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Bif Naked Songs

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Our top 10 Bif Naked songs list presents the music of a Canadian alt-punk rocker whose career burgeoned in the late ‘90s. Bif Naked’s career beginnings as a musician were marked by membership in a number of underground bands including Jungle Milk, Gorilla Gorilla, Chrome Dog, and Dying to Be Violent. Her tenure at the aforementioned bands was short-lived. However, the impact was long-lasting with Bif Naked carrying over punk influences into her solo music career.

After honing her vocal skills in the early ‘90s, Bif Naked started her solo career. Bif Naked went ahead to launch a record company dubbed Her Royal Majesty’s Records. The label would eventually become the vessel through which Bif Naked released her music. Bif Naked’s inimitable vocals and conspicuous looks played a significant role in her fast rise in the Canadian rock scene.

In 1994, Bif Naked released her eponymous debut studio album. The album was issued through Plum Records. Later, the album was re-issued through Her Royal Majesty’s Records. The album was also remixed and re-released through Aquarius Records. Other artists who have at one time been affiliated with Aquarius Records include Evermore, The Guess Who, Corey Hart, and Deep Purple. Bif Naked was preceded by Bif Naked’s first extended play Four Songs and a Poem. The four songs, including “Tell on You,” were soon featured on her debut eponymous studio album.

Bif Naked’s debut album saw her serve the world of music with her punk-oriented alternative rock soundscapes. Tasked with the production of Bif Naked was record producer John R. Dexter. Dexter has also worked with Joe Brooks, Latin Fury, D-Cru, and the Canadian rock band Loverboy. “Everything,” “Never Alone,” “Daddy’s Getting Married,” and “My Whole Life” are some of the popular songs from the LP.

In the spring of 1997, Bif Naked issued her sophomore album, albeit it was a spoken-word record. The album was designated Okenspray Ordway: Things I Forgot to Tell Mommy. This record, though containing explicit warning, unleashed the poetic nature of Bif Naked. Bif Naked went ahead to issue her third studio album I Bificus. The album was issued through the American record label, Lava Records.

Other artists (once) affiliated with Lava Records include Lorde, The Cult, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Matchbox Twenty, Vanessa Williams, and Greta Van FleetI Bificus triumphed in the mainstream rising to position forty-two on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart. The album earned Bif Naked commercial success earning two-time platinum certification in Canada. “Spaceman,” “Lucky,” Chotee,” and “Moment of Weakness” are the best Bif Naked songs from the album.

Bif returned in 2000 with her second extended play Another 5 Songs and a Poem. As the title suggests, the extended play comprises five tracks and one poem. Standout tracks in this extended play included “Twitch” and a cover of Twisted Sister’s hit “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” Bif Naked’s cover of the Twisted Sister song featured in the soundtrack of the Brian Robbins 2000 film Ready to Rumble.

In 2001, Bif Naked went ahead to issue her fourth studio album PurgePurge was produced by Peter Karoll and Desmond Child. Desmond Child is best known for his songwriting contributions to the careers of Kiss and Ricky Martin among others. The album climbed to the eighth spot on the Canadian Albums Chart. Purge also earned gold certification in Bif Naked’s homeland Canada. The album has been regarded as one of her most ambitious records to date. “I Love Myself Today,” “Down,” “Story of My Life,” and “Tango Shoes” are some of the best Bif Naked songs from Purge.

Bif Naked went ahead to issue her first compilation album Essentially Naked. The compilation album featured some of the best Bif Naked songs from previous albums. In addition, Essentially Naked featured two new tracks, “Rich and Filthy” and “Back in the Day.” Both of the songs featured the contribution of Doug Fury and Peter Karoll, both in songwriting and production.

Superbeautifulmonster, issued in 2005, marked Bif Naked’s fifth album. The thirteen-track album was issued through Her Royal Majesty Records under the production of Peter Karoll. Other producers who briefly worked on this album include Kevin Kadish (who worked with Meghan Trainor, Stacie Oricco, Nevertheless, and Morgan Wallen) and Ugly Kid Joe’s guitarist Dave Fortman.

Superbeautifulmonster made it to the twelfth spot on the Canadian Albums Chart. Unfortunately, the album failed to match the commercial success achieved by Bif Naked with her previous two studio albums. “Let Down,” “I Want You,” and a cover of Metallica’s hit “Nothing Else Matter” are the best Bif Naked songs from Superbeautifulmonster.

Four years later, Bif Naked issued her sixth studio album The Promise. The album was issued through Her Royal Majesty Records under the production of Jason Darr. “Sick,” “Ciao Bella,” and “Crash and Brun” are some of the musical gems by Bif Naked from the LP. Three years later, Bif Naked returned with her acoustic album Bif Naked Forever: Acoustic Hits & Other Delights. Sadly, Bif Naked has barely made any momentous record since this acoustic record.

Bif Naked’s Accolades and Legacy

Bif Naked remains one of the most revered Canadian rock queens. While she might not have amassed dozens of accolades, her multi-gold and multi-platinum records are enough proof of her musical excellence. Bif Naked’s impressive career has seen her share stages with Billy Idol, Sheryl Crow, Foo Fighters, and Sarah McLachlan among others. Her music has also been featured in films and television shows, showcasing her grown status in the music scene. Here we take a look at the top 10 Bif Naked songs of all time.

#10- Daddy’s Getting Married

We start our top 10 Bif Naked songs list with a strong pick “Daddy’s Getting Married.” The song was issued as a single from the 1994 album Bif Naked. “Daddy’s Getting Married” is a punk-influenced alt-rock track that finds Bif Naked serving us with some sincere and heartfelt lyrics. Bif Naked’s vocals also convey pure emotions evoked by the lyrics to this tempestuous track.

“Daddy’s Getting Married” finds Bif Naked singing about a broken family. The lyrics are delivered from the perspective of a kid who witnesses her father’s upcoming wedding, albeit not with her mother. “Daddy’s Getting Married” features a music video directed by William Morrison. Other artists who have had their music videos worked on by William include Fear Factory, Matthew Good Band, Skinny Puppy, and Front Line Assembly among others.

#9- Sick

Profound is the perfect adjective that fully describes Bif Naked’s songwriting skills. Thanks to her impassioned lyricism in songs like “Sick” Bif Naked has seen her career continue to impress. The Canadian rock star issued the single “Sick” in 2009—the song was featured on her album The Promise. At the time she released the single “Sick,” Bif Naked had been diagnosed with cancer. This song was her perfect vessel through which she expressed her outrage about her illness and other issues that plagued the world at that moment.

However, resilience is a word engraved in Bif Naked’s heart and mind having her rise above the sickness, just like she has risen above multiple issues that plagued her life from a tender age. The music video for the song “Sick” was directed by Todd Angkasuwan. Todd has also directed music videos for multiple artists including T-Pain, Black Rob, and Far East Movement.

#8- Nothing Else Matters

If you’ve got to do a cover of a great song, then you have to do it perfectly! Well, that’s not a tall order for Bif Naked who did an impressive job on her cover track “Nothing Else Matters.” Initially, the power ballad was issued by the band Metallica in 1992 featuring on the band’s eponymous fifth studio album.

Bif Naked picked this song, gave it some alternative rock feel, and eventually exercised her vocal dexterity with her rendition. Of course, her version barely matched the critical acclaim Metallica’s original version got. However, it remains one of Bif Naked best songs of all time to date. Her version was issued as a single of the album Superbeautifulmonster.

#7 – Rich and Filthy

Let’s dig a little deeper into Bif Naked’s music catalog and explore her compilation album, Essentially Naked. Welcoming us into the album is the single “Rich and Filthy,” which is by far an emblem of Bif Naked musicianship. “Rich and Filthy” opens with a driving guitar riff that undoubtedly sets the energy for this aggressive (yet catchy) track.

The song also features a pounding rhythm section, adding allure to its overall feel. “Rich and Filthy” has a memorable melody and infectious chorus, making it quite a conspicuous pick off Bif Naked’s music catalog. The song featured a music video worked on by Marc El-Ayari. Marc also directed music videos for Canadian rapper Infinite and the musical group Sweatshop Union.

#6- Lucky

Number six on our top 10 Bif Naked songs list is the phenomenal hit “Lucky.” The song is one of the most sought-after tracks featured on Bif Naked’s album I Bificus. “Lucky” is delivered in a slow tempo. The song’s uplifting message displays Bif Naked’s introspective songwriting skills. “Lucky” is among the few songs that made it to the Canadian Singles Chart peaking at number eleven.

The song is featured in the soundtrack album Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Album. Other notable artists featured in the soundtrack include Alison Kraus, The Sundays, Garbage, and Velvet Chain.

#5- Tango Shoes

Issued in 2001, Purge is home to our fifth pick “Tango Shoes.” “Tango Shoes” begins with a driving guitar riff, making it an infectious pick. The song also features pulsating basslines and remarkable drum strums that blend in perfectly, yielding an impressive rhythm section. Alt-rock devotees, “Tango Shoes” is a song worth adding to your playlist! The song is featured on the 2003 racing game Project Gotham Racing 2 soundtrack.

#4- Let Down

“Let Down” remains one of the favorite picks from Bif Naked’s music catalog. The song is featured on the album Superbeautifulmonster. “Let Down” was issued as the first single of this album. Bif Naked continues to deliver amazing vocal performances with this pick. Playing the guitar in this song was Todd Kerns. Currently, Todd is the bassist in Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, Slash’s backing band. A music video directed by producer Peter Karoll was issued for this song.

#3- Moment of Weakness

Coming in at number three on our top 10 Bif Naked songs list is the alluring hit “Moment of Weakness.” The song is among the standout tracks featured on Bif Naked’s Glenn Rosenstein-produced album I Bificus. “Moment of Weakness” finds Bif Naked going a little more vulnerable with the lyrics. Her vocal delivery in this track is prodigious too!

Without a doubt, “Moment of Weakness” remains an emblem of Bif Naked’s alternative rock/pop punk explorations. The song was a massive success but failed to impress on the music charts. “Moment of Weakness” features a music video that received heavy rotation in multiple music networks back in the ‘90s. Marcos Siega directed the music video for this song. Other artists who have worked with Marcos Siega include Paramore, Blink-182, Weezer, Quicksand, and Vanessa Carlton.

#2- Spaceman

“Spaceman” is yet another impressive song that has earned immense love from Bif Naked fans. The song is featured on Bif Naked’s 1998 album I Bificus. “Spaceman” is a song whose delivery evokes nostalgia. The song remains one of Bif Naked’s best-performing hits in the mainstream charts. “Spaceman” climbed to the second spot on the Canadian Singles Chart. The song also made it to the thirty-sixth spot on the Canadian RPM Singles Chart.

#1- I Love Myself Today

Coming in at number one on our top 10 Bif Naked songs list is the mesmerizing hit “I Love Myself Today.” The song is featured on Bif Naked’s album Purge. “I Love Myself Today” is an anthem of self-love. The song also serves as a reaffirmation of one’s self-confidence after overcoming criticism and struggles (especially in a relationship). “I Love Myself Today” is considered Bif Naked signature song by most of her fans.

The song went ahead to impress Bif Naked’s audiences, earning heavy rotation in the UK and the US. “I Love Myself” featured a music video directed by music/film director Chris Robinson. Chris has also worked with multiple artists including Alicia Keys, Boyz II Men, Faith Evans, Santana, and Mary J. Blige, to name a few.

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