deal. He got a record deal because he put in the work. School Boy Q talks about being a hustler before making it. He may have made it, but his heart belongs to his hometown. He gets a lot of women now because of his fame. He makes women crazy when he performs. A$AP Rocky talks about the casualties that happen in the inner city. He talks about wanting to make money. He also talks about being with different women. He can get the girls and money because he put in work.

If you read between the lines, this song is more than just four men boasting about the money and women they can get. They talk about the dangers of living in the inner city. They also talk about the work they put in to get what they want. The song has a good message about putting in work so you can get what you want. The music is hypnotic. It has the kind of beat that will have you coming back to it. All four rappers bring something to the song. Their flows are good and clear. You can understand what they are saying so the message in the song doesn’t get lost. They saved the best for last with A$AP Rocky. Everyone in the song gets an A+ for their parts in the song.

# 9 – Pretend – Tinashe ft. ASAP Rocky

The ninth song on our Top 10 ASAP Rocky Songs list is “Pretend” from Tinashe’s album Aquarius. “Pretend” was released in August 2014. This ballad is about a couple who pretend everything is fine. They know their relationship has its obstacles, but they want to overlook them. She wants to pretend that things were the way they were when they first got together. She wants to feel him touch her. She wants to pretend that they are about to make up. The female narrator wants to start over.

She wants to pretend they never met each other so they can forget what happened. She wants to forget that he lied to her so she can be comfortable spending the night with him. She wants to learn to forgive him. She is in love with him, so she doesn’t want to let go. He talks about loving her. He wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to her. He talks about friends turning into enemies when a relationship ends.

It is easy to appreciate the lyrics to this song when you have trouble letting go of someone you love. You may find yourself nodding along with Tinashe as she talks about wanting to stay together. You might find yourself thinking that she is speaking to you directly. The lyrics are heartfelt and tell a great story. The song has a great pop beat. It has crossover appeal. It’s different from the other pop songs you hear on the radio. Tinashe does a great job with her vocals. She sings the song as if the lyrics are coming from a personal place. A$AP Rocky delivers in his verse. He brings the edge to this pop song. This song gives him a chance to do something other than hip-hop music. They worked well together.

# 8 – Fashion Killa

The eighth song on our Top 10 ASAP Rocky Songs list is “Fashion Killa” from the Long. Live. A$AP album. “Fashion Killa” was released in June 2013. The song is about a girl who is into fashion. She has amazing style. She is “killing it” when it concerns fashion. He talks about all the fashion items she has. He talks about her having a lot of style. Her style isn’t just about her clothes. It is about her attitude. Her attitude is as big as a pop star’s attitude. Her style matches her persona. He compares the girl to Rihanna. He says she got it from her mother. He wants them to go away together. His girl turns him on. She is different from other girls.

This love song is different. ASAP Rocky found a unique way to talk about the woman he loves. He compares her style to fashion. He compares different fashion designers to the woman he loves. He also shouts out Rihanna in the song. A$AP Rocky would go on to date Rihanna. Maybe this song is a tribute to her since she is into fashion. He mentions fashion a lot in the song, but it is what you would expect since the song is about it. A$AP Rocky is into fashion, so it gives him a chance to talk about something he loves. It’s not about violence. It is a love song comparing his girl to fashion. The music has a cool vibe that was perfect for the subject of the song. A$AP Rocky does an amazing job with his rhymes. He sounds like a man in love.

# 7 – Sundress

The seventh pick on our list is “Sundress.” “Sundress” is a non-album single. “Sundress” was released in November 2018. The song is about a man who is hurt because his girlfriend left him. He talks about how he is moving on with his life after she left him for another man. He believes her new boyfriend is the wrong one for her. He tells her that he is fine even though she hurt him. He believes that love is blind. He is still recovering after what she did to him. The narrator wants her to see that he wants to be back with her. He thinks about their time together. He knows that she heard about him moving on with someone else. He is trying to rebuild his life, but he keeps thinking about her.

This is not a typical ASAP Rocky song. This song shows that he is versatile when it comes to songwriting. He is not afraid to try something different. He talks about a subject where you don’t have to be from the inner city or have a lot of money to understand. He keeps it simple. He talks about a love that got away that he still thinks about despite moving on with his life. This song will hit you differently if you are going through this. The beat has an r&b/hip-hop beat. It will have you bopping your head. A$AP Rocky starts the song off by singing instead of rapping. If you haven’t heard him sing before, you may be surprised. He sounds like Andre 3000. He has a decent singing voice considering he is a rapper. He sings the chorus which will stay in your head. He doesn’t disappoint his fans who want to hear him rap. He does rap in the song. He turns pain into art.

# 6 – A$AP Forever ft. Moby

“A$AP Forever” is from the Testing album “A$AP Forever” was released in April 2018. The song is about a variety of things. This song is a tribute to his friends in A$AP Mob. He also talks about fame. He wants listeners to know that he hasn’t forgotten who he is despite what people think. He also talks about people trying to get close to him because of his fame. He alludes to the fact that he still has challenges to overcome. He has dealt with legal issues in the past. He talks about how he feels about the Latin culture. A$AP Rocky talks about putting New York on the map. He ends the song talking about women. He considers himself a womanizer because he likes different women.

As ASAP Rocky fans know, the rapper got his start in the group A$AP Mob. He wanted to shout out his group in this song. This song gave him a chance to pay tribute to his group. In addition to paying tribute to the group, he does boast about himself. He talks about the women he can get and how he put New York on the map. He boasts about his accomplishments but doesn’t come off too cocky. A$AP Rocky credited Moby for the sample he used. He sampled “Porcelain” by Moby in the outro. The sample brightens up the song. It has a dark feel until the song gets to the outro. This is a song you will want to keep on repeat.

# 5 – Good for You – Selena Gomez ft. A$AP Rocky

The next song on our Top 10 ASAP Rocky Songs list is “Good for You” from Selena Gomez’s album Revival. “Good for You” was released in June 2015. The sultry song is about someone who wants to look good in order to please and keep a lover. She wants her man to know that she will do anything to keep him. She wants to show him how much he means to her. The narrator will please him in a way that will make him stay with her. She plans on wearing the sexy dress he likes. The dress is skintight and she knows he loves to see her in it. She is going to wear her hair up so it looks sexy and seductive.

The narrator will wear jewelry that will make Tiffany jealous. She knows that she pleases him in a way that will make him stay home and never look elsewhere. He tells her that he won’t leave and she will make sure he keeps his word on that. A$AP Rocky’s verse is about a man who doesn’t want to mess up her image. He doesn’t want her to do something that she wouldn’t normally do. He loves the way she touches him though. Anytime they are together, he gets turned on by her. He feels like he hit the jackpot because he’s with her.

This is a song that allows Selena Gomez to show off her sexy side. People are used to seeing her as a Disney princess. This song gave her a chance to show that she is more than that. It is a mature song for her. The lyrics show that she has grown up before our eyes. She got a chance to do an r&b song. This isn’t her typical pop song. She also invited A$AP Rocky to join her on the track. The musical production is smooth and crisp. It goes with the theme of the song. Her vocals are top notch. She sounds sensual as she tells her man that she is going to look good for him. Her vocals are low and husky in the track. She is not the only bright star in the song. A$AP Rocky sounds great when he makes his appearance in the song. The song turns into a mini hip-hop jam when he makes his appearance. Selena Gomez and A$AP Rocky are an unlikely pair, but they made the song work.

# 4 – Blended Family (What You Do for Love) – Alicia Keys ft. A$AP Rocky

“Blended Family (What You Do for Love)” is from Alicia Keys’ album Here. “Blended Family (What You Do for Love)” was released in October 2016. This song is a dedication to Alicia Keys’ stepson. She lets her stepson know that she loves him even though she may not be his mother. She tells him that she is there for him even though she married his father. She thinks he is beautiful and perfect.

She knows that life is hard, but she is going to be there for him. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for him. She knows that blended families aren’t easy, but she thinks it is worth it. She talks about the drama that happened in her relationship with his father. She didn’t like how her stepson had to read about it. She wants him to know that she is getting along with his mother and everyone loves him.

This is a personal song for Alicia Keys. She is married to Swiss Beatz. He had a child from a previous relationship. This song gives her a chance to open up about her relationship. Her relationship was surrounded by controversy, so this song gives her a chance to express her side of the story. She wanted to let her stepson know that she loved him as if he were her own. We know that blended families are a challenge and she was able to overcome the challenge.

This is a story that a lot of people can understand if they are part of a blended family. This is a subject that will never get old because blended families will happen all the time. Alicia Keys does a tremendous job conveying this message. Her vocals are heartfelt. A$AP Rocky delivers as usual. He knows how to tell a realistic story. His vocals are impressive and on point.

# 3 – Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 (LPFJ2)

Coming in at number three on our list is “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 (LPFJ2)” from the Long. Last. A$AP album. “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 (LPFJ2)” was released in January 2015. The song is about physical intimacy. He lets the listeners know what he wants. He wants women and isn’t shy about expressing it. He doesn’t have time for foreplay or romance. He wants to be pleased immediately. He talks about haters trying to make him return to his old life, but he would rather focus on his girlfriend. He discusses how people who won’t help him are holding their hands out. He refuses to get caught out there. He has no problem putting people in their place who try to come after him.

If you weren’t a fan of A$AP Rocky before, this song may change your opinion. He gave this song his all. It is truly a masterpiece. The music has a hard and thumping beat. The music matches the theme of the song. This is a song you can have bumping in your jeep. He doesn’t like to appease his fans. He wants to give fans something they never expected. He accomplished that with this track. This is a song fans didn’t know they needed. The flow and beat blend together perfectly. A$AP Rocky’s rhymes come alive in this song. This song will give you chills. It is worth checking out.

# 2 – Everyday ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel and Mark Ronson

“Everyday” is from the album At. Long. Last. A$AP. “Everyday” was released in May 2015. The deep song is about wanting to understand his place in the world. He spends his days waiting for a sign that he can understand. He is emotional as he thinks about life. He knows his mind is going ballistic. He goes into detail about beating the system and people taking the fall for it. He prays everyday and asks God to forgive him. He has faith in God but feels he doesn’t get any love. He has skeletons in his closet that he wants to escape. His escapism is through music.

This song tells an interesting story. It also combines different genres of artists. The song blends rap, pop, r&b and adult contemporary music. The melody will leave you breathless. This song proves that A$AP Rocky can work with anyone. Fans of A$AP Rocky and Rod Stewart would never expect to see these two on the same track. A$AP Rocky sampled Python Lee Jackson’s “In a Broken Dream.” Rod Stewart was the vocalist on the track. He re-recorded his vocals for this song. Music can still surprise you by having this unlikely pair in a song together. They are made to work together. A$AP Rocky has an eclectic style when it comes to music. He can work with anyone. Miguel does a great job with his vocals. His part isn’t big, but it is memorable. This is a great collaboration.

# 1 – Praise the Lord (Da Shine) ft. Skepta

The number one song on our Top 10 A$AP Rocky Songs list is “Praise the Lord (Da Shine)” from the Testing album. “Praise the Lord (Da Shine)” was released in June 2018. This song is about getting what you want in life. The lyrics are about gaining success by working hard and persevering. They want you to take advantage of any opportunity presented to you. A$AP Rocky wants to shout out to anyone who has a plan. He talks about the things he was able to achieve because he focused on what he wanted. He talks about his days as a hustler before he became an artist. He realized it was time for something new, so he hustled until he got it. He makes haters get weak in the knees.

The song has a good message. The message is if you work hard, you can get what you want. This song shows a different side to A$AP Rocky. It shows that he believes that God is helping him with his career. The lyrics are powerful. His talent never ceases to amaze us. He can turn any song into a thought-provoking song. The lyrics are a nod to the life he had before he became an artist. The beat is incredible. It sounds upbeat despite the subject of the song. A$AP Rocky and Skepta rhymes are on point. They both do a great job with their verses. They both sound passionate as they are telling their stories. This is a wonderful collaboration. A$AP Rocky rarely disappoints and this song is no exception.

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