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Bryson Tiller Songs

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Our Top 10 Bryson Tiller Songs list will look at a singer, rapper and songwriter who started his career in 2011. He rose to fame when he released his single “Don’t” in 2015. The song peaked in the Top 20. This song helped him get a record deal. He has won 12 awards and has 49 nominations to date. His musical style is best described as r&b meets hip-hop. Bryson Tiller’s singles include “Exchange,” “Sorry Not Sorry,” “Somethin’ Tells Me,” “Outta Time,” “Always Forever,” “Playing Games,” “Could’ve Been,” “Run Me Dry,” as well as others. He has worked with Chris Brown, Jazmine Sullivan, Young Thug, Travis Scott, Drake, DJ Khaled, Rihanna, H.E.R., Summer Walker, as well as others. His musical influences are Omarion, The Dream, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Jazmine Sullivan, Drake, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Usher, Rihanna, The Notorious B.I.G., Mary J. Blige, as well others.

Bryson Dijuan Tiller was born on January 2, 1993. He was singing and rapping by the age of 15. He wanted to become a singer after he heard Omarion’s debut album. He wanted to be a songwriter because of The Dream. He recorded a mixtape in 2011 called Killer Instinct Vol. 1. He released his debut album Trapsoul in September 2015. The album peaked at number two on the r&b charts and number eight on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Don’t,” “Exchange” and “Sorry Not Sorry.” The album sold over three million copies. The album was critically praised.

True to Self was released in May 2017. The album peaked at number one on the r&b charts and Billboard 200. It features the singles “Somethin’ Tells Me,” “Run Me Dry,” “Self-Made,” “You Got It” and “No Longer Friends.” The album sold over 500,000 copies. Anniversary was released in October 2020. The album peaked at number four on the r&b charts and number five on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Inhale,” “Always Forever,” “Outta Time” and “Things Changed.”

Bryson Tiller is a very talented singer, rapper and songwriter. He has had hit singles on his own as well as with other artists. His songs are what r&b music is all about. He talks about different aspects of relationships. The things he talks about will make you think. He doesn’t just cover fairytale romances. He talks about what could really happen in a relationship. Our Top 10 Bryson Tiller Songs list will give us a chance to honor his incredible music.

# 10 – Playing Games – Summer Walker ft. Bryson Tiller

The 10th song on our Top 10 Bryson Tiller Songs list is “Playing Games” from Summer Walker’s Over It album. “Playing Games” was released in August 2019. This song is about a woman who feels her man isn’t doing enough. She wants to get more attention in the relationship. She wants him to be present and attentive. The narrator is frustrated with her partner because he doesn’t show her enough affection when they are together. She feels like he is playing games and won’t show her that he loves her.

The narrator wants to be treated like a queen. He is not even doing the basics to satisfy her. She tells him what she wants him to do to prove his love for her. In Bryson Tiller’s verse, he lets her know that he wants a serious relationship. He assures her that he is not like her current partner. He promises her that he will be attentive and give her the love that she wants. He promises that he won’t act shady around her. He is going to be the man she deserves.

This is a realistic ballad about a relationship that has gone sour. Summer Walker is talking about a subject most couples deal with in their relationship. She wants her man to give her attention and there is nothing wrong with that. Bryson Tiller is her prince charming who wants to rescue her. We all want someone to swoop in and do what we want. This song has a message in it. It is a lesson to treat your partner the way they want to be treated or someone else will come along and do the job for you.

It is refreshing to hear a woman want to spend time with her mate. She doesn’t need material things. She only wants her partner’s attention. This song will hit you differently if you are in this situation. This sensual ballad interpolates Destiny’s Child’s hit song “Say My Name.” Summer Walker sounds great as she pleads with her man to give her some attention. Bryson Tiller’s part isn’t that big in the song. He has an incredible singing voice. His part should have been bigger, but he does a great job with what he has.

# 9 – Could’ve Been – H.E.R. ft. Bryson Tiller

The ninth song on our Top 10 Bryson Tiller Songs list is “Could’ve Been” from H.E.R.’s I Used to Know Her album. “Could’ve Been” was released in 2018. This song is about a pair of friends who wonder what could’ve happened if they got together. H.E.R. opens the song by telling herself that it wouldn’t be a good idea if they got together. She thinks she could be trying to convince herself that it wasn’t true.

She tries to avoid questioning how he feels about her because it won’t make a difference. She thinks about him when she is alone. She wonders if it could have been right or wrong. The part of her that doesn’t care is starting to take over her mind. She knows she can’t allow herself to think about possibly getting together with him. She knows they try to pretend that they don’t feel anything for each other but the thoughts creep in her mind anyway.

She has been trying to hold her feelings for him inside. She dreams about what could’ve been between them. She thinks about the time when he put his arms around her. It makes things worse because the thoughts of being with him are coming back in her head. Bryson Tiller is having the same thoughts about her. He wishes he weren’t with someone else because they could have gotten together. He feels like he is more than just a friend to her. He doesn’t want their friendship to end even though he could have been her man. He wants her to admit how she feels because he would be with her. The narrators will question what could’ve been until they get together.

This is an impressive song about people who want to be more than just friends. They add a twist to the story. The twist is they aren’t free to be together. They also fear that their friendship will end if they decide to get together. If you have found yourself in this position of wondering what might have been, the song will feel like it is made for you. The singers take us on an emotional journey and we are here for the ride. They are confused about how they feel, which is how most of us would be in this situation.

H.E.R. sounds seductive in this song as she sings about her regret over not being with him. She shines like a star in this song. Bryson Tiller sounds amazing. The sultry music caters to his smooth vocals. His voice is hypnotizing. H.E.R. and Bryson Tiller sound dreamy together. Their voices are electrifying. Their chemistry will send chills down your spine.

# 8 – Somethin’ Tells Me

The eighth song on our Top 10 Bryson Tiller Songs list is “Somethin’ Tells Me” from the True to Self album. “Somethin’ Tells Me” was released in May 2017. This song is about a man who believes his relationship is about to end. He believes something is telling her things that didn’t happen. Her paranoia has her believing that he wasn’t being faithful. He has been around women, but he remained faithful. When they are in bed together, she pulls away from him. He wants to know why she keeps doing that to him. For some reason she showers with the door open. She drops her towel in front of him to tease him. He feels like she is being cruel when she does that.

He wants her to talk to him about it. He wants to know if he made a mistake. He gets the feeling that they are not going to last. In the second verse, he goes into detail about why she is treating him the way she does. He was working too much and not giving her attention. She found something in his bag that shouldn’t have been there. He couldn’t explain why he had it. He told her it was there before he dated her. He doesn’t want the relationship to end, but he feels like she is going to leave him.

Bryson Tiller paints a portrait of a relationship that is ending. The couple in the song is going through relationship problems. She has lost trust in him. This story is about something couples can understand if they are going through trust issues. When one is suspicious of the other one, trust is destroyed. You can picture the situation as he sings about it. If you close your eyes, you will feel like you are there witnessing his story. It is important to recognize the signs of a relationship ending. The music has excellent synths and drum programming. They help set his vocals on fire. He is convincing as he pleads with her to tell him what is going on with her. This song is what good r&b music is all about. He is in his zone with this song.

# 7 – Run Me Dry

The seventh song on our list is “Run Me Dry” from the True to Self album. “Run Me Dry” was released in July 2017. This is a story about someone who has been taken advantage of in a relationship. He feels emotionally drained because of everything he has been through. He talks about how much he loved the woman in his life. He would do anything to make her happy. He used to spend his hard-earned money on her because he wanted her to have everything she wanted.

He used to ignore other women who wanted to be with him because he was in love with her. The narrator is upset because she only loved him when it was convenient for her. He feels like he is running dry. He fought for her, but she took his love for granted. The narrator believes she never loved him the way he loved her. He believes she only loved him for his money.

This is a bitter song about a man being used by his girlfriend. It is a terrible feeling to be with someone who is using you. If you are being used, you can listen to Bryson Tiller’s story so you will know you are not alone. His description of the deceptive woman makes it hard to root for her in the story. Bryson Tiller sings the song in a way that will have listeners invested in the story. The song teaches you to see the warning signs of someone taking advantage of you. He shows strength by standing up for himself and refusing to be treated the way she treats him.

Bryson Tiller is teaching you not to allow anyone to take advantage of you. You can let this song be your guide to getting out of a relationship that doesn’t work. The music is surprisingly upbeat and bouncy despite the subject of the song. It will invite you to the dance floor. Bryson Tiller is using the right emotion for the track. He sounds angry, which is the emotion he needs to convey.

# 6 – Sorry Not Sorry

“Sorry Not Sorry” is from the Trapsoul album. “Sorry Not Sorry” was released in June 2016. The song tells a story about a man who wants to confront an ex-girlfriend who suddenly wants to be with him. He feels like she only wants to be with him because he is famous. He opens the song questioning how she would feel if he got a lot of money. He realizes that she changed her attitude around him. She suddenly wants to talk to him. She wants to make love to him now. He wants her to get away from him because she doesn’t mean anything to him anymore. He is sorry but she is not the one for him.

The narrator wants to know what she wants from him. He wants her to keep it honest with him. He wants her to be with other men because they don’t have a problem being used for money. He refuses to be with a gold digger. He is happier with his money than he would be with her. The narrator prefers to be with someone who has her own money. He is not going to be with someone who wants him to spend his money. The narrator believes women have an agenda.

This is a song about a man who is frustrated with gold diggers. The song sounds like another boastful song, but he put a different spin on it. He talks about the money he has, but he doesn’t want to be used because of it. He wants a relationship with someone who loves him for him. This is something we all want in a relationship. He deserves credit for not taking advantage of the situation. He could have got what he wanted from his ex, but he wants a real relationship. Men don’t usually do that in songs like this. T

hey usually use their money to get the girls. It is a well written song about gold diggers. Bryson Tiller sings this in a higher octave. He chose a different tone for this song. He sounds unrecognizable but he shows versatility. His vocal timing is a little off because he is behind the beat, but it doesn’t hurt the song. This track can be heard in the club. The music is perfect for the club scene.

# 5 – Always Forever

The next song on our Top 10 Bryson Tiller Songs list is “Always Forever” from the Anniversary album. “Always Forever” was released in September 2020. This is a tender song about a lost love. He talks about the love between them being one sided. It has been a long time since he talked to her, but he still thinks about her. He is having trouble dealing with feeling like he is not in his right mind. He doesn’t feel like he is in his right frame of mind because he keeps thinking about her.

He has feelings for her and wishes she felt the same way about him. She doesn’t have the same feelings for him. He realizes he must let go and move on from the relationship. He wants her to let him know how she feels about him. He tries to get over her, but he can’t stop thinking about her. He thought they would always be together. The memories of her keep flooding back in his mind.

This is an introspective song about a man lamenting about the woman who got away. The song is more heartbreaking because she doesn’t feel the same way he does. He makes you sympathize with his situation. The lyrics are powerful and tell a compelling story. Bryson Tiller lets down the walls and expresses the pain he feels about a woman who didn’t love him the way he loved her. The music has a smooth r&b beat. The drums dominate the beat. Bryson Tiller’s vocals are mesmerizing. He makes you feel the lyrics. His harmonies are on point. We will never get tired of listening to this song. This is a song many of us can relate to. It will affect you if you are in a one-sided relationship.

# 4 – Outta Time ft. Drake

“Outta Time” is from the Anniversary album. “Outta Time” was released in October 2020. The song is about toxic relationships. Drake opens the song talking about his relationship not being the way it was supposed to be. He knows that things have been different in the relationship. Anytime they are together, it feels toxic. He feels like they shouldn’t be together anymore. He questions why he still plays into her hands even though she knows she doesn’t want him anymore.

He thinks their love is complicated. He tries to avoid breaking up with her even though he knows he should. They argue all the time. She keeps yelling at him. He feels like things can’t be fixed between them. It is a matter of time before they break up. Bryson Tiller talks about not recognizing his girlfriend anymore. He can’t wait to find a way to break up with her. He notices that she is mad all the time. The smallest things set her off. They fight all the time. He can’t wait until he breaks up with his girlfriend.

This is a dramatic song about men dealing with toxic relationships. Bryson Tiller and Drake are confused about what is going on in their relationships. It is a nice change to hear men talking about wanting real relationships. The lyrics make them sound sympathetic. They have trouble getting away even though they know their relationships are about to end. This song will help you open your eyes to your own toxic relationship. You may feel as if they are talking about you.

If you have had trouble walking away from a toxic relationship, this song is for you. The music has a sexy and breezy beat. You can get lost listening to it. This song is flawlessly done. The pacing is perfect. They take their time telling the story. Both artists show vulnerability in the song. They give each other room to shine on the track. They never step on each other’s toes while they are singing.

# 3 -Exchange

Coming in at number three on our list is “Exchange” from the Trapsoul album. “Exchange” was released in March 2016. This song is about a man who wants a second chance with the woman who got away. He knows he has made mistakes, but he wants her to get past them and reunite with him. He can’t go anywhere without being reminded of her. He sings about her and wants her to know the lyrics are about her. He is waiting for a sign that things will be different for them.

He prays that she will come back to him. He wants her to give herself to him. In the next verse, he reminisces about the times they shared together. He regrets that he played games with her. The last time he saw her, they didn’t speak. He thought it was strange they didn’t talk to each other. He felt bad because there was nothing he could do about it. He realizes exes change. He assumed she changed for the better. He knows she can make him jealous. He admits he wasn’t loyal to her, but he plans to fix it. He promises he won’t hurt her again.

This is a meaningful song about a man living with regret. He regrets that he let the woman he loves get away from him. He put his heart on the line and admits that he messed up when he had her. It takes strength and courage to realize the mistakes you made. He shows his fans his vulnerable side. It will break your heart listening to him talking about the good times he had with his ex. The lyrics might bring a tear to your eye. If you are thinking about a former flame, the lyrics will feel powerful to you.

The scintillating ballad will hit close to home if you are in this situation. The song will give you chills. Bryson Tiller switches things up with this song. He sings and raps in this track. This song gives him a chance to showcase both talents. He sounds good at singing and rapping in this song. He knows how to switch back and forth with ease.

# 2 – Don’t

“Don’t” is from the Trapsoul album. “Don’t” was released in May 2015. This song is about a man who wants to go after someone else’s girlfriend. He lets the woman know her man isn’t treating her right. He feels like she deserves better. The narrator wants to give her the things she has been missing in her relationship. He promises to be loyal to her and love her. He convinces her to take action and stop accepting the way she is being treated. He wants her to end the cycle of the way he is treating her.

The narrator doesn’t want her to stay if she isn’t getting what she wants from him. He tells her to get together with him instead. He implies that they have been flirting with each other. He wants to be in her life so he can treat her the way she deserves. He tries to keep his feelings to himself, but he can’t allow her to keep being treated badly.

This song tells the story about a man who wants to save a woman from a bad relationship. He wants to be the man in her life so she can have better. He wants to help her find true happiness, but he is still trying to steal her from another man. His intentions are good, but he is still the villain in the song. The woman isn’t ready to let go of the relationship, but he still pursues her.

This song teaches you that love isn’t a fairytale. There are going to be some dark days in a relationship. You can either stay in the relationship or go. The lyrics are like getting advice from a good friend. The music is cool and relaxing. It has futuristic vibes. It is perfect for the bedroom. Bryson Tiller sounds sincere as he warns the woman to leave a man who isn’t treating her right.

# 1 – Wild Thoughts – DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna and Bryson Tiller

The number one song on our Top 10 Bryson Tiller Songs list is “Wild Thoughts” from DJ Khaled’s Grateful album. “Wild Thoughts” was released in June 2017. This song is about someone who has sexy thoughts when they think about their lover. Rihanna opens the song talking about her man turning her on. She wants to seduce him because she can’t get enough of him. She wants to talk about the things she is going to do to him. She has wild thoughts about him and she wants to act them out.

She is offering herself to him. She doesn’t need diamonds. She only wants him. Bryson Tiller tells the story from a man’s perspective. He knows she wants to be with him. Other men are going crazy because they can’t have her. He will treat her like a lady. He plans on pleasing her in ways no one has before. He notices that she is talking to him like she wants to be his new woman. He likes the idea of being her man. He enjoys being with her. He feels as if he shouldn’t be around her because she drives him wild. He can’t get enough of her.

This is an irresistible track that will have you on the dance floor. This is the perfect summer jam. The song is recognizable mainly because of Carlos Santana’s guitar riffs from ”Maria Maria.” The is an excellent song to hear when you are in a sexy mood. It will entice you to seduce your partner. The intoxicating song will heat things up with you and your partner. The sexy words paint a picture of seduction that you can feel even if you have never experienced it.

DJ Khaled, Rihanna and Bryson Tiller recorded an explosive song about seduction. They have amazing chemistry with each other. DJ Khaled’s shout-outs will demand your attention. Rihanna and Bryson Tiller sound sexy and seductive. She sings this in her lower register. Her voice sounds compelling. Bryson Tiller sings in his upper register and sounds incredible. It is no surprise this song was a huge hit.

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